Monday, May 18, 2009

The Weekend was boring

As the title says my weekend was boring.

Sat. I was asked to watch the neighbors kids again. She had to work mandatory overtime and couldn't get out of it. That meant I'd be stuck pretty much at home all day. I have coupes which both are really 4 seaters but we can squeeze 5 in them because of the extra seat belt in back. In the newer one its REALLY a squeeze. However 6 is not possible.

The older one of my neighbors kids, "A" , had a ball game and couldn't miss it. Game started at 11:30 but A needed to be there at 10:30. I had to leave my oldest at home due to not fitting in the car.

We were at the field until 1:30 or so. It was ridiculously hot the whole time. A was happy because they won their game (sadly not with his help). After they announced the all stars and team meeting ended we headed back home.

I was so drained by the sun and heat that I just wanted to go to sleep when I got home. However, my shirt was all sweaty and I stank so I had no choice but to get myself upstairs to shower and change.

Shortly after 3pm their mom came and to pick them up. After a few minutes of small talk they left.

Mr man them called me that they would be driving through in a few minutes and could I please have some lunch ready for them. I told him do you see a drive thru sign on our lawn?? I sure as hell don't. He goes please. I told him fine, but it's just going to be either hot dogs or build your own sandwiches. He goes that's fine.

So they opted for the build your own sandwiches. I laid all the different deli meats, cheeses, bread and other items on the island. I also put out a few bags of chips. So when they got here I just handed them all a plate and they made their own lunch.

I hate when he does this to me. I used to go all out. I would buy flank steak for the grill, make macaroni, potato and green salads, buy beer and baked beans. However it happens every time they go riding that I am tired of the expense and mess. All the other guys have homes and wives. Why can't they go there for a change? Why, because they are smarter than Mr man I guess. Next time it'll be pb and j sandwiches.

Sunday we slept in until 9:30. We rented the movie "Taken". We just stayed indoors with the AC full blast all day. Nothing special.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, Friday, Friday

Friday. One of the most looked forward days of the week. Countdown to the weekend. Fortunately I felt better today.

I had no real plans other than going to the market to get a few things. Today I put on a cute Purple H&M dress. I don't like the belt it came with so I wore the dress with one of my cute wide belts in black patent. I paired the dress with my purple BEBE Mary Kate heels.

After we left the market I was super thirsty. So squishy and I got ourselves a couple of passion iced teas to quench our thirst.

After we got home and put everything away it was time to to get the older boys. They get out at 11:30 on Fridays. They should just cancel Fridays all together.
When Mr man got home from work we got ready to go out to dinner. We went to our favorite steak house. They have the best prime rib. YUM!!
After dinner Mr man decided to go all the way out to chaparral to buy a new face shield for his helmet. He is going riding tomorrow and his shield was messed up. I really wish he'd dropped us off at home instead of dragging all of us out there.
We are finally home and I am ready for bed.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The roller coaster known as Thursday

Today was one of those up and down days. I woke up feeling awful. All my joints ached and my head hurt. I took the kids to school and when I got home I knew I had to go upstairs to my room to get dressed and ready for the day, but as I stared up at those 19 steps I froze. Just thinking about it gave me the shivers. If it was a wrap around staircase it wouldn't be too bad but these 19 steps just go straight up. But as I was staring up it seemed more like 100 steps than 19.

I finally made it up to my room and got dressed. I put on some jean Capri's and a purple tank top. I slipped on some white vans with black polka dots and I was done. My attire fit my mood.

Shortly there after I received some really sad news which made my mood get even worse. Now I really wanted to go into a dark room, close my eyes and never get up. However squishy had other plans. He wanted to go out. I had promised to take him to a new pizza place for lunch. Well it's new to us. I thinks it's been open since last summer. I just have never been tempted to go since I don't really like pizza. He got really sad when I told him that I planned to just stay home all day.

One hour later there we were at the big cheese. I wasn't hungry at all. I just sat there staring at my food and playing with the olives in my salad like a little kid. Squishy ate and ate and ate. He must be getting ready for another growth spurt the way he's been eating lately. I decided to check my email and I had one from Fed-ex saying my package had been delivered and left at my front door. Just recently I have had two packages stolen off my door step. So I told squishy it was time to go. We raced all the way home and there it was on the doorstep safe and sound.

