Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting ready for the fishing trip.

Friday was spent getting ready for the fishing trip. Kid 1 didn't want to join us so he was going to spend the weekend with my parents. After we dropped him off we headed over to Pro Bass Shop but I had drop me off at Victoria Gardens. So while he shopped for more fishing supplies I shopped for pretty things. I did find a few items and I came home with 3 dresses, 2 tops and a necklace. I was going to buy me some shoes I had put on hold when I first started shopping, but came and picked me up and I was unable to go back and get them. Oh well.

We got home after 8pm and I was dead tired. I had only had about 4hrs sleep the night before. So I wasn't to happy when we still had to go to the grocery store and to Wal*Mart for more stuff.

Then after that we had to finish loading the trailer and finally we were on our way.

Dress: H&M (It was only $9.95 regular price!!)
Necklace: Codename Ivy
Shoes: Bakers Darlene


  1. LOVE that dress! and love it even more for 9.95!

  2. I know, it was definately a STEAL! I love H&M.


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