Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yay, I guess I still kinda got it

Today I wore this dress and paired it up with these shoes I purchased yesterday. I bought those shoes in the black and plum. I wasn't sold on the Fuchsia color. Maybe in the future.
Well this morning I was going to go to the market. On my way there I pulled over to fill up my gas tank. While pumping gas a twenty three year old came up to me and asked me out. I was flabbergasted. I declined telling him I was married and I was a bit older than him anyways. He smiled and said, well you're still hot. Look me up when you get divorced. He doesn't know how he made my day.
: )

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally went shopping

Well today at 5pm I drove all the way down to BEBE to buy some shoes. I have been dying for the new ava ruffle shoe I saw in the BeBe magazine I got in the mail a few weeks ago. Last time I went they didn't have them yet, Yesteday evening I decided to call the store and see if they had gotten them in yet. They were really busy so she asked me for my phone number and promised to call me back. It was well after 10pm when she called me back. I asked her about the ava and she said she had just opened their shipment and there they were. YAY!! So for sure they had my size. I had her hold it for me in two of the three colors. So today at 5:22pm after the neighbor picked her kids up, I jumped in my car and off I went. I shopped at a few stores and came home with several bags of goodies. After I was done I had to rush home because kid 1 and kid 2 did not want to go with me. Teenagers!

My week in shoes

Not in any particular order.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lame lame lame

Geesh, what is wrong with me. I am just bored. I am stuck in town now that the boys are back in school and all the good shopping is hours away.
Kid 1 had soccer practice today, I watched the neighbors kids, we had pizza for dinner. Blah.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The boredom has taken over. and kid 2 went fishing today. The other two kids and I stayed home. Squishy wanted to go to the swap-meet so at 11 am he convinced me to take him. I don't think it was a good day to go. There weren't many vendors there today. Just a lot of the same, fake sunglasses, fake shoes, fake bags and produce stands. I had told squishy it would be a waste of time but he kept insisting that I of course caved in. On the way home we stopped off at the super center and purchased things for tomorrow. We will be heading for the beach tomorrow. It's going to be crowded, I know it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I wish I was on the river.

So today had to go to the in-laws to do them a huge favor. I refused to go so he went on his own. I am kind of mad. He says I am selfish but whatever, we had plans and his selfish Mom ruined them.
So the boys and I just went out to shop. We were out all day and we all came home happy. I got them a new ramp. Their other one had broken a long time ago and they convinced me to get them a new one today.
We ate at Red Lobster and had the all you can eat shrimp. I LOVE SCAMPI!! It is so good. The bread is awesome as well. It has been a long time since we had eaten there. Hopefully we'll be back soon (without kid 1, he hates seafood). still isn't home. He can stay out there all weekend if he wants to.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Nothing special kind of day was off today. Four day weekend for him. Originally we were going to head to Havasu for a nice weekend trip. However, something came up for tomorrow and so we needed to cancel those plans. Damn you mom-in-law!!
So we just stayed home. decided to do a few things around the house. So I too just stayed home and cleaned up a bit. We did make a quick trip out to Lowe's and Home Depot. Right now we could be on the river but instead we are here at home at our house with no pool. So sad.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the attention.

Today I wore a beautiful deep purple flowing vintage dress. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! I wore it with a black flower bib necklace that I crafted myself, a black belt and those Aldo shoes. I wore my hair in a cute messy ponytail. I also wore several black bangles.
Thursdays are minimum days at my kids school, so right after they got out we headed straight to V. Gardens for some shopping. My first stop was Bebe. I swear, as soon as I walked in all the sales people rushed to me, they kept asking me if I was being helped and they kept complementing me on everything. After my purchases They all said bye and have a good day etc. as I walked past them to the exit. I always knew appearance mattered in that store.
I continued my shopping trip going store to store and I kept getting compliments left and right not just from the store employees but from other shoppers. I felt awesome. It turns out I really like getting compliments. I eat them up. One guy asked me if he could follow me home (now that was creepy and a bit scary. Do I have a stalker now?).
After that we headed for home. As we were driving thru Redlands I remembered it was Market night. We used to go almost every Thursday when we used to live there. I was lucky enough to find parking right away as it was 5pm and the vendors were barely setting up. We walked around to the different shops and I found a couple really cute dresses. I didn't feel like carrying a bag already as we just got there that I asked the woman to put the dresses on hold. We continued on. We went in all the open stores, and by then the market night was ready for business. By the time we were done, we went to my car and headed home for a second time. Then about 15 minutes later it struck me. I forgot the dresses!! NO!! Oh well, I didn't feel like turning back, fighting to find a parking spot, blah blah. So I just kept going.
Now we are home, all our purchases are put away and it's time for bed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Countdown to the holiday weekend

So today I went off to the thrift stores again to seek out some great vintage pieces. The girls in all the thrift stores know me well and seek me out to see what shoes or outfit I am wearing today. They ooh and aah and I get to my searching and hunting like a routine. Today some woman came up to me and asked me if I ever sold my clothes. Apparently she's seen me all over town and she loved the way I always dressed. I told her no. I do shop at thrift store frequently, like I mentioned in my first post there is NOTHING else to do in this small town I live in, but less than 10% of my wardrobe came from a thrift store. All the rest are definitely not. I just think it's funny. It reminds me of when my youngest was in kinder. I would go pick him up after school dressed as I always dress while all other moms were either super casual or sloppy. Picking their kids up at noon in their slippers and PJ's!! Slowly as the year progressed it started looking like a fashion show. The hair the clothes the shoes and handbags got better through out. There were still those sloppy moms who just didn't care how they looked but all in all we were all styling.