It always feels like Christmas as I open a package. Silly I know, but it's true. I checked the shoes and they were perfect. These are the ones I ordered on Monday. The Harajuku Lovers in red and black.

I paid some bills then it was time to get my older boys. When we got home I realized that our lawn was shaggy and over grown. Hadn't the boys mowed it yet? I mentioned just that to them and they said they had forgotten. I told them to do it in a couple hours and they said that they would do so.

I went upstairs and got some of Mr mans clothes ready for the cleaners and the rest I threw in the washing machine. After I got back from the cleaners I again reminded the boys to mow the lawn. I went back up to my room, cleaned and organized our closet.

When I came down to throw the lemon marinated chicken in the oven I checked the lawn and realized they had not done it. I blew my top and went and mowed it my self. Ridiculous. A house full of men and the only chick in the house has to mow the lawn. Ugh! The chicken was delicious though.

Wednesday one day late

Wednesday morning I woke up with a plan. After I dropped the older kids off at school I quickly got dressed and ready. I woke squishy up and asked him to dress nice because we were going to nice stores today.

I decided to wear a Max Azria dress. A gorgeous black dress with beautiful lace detailing. I paired it off with the YSL 105 Tribute Maryjane in black patent. I was going to go for color on my shoes but decided to go all black.

We dropped the the last kid off at school and went for a drive. Fortunately we don't live to far from the Desert hills premium outlets. We got there right when it opened at 10 am sharp. I parked right in front of BEBE (well it used to be BEBE now it's 2B BEBE). They had a sign that read all dresses $39.99. I checked the store out. I found two great dresses. One a deep red and the other all black (I like black A LOT!). I had $30 in BEBE rewards on my BEBE card which made one dress cost me only $9.99 + tax (8.75% tax now, how awful).

We hit all the good stores skipping over the lame ones. I found a nice DOLCE&GABBANA skirt. Its original price was $1,295 and I got it for half price. Yay! I saw a dress I really like there as well but unfortunately not in my size so I had to pass on that.

At Gucci they had several items I liked (a beautiful jaw dropping coat and a couple dresses), however the sales staff was a bit rude so I decided not to purchase anything.

Walked in to YSL and didn't find anything new. They had some nice handbags but I am not in the mood for new handbags right now.

By the time I was done shopping and it was time to go I had in my trunk; 1 skirt, 1 belt, 4 dresses (two from BEBE and 2 from BCBG MAXAZRIA) and a couple necklaces. Not a lot but it was fun. I skipped all the denim stores because it is so HOT right now that I am not drawn to jeans right now.

On the drive home squishy mentioned he was hungry and he wanted to go back to KFC's. I told him I would take him to El Pollo Loco instead. He said okay. We stopped off at one in a new shopping center off the freeway. It was empty with only and elderly couple eating in the corner. We ordered and I kid you not by the time we finished filling our drinks there was a long line of customers. Squishy got us a table towards the front and center of the restaurant. I wish we had chosen a different table. Lets just say that Thanks to a group of STARING men it was very uncomfortable and I rushed squishy to finish his meal so we could leave. As we were walking out I am surprised none of their necks snapped. UGH.

I remembered there was a way to bypass the freeway and get to the highway that takes us back home which probably saved us at least 10 minutes and we were home in no time.

After we unloaded the car and put the items away it was time to get the older kids. We jumped into my older car and were on our way again.

By 4:30 everyone was picked up and had had their after school meal. Now it was just time to wait for their Mom to come pick them up. After the neighbors kids were picked up and dinner was made I had to go run a couple errands. Mr man called to ask me to get him pens and a few other items. He was out of them and he wanted me to get him more. Off we go to the office supplies store. I bought him 5 boxes of his favorite pens plus the other items he had asked for. We then went to Target to get other items we needed around the house.

By 8pm my day was done.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


After Monday comes Tuesday..........

Today Squishy and I went shopping again. I decided to wear one of the dresses I got yesterday at Marshall's. I paired it off with my BEBE ESTELLE sandals in black. I love these shoes. I got them in all three colors available. They are very similar to GUCCI's IMAN Sandal (when I find them in my size in black I am getting those as well!)

Like I had mentioned before there really are not many places to choose from. Today we went to Ross. Ho-hum. We spent a good hour there just trying stuff on but I didn't like a thing. He didn't find anything either so we left pretty much empty handed. I did get a shirt for Mr man though. So not a total loss.

