Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A shopping filled morning.

So this morning I got ready early so I could head out to Nordstroms. I wanted the Steve Madden Caryssa Pump. I had been checking them out on the Steve madden website since they pre-order. I wanted them in a cocoa like color. You know, brownish. Well I ended up finding them at Nordstrom and several other sites in the color I was looking for. I click on the pic and the color name is Blush. However, blush is pink right? I look at the same shoe at Steve Maddens site and yup there they look pink. So again I go on the Nordstroms site and they look brown. I am so freakin confused I decided to just go and check them out in person. They had them in stock at my nearest Nordstroms so there I went.

As soon as I saw them I saw that they were indeed in pink. They still were not bad looking so I decided to get them anyways. I ask the salesman to hold a pair in my size and that I would be right back to try them on and purchase.

I next went to F21 and I guess I am spoiled with my huge local store that this one was lacking and I just left empty handed.

I browse a few stores before entering H&M. I found the Garden dress in BLUE!! Yes blue and it was quite lovely and it was in my size!! I next notice that there were 7 of them in the creme color. One was in my size. I was excited and decided I would purchase both. I found a few other items and headed straight for the fitting room. Of course I would try the garden dresses first right. I was so utterly disappointed as it was super tight around my boobs. They got flattened and that's not good. I tried the creme one on and had the same result. So I asked the attendant to get me the dress in the bigger sizes. I tried them on and they were better around my boobs but the dress then made me look 50lbs heavier. I was so depressed as the blue one.... Oh it was just lovely.

Oh well, I still left with two dresses and four tops. So not a total loss.

I next went back to Nordstroms and as soon as I walked in I was drawn in by a beautiful Marc Jacobs bag. In white. I tell myself, Ivy, you need a white bag. Really you do. So I grab it and find a mirror. Oh... It was wonderful. I then tell myself, Ivy, do you really need a white bag? You see how you get with white. You hyperventilate and are a wreck. Ugh. So I walk around the entire store, bag on my arm. Every time I passed a mirror I see my reflection and I love it. I swear security was probably following me around the whole time because of it. However finally I decided to just wait. I put it back and almost grabbed it and ran to the nearest register but I had self control. Yes I did and I am proud of myself.

Next I go back to the shoe department and I ask to try the shoes on. I try them on and they fit great. I then notice that the right shoe has not only a pen mark, but it was as if a sticky finger kid had gotten a hold of the shoe. It was damaged. I tell the guy to please get me another pair and he tells me it's his last one in my size and that this had been the display. So I show him why I wanted another pair and he says"It's suede so it's not going to look perfect." I tell him I know about suede, I do own lots of suede shoes. However, this is a pen mark. He then says "I don't think it's pen, there's no pens in the shoe dept." Are you freakin kidding me?? So then he goes and says let me clean it. So I wait 15 minutes while he cleans it and it drys. He comes out and says "the mark is gone. The shoe is perfect and looks like new." He brings it back and there (although lighter) was the pen mark. Still there. Plus those little dark sticky like stains were also there. I tell him no. That shoe is damaged and he says It looks good and this is one of our best sellers so it will sell quick. So I get up and say, well sell it then, but I am not buying a damaged shoe.

I leave and I am miserable. I really wanted that shoe. I'll just order it online I guess.

On the way home I stop off at Kohls and I find three more of those circle necklaces and I decided to buy them. I'll go get more chains and more ribbon and maybe I can sell them on Etsy or here.


These are the new necklaces I made for myself last night. I wore the one in the first picture today.

Coat: Calvin Klein
Top: Kensie
Jeans: True Religion Billy Big T
Boots: Aldo Hendsbee


  1. Sucks about nordies-- that is so strange, too because theyre normally AMAZING about customer service!! And I like the first necklace the best, fyi. haha

  2. I know! That's why I love that store. However this sales guy was a total ass. He pissed me off so bad I didn't even buy the other pair of shoes I was going to get as well. (Same pump but in grey with snake platform and heel). UGGH!! I am still upset at how rude that guy was. He probably thought I was a broke ass lookey-loo. jdfnjsbjhb!!!


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