Friday, July 31, 2009

okay, so they remembered

So today was spent at the water park. I hid from the sun as much as possible and used alot of sunblock. The boys had a good time. That's all that matters. gets in tomorrow night. Tonight's my last night with the bed all to myself. : (

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't they check the shipments?

Today I received some shoes I had ordered online. I was excited and couldn't wait to try them on. There they were, beautiful! Then I pulled them out of the box and saw that they were damaged. NO!! Say it's not so! How can they be damaged? Aren't these quality shoes? Don't they inspect them before they ship them off to unsuspecting buyers? So now I have to go and either ship them off for an exchange or refund or drive out and make the return in person crossing my fingers that they have a pair in stock. So sad. Oh well.

Today I had to go to the dmv. I forgot that my older cars tags are due Aug. 2nd which is Sunday. I wasn't sure if they would be open on Friday with all the furloughs so at 4pm I headed to the closest DMV. The line was long as expected. When I got to the front of the line they just had me write a check and he gave me a receipt. I asked him what about the tags. He said that I would be receiving them by mail in 4-8 weeks. So I asked him won't I get pulled over? He said that officers typically don't pull you over for 2 months later. Really?? He said if I do happen to get pulled over just show them the receipt he gave me. Pretty lame, but whatever. I am just glad I remembered before the due date. First off the tag fees were almost double of what they previously were, if they were late the penalty fees are ridiculous.

I had told the boys I would take them to the water park tomorrow. They haven't mentioned it as of yet, hopefully they have forgotten. With these headaches I have had lately being out in the sun all day will not help the situation. Lets see.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have lost count

This morning called me because his bank card was declined. He asked me to check the bank and see what was going on. I was afraid someone had hacked our account. But when I checked it everything was fine. So why didn't his card work? I got dressed and headed out for the bank. I get there and I come to find out that when ordered the dodgers card they switched it from visa check card to mastercard check card. It just screwed everything up so his other card was deactivated. I checked mine and mine was still working. I got home and checked the mail and there where the new cards. Now I hope that when activates his dodgers card it doesn't mess with mine. I do not like the dodgers and I do not want a dodgers card. We'll see what happens.
I still have those awful headaches coming and going. The boys massage my temples and base of my neck and they go away completely. So I don't know whats wrong, but I am not seeing a dr. Everytime I see one they find something wrong with me. Enough is enough.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hmm, sneaky children

Today was watch the neighbors kid day. They came over around 9:30 and left at 4:30. During that time we watched two movies. They both were boring and I regret having rented them. Good for me I rented through redbox so we only lost $2.18. I also installed the new screen sliding door. Alex helped me install it. Kid 1 and kid 2 just pretended to help as the would make appearances then quickly disappear. I am just glad everything is getting back to normal. I just need new patio furniture.
Now on to the sneaky sneaky kids. Turns out squishy has a YouTube account and has posted several videos. They are all silly nonsense stuff but he should not have done so without letting me know first. I told him he will have to go through me from now on before he posts anything else. I just hope he doesn't go behind my back and start a new account. *Sigh* Technology.....

Monday, July 27, 2009

A hot do nothing day

The boys wanted to go to the grove. I wanted to go to Robertson. We went to neither. It is just so hot and ugly I didn't feel like being outdoors for too long. So instead we just stayed home, stayed cool and only went out for lunch. I wanted Chinese. My favorite Chinese place is now closed on Mondays so I had to go to a fast food type Chinese food place and got it to go.
Now I am going to do some laundry. Joy. ha ha.