Squishy was hungry and he wanted to go to KFC for that grilled chicken they are promoting the hell out of. I don't know, I didn't really like it but he loved it. He finished his entire meal consisting of a breast, wing, biscuit and two sides of mashed potatoes with gravy. That's a lot of food for a 10 year old but somehow he finished every bite.

We refilled our drinks before leaving and I was talked into going to the salvation army. I hate that place. It's a huge store built brand new a few years back specifically for the Salvation Army thrift store. I hate it because it SMELLS! This is how "yucky" this store is, they have a note on the fitting room in bold letters reading, "The fitting room is NOT a restroom". I get chills just thinking about it. There is no way I am stepping foot in that fitting room. EVER. Squishy looked at the brick a brack and bought himself a brand new science kit. He payed and we ran back to the safety of my car and breathed in the fresh berry smelling air.

By then it was close to 1pm so our day had ended. We came home relaxed for a few minutes then it was time to pick the older boys up from school.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays I watch my neighbors kids. I was asked in November if I'd do them the favor. I like those kids alot so I said no problem. I take them to school in the morning and pick them up after school and she picks them up at 5pm sharp. Her older one goes to the same school as my older two and her younger one goes to the same school as my youngest one. However he is on a different track so he is going to school right now.

Today the older one said he had band practice until 4pm so he needed me to pick him up at that time. So I picked my older two up and we went to the local market to buy stuff for dinner. I had to pick my neighbors younger one up from school at 3;15 then shortly after her older one at 4pm. I made them lunch and at 5pm sharp their mom came, thanked me and they went on their way.

My day is almost over. I just need to tidy up, do a bit of laundry, make dinner and done.

So until tommorrow.......

Monday, May 11, 2009

Today like any other day

My first blog! How exciting. Obviously my real name is not Ivy, nor is it even my nickname. I want to be incognito, my friends always seem to find me otherwise. Ahh, freedom to express my true feelings and thoughts. Hoorah!

Well, today was like most of my days. Woke up, took the older kids to school, came back home to watch the local morning news. My little recent double digit baby is off track so he's sleeping in. Mr man starts work late today so I guess I have to make him breakfast. I can't stand breakfast. It's the smelliest meal of the day. Why can't he like cereal??

After Mr man left for work little squishy and I got dressed. I want to wear my new wedges I just bought yesterday that happen to be a happy bright yellow. They are by Harajuku Lovers. First time buying this brand. I have a few LAMB shoes but had never found a Harajuku pair that I liked until now. If these don't kill my feet I'll go out and get the red pair and black pair. I found a cute Brand new layer ruffled skirt in my closet still with tags on (typical)to wear and after much digging I found a see through yellow tank to pair it off with. I had to wear a black tank under so I wouldn't freak all the old people off. After adding my accessories and completing the make-up and hair I was ready to go out........and went to the thrift stores. That is pretty much the only "fun" thing to do in this town. We shopped, (Well actually squishy shopped, tons of little knick-knacks that always end up getting re-donated to the same thrift store later) till we dropped. That took all of maybe 30 minutes.

I decided to go to Marshall's and see if anything popped out at me saying "BUY ME!!". I found 3 beautiful dresses and spent just a few cents under $80! One of the dresses I purchased was a gorgeous Calvin Klein that I had seen just the day previous at Macy's on clearance for $106. I was tempted to buy it yesterday but opted to purchase two others instead. Now I am glad I did for I found it at Marshall's on clearance for $39.99. Wonderful! Even at their full price which was $59.99 was a bargain. So I walked out of that store happy.

Squishy was hungry so we went through the golden arches drive thru and got him a happy meal. It was already after 1 pm and the older boys would be getting out of school soon so our day of shopping had come to an end.

After I picked the boys up from school I remembered we needed some bread. We went to the closest market near our house. While there I ran into a neighbor and I gave her my excuse for skipping out on not only Friday's but also Sunday's plans. I didn't lie. She didn't seem upset so I do feel better.

Now home I have kicked off my shoes (I will be ordering the other two pairs in a few minutes) and decided to start my own little blog. How fun for me. Maybe not so much for you. I know I am shallow but I am me and I am quite happy with me and I have no plans of changing.