Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a busy day.

Wow, I feel tired. Today started off okay and easy breezy, but then at around 9:30 called and needed a HUGE favor. So of course I was asked to accomplish said task for him. So I set off on the quest and I do him the favor. I get back home with just enough time to eat a quick snack and I finish the necklaces before I have to head out and get the boys.

After the boys had been picked up I was handed two essays that needed to be typed. Oh but these were not short little essays. These were super long and they took me a while to type since I was doing them on my regular laptop instead of the laptop in my shoe room or my PC upstairs. I had this one on my lap and so it was hard to copy over the reports since I had to hold them in my hand just to read them. Halfway through I just called a kid to just come dictate the report to me. Doing that helped me finish quicker.

I then noticed the time and I remembered that tonight is Baskin Robbins .31 cent scoop night and so I called the boys and off we went. We were almost to the front of the line so we didn't have to wait too long. I normally don't like ice cream. I don't crave it. Ever. However, when it comes to Baskin Robbins cherry jubilee I seem to forget my dislike for the cold cream concoction that people refer to as ice cream and just think, mmm... Cherries and a sugar cone. Yum yum. I know it's weird but whatever. It's like squishy hates mustard but yet he loves it in his sandwiches. See? Point made.

So we got home and I was about to start dinner. I check the dishwasher for some tongs and what do I see? Dirty dishes! But wait, I had personally turned the machine on this morning when I noticed that the dishes were dirty. I was upset because I had clearly asked Kid 1 to turn it on last night before I went upstairs and he went to bed.

I asked Kid 1 if he had turned the machine on last night. He said yes. Hmmm. Darn it, I think our machine is wanting to kick the bucket! It's only three years old and supposedly it was top of the line (so we were told by the builder when we upgraded all the appliances). I then washed every single dish that was not only in the dishwasher but the sink as well by hand. Not fun. NOT FUN AT ALL.

So afterwards I finally started dinner.

After dinner there I go and wash all of the dishes again.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but to me it leaves me aching and makes all my bones pop. Crick crack creek. That's me with every movement.


Looks like tomorrow I will be spending it outdoors pulling weeds. It really upsets me that having three healthy strong boys not a one will pull weeds. I ask them to and they just make some noise of some sort and wander away. I have been asking them for a few weeks and yet nothing. I really need to get firmer and not do things for them if they can't be nice enough to do things for me.

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