Sunday, July 26, 2009's in Arizona

Today we had to drop off at the airport. I wanted him to just drive himself and park the car there all week but last time he did that he got back to a flat and he had to put his full size spare on in the middle of the night and has yet to replace the spare. So we had to drive him out there. We just dropped him off at the airport and I headed to the stores for some shopping. Might as well since we were in the area. I only came home with one pair of shoes. Some lovely Fuchsia YSL studded sandals. Yay. I came home with 7 beautiful dresses. I tried to get the boys some stuff but they turned everything away or didn't find what they wanted in their sizes. It just wasn't their day I guess.
On the way home we went to eat at Baker's. The boys love the food there and it is SO CHEAP to eat here. Our order came out to under $15.00. You can get a hamburger combo with large fries and large drink for $4.00, Two tacos and a small drink for $2.00 and add an order of small fries for .25 cents!!! I used to love this place when I was younger and it cracks me up that the boys now like this place too. I wish there was one near our house but we have to travel to get to one of these. Maybe one day they'll build one in our city. made it to AZ safe and sound. He says it's even hotter over there. Yikes!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I do believe

Last night I had to make a quick run to the market. I went alone as it was going to be an in and out situation and the boys would have just slowed me down. As I was leaving the shopping center I was at a red light and I sat there and I guess I momentarily spaced out because I looked at the light and it was now green. Knowing it was green and that there was a jeep behind me I still froze for another 5 seconds or so I don't know why, I just did. When all of a sudden I hear screeching tires and smell burnt rubber and see an idiot in a Honda civic screech through the intersection and when he was more than half way he just gunned it again. He was going so fast he couldn't stop for the red light. After he was gone I finally went through and made my left turn and headed home. I usually see a green light, look both ways quickly and go. I never hesitate, and I swear it was weird because I knew it was green and needed to go through but it was just not processing. I have to believe it was a guardian angel holding me back because I do feel that if I had gone through that jerk in the civic would have killed either me or the guy in the jeep behind me. I wish there had been a cop in the area to give that guy a major ticket. And with fines having more than tripled he would have been paying out the ass for it. I was just glad to be alive when I got home and have been playing that moment over and over in my head since then.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The headaches getting worse

Today I woke up with an awful headache. I took a painkiller and tried to go back to bed. I couldn't get back to sleep. I had a few errands to do today so I just got up and got ready. I put on a loose fitting dress as it's my time of the month and I am beyond bloated and sensitive. I wore flats today. YES, FLATS!!!! That should let anyone who knows me that I don't feel well at all. Even my make-up was bland. I went and did everything needed to be done and went straight home. Then at home the house was a mess. The boys had stuff all over the place in the kitchen and family room. I am not in the mood. I also have to get all of's stuff ready for his trip, I have laundry to do, UGH!! Here's another good thing about going away for a week, I can stay in bed all day if I feel awful and not feel guilty about it. I can't wait! Even though I rather feel better than sleep in all day.
I want to go to bed.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back in the kennel they go

We have lived in this home for three years now and never had a problem with the little outdoor dogs getting out. In the past year has acquired two boxer dogs. Ones now a year old and the other is now 6 months. I hate both of them. I don't hate the breed, I just hate these two. We had a male boxer for 8 years and last Sept. he passed away due to seizures. He was the best. I adored him and he adored me. However these two monsters are the most destructive I have ever encountered and is no help. I try to train them but he just says oh they are just babies don't be so mean to them. I tell him I trained our other boxer when he was a baby and he was the best. They chewed the sprinkler heads off in the back yard and he blamed the little ones. The male boxer is a major digger and he keeps digging holes big enough for the little ones to get out of the yard. He chews through metal! All our outdoor furniture is ruined, the screen door is ruined and I purchased another one but I have yet to put it on because I figured whats the point they'll destroy it right away anyways. Then indoors the carpet in the family room is stained because they insist running laps in there, vases have been broken and they dig in the trash. I have had to pick the little ones up from the shelter already. blames the little ones because they were the ones to get out, the boxer was just digging. had removed the kennel door over a year ago because of a bent pole and he had yet to replace or repair.
This morning I had a neighbor complain that the little dogs keep going in her yard and that was the last straw. I hadn't even noticed they had gotten out. So I go in the back and there were four new holes and he was working on the fifth. That was it. I went to home depot and bought what I knew I would need and when I got home I got to work. The kennel is now fixed and the dogs are back in it. I filled their pool up made sure their spigots are in working order and I shut the door. I see the boxer trying to dig already but he will just hit cement all the way around. HAHAHA. is going to be upset but oh well. I want my yard back!

