Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good Morning!!

Early this morning the boys woke me up so I could take them to Subways for the free breakfast. So I got up and pulled on some jeans and a sweater and drove them there. We were lucky as the line wasn't that long when we got there. However a short time later the line grew a lot. No big whoop for us as we were already in line.

The breakfast sandwich wasn't half bad. By the time we finished eating it was time to head for school. When we arrived I saw them setting up the tables for the catered breakfast from McDonald's and remembered that they were getting McDonald's every morning this week and the next at their school because of the STAR testing. I asked the boys why on earth did they make me take them to Subways if they were getting McDonald's anyways. They said because they love to eat. Haha :/

So today I plan to alter a dress I bought at a vintage thrift store a while back. I like the print and the colors and I know this is the perfect "springy" dress. If and ONLY if I remove the puffy 3/4 sleeves (yuk). I really hope I can make it into a sleeveless. I have never taken a sewing class so when I mess around on my Handy dandy sewing machine I really am messing around.

So fingers crossed and here I go.

Oh yes, I am wearing white. Umm, so far the stress level is mid grade and I am trying REALLY hard to not mess this dress up. So uh, I'll probably be starving and dehydrated in a few hours. Yup.

Kid 2 has just ruined my dress. He borrowed my paints to paint his project board. He comes near me, brush in hand, and accidentally smears green paint on me!! UGH!! I cried. Really, I did.

And here is the completed project. I was able to convert it to a sleeveless and the result was good. I didn't mess up and I am proud of my self. I know the dress is a bit old fashioned but I really liked it for some reason.

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