Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter eggs and a strong earthquake

Well this morning was relaxed and fun full of laughing and just silliness.

Though at around 3:40pm I was in the kitchen and I heard water splashing. I look over towards the sink at a bowl full of water and the water was splashing out of there. Then I look at the blinds and they are swaying, I look a bit further and vases are shaking. I tell kid 2 who was right next to me peeling potatoes, "Earthquake" and then boom, it started shaking badly. It was quite scary as the whole time I'm thinking "THE BIG ONE".

Turns out it was a 7.2 (originally was reported as a 6.9)centered near Mexicali Mexico.

We did have a bit of superficial "Damage". We had water splash out of the fish tanks, I had quite a bit of shoe boxes fall over (and I really need to get to it and clean it up but....yuk). Nothing broke thank goodness.

My dad called me after he saw the news broadcast of the quake. He figured that since I live closer to the epicenter I most likely felt it. I told him it did feel quite strong but that we were all okay.

I posted a pic of my shoe room mess on twitter and I was contacted by CNN for permission to use my shoe store picture. Hehehe. I didn't feel like correcting them and saying uhh, no, that's my personal shoe room. So it probably aired as a shoe store in so cal. Hehehe.


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