Wednesday with the twins

Wednesday I was watching the neighbors kids. Squishy and Bernie wanted to go to the thrift Stores. Those two are so similar in likes and personality that they could be twins. All the older boys preferred to stay home. So just the three of us enjoyed a morning of thrifting. They had fun. Afterwards we went to Mc Donald's and we got happy meals for the beanies. Squishy is up to 9 different ones. He still needs 21 but I tell him that he's dreaming if he thinks we are going to eat happy meals everyday.
On our way home we picked up a couple dvd's and some popcorn for the older boys.
We just finished the second movie when their mom came and took them home. So I made dinner and that was that.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today started off awful

This morning was awful and it was spent vomiting over the toilet. I don't know what is wrong with me. Yesterday I just felt tired, weak and had a headache. This morning was the vomiting and the headache.
I had promised to take the boys to chuck e cheese's so once I felt slightly better we went there. They had fun, I had a headache.
Now at home just let me know he has to go to AZ for a week. His flight leaves Sunday. I enjoy his trips away from home. I get the bed to myself. Yay!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I could have slept all day

I woke at 6:30 to's phone ringing. His sister was calling to say she was home. I went back to sleep. I woke up again at noon. I was so tired and I still didn't want to get up. I went down and checked up on the boys and everything was fine. So the entire day was spent being lazy and watching tv.

Sunday was worse

Sunday we had to go drop the siblings off. I didn't want to go because we would again have to go in two cars. said it would be messed up if I don't go since I did miss the baptism and I guess Sunday was the kids first b-day.
The family was in Carson at a relatives house. Mr.Mans Has 8 half siblings by his father. is the oldest of them all. His half siblings are from Sacramento.
Here's what happened, His half fam needed to leave at 6pm to get the girlfriend home by midnight because she is in summer school and can't be missing school. But yet they kept putting it off. I wanted to go home because it was already 7:30pm and I was tired and was not feeling well. and one of his brothers went to the store to buy some more sodas. While he was gone they told me why they didn't want to go home. I told them well why don't you kick the father out? Or why doesn't your mother move in with her sisters or rent a cheap home. Well after got back I told him lets go and he finally agreed to leave. After we got home I mentioned what I was told thinking that already knew but he didn't. So he calls the sister and tells her to come live with us. WHAT????? HELL NO. I don't think so. This is my house not a freaking hotel. just met these people one year ago. I really wish he had never met these people because they are mooches and expect to pay for everything. I really don't like them and I have shown it to them, so hopefully they will not take him up on his offer.

Sat double party day

This Sat. I went to the victorville party. Mr man was supposed to meet us up there at 7pm. However he didn't show up until 10:30pm. I was fuming! He got there just as I was leaving. I headed home without him and he stayed there with his sister, a brother and the brothers girlfriend.
The party was okay until the drama started happening. That is why I don't drink at all. Everyone starts drinking and people start saying things they shouldn't and arguments arise. said it was even worse when he got there. I am just glad that's over.

Friday, July 17, 2009

What a Friday

Okay, I guess today was the release of the new Ty beanies at McDonald's. Squishy is a beanie baby addict as he has hundreds and he has had this date on his calendar since he found out about it from the Ty website. So I promised that today we would go so he could get one. Kid 2 also got a happy meal so he could give his beanie to squishy. It was ridiculous. Grown adults are there arguing buying countless meals so they could get all thirty. Demanding that they get all thirty. Upset because they are already out of several of them. Ridiculous. I told squishy, watch they are all on eBay by now. So we got home and checked and sure enough there were already a bunch of listings. Whats crazy is that there were listings since the 10th. They weren't released until today the 17th. I told squishy it's probably the employees in one level of either the factory were they make them to the transportation and delivery or at the restaurant. Any one of those people had a chance to "disappear" some product and make a quick buck of of them. What sad is that its adults making money of of it and these TOYS are meant for kids. But these grown-ups are hording them and putting them up on eBay. Sad. It's the same way with hot wheels. Kid 1 loves hot wheels and has loved them since he was a baby. He has over a thousand of them that he has collected in all of his 13 years (many have gone to the thrift store or else he'd have countless more). He has played with every single one. But there were times when we would go to the store right when they were putting them up on the shelves and you'd have these grown old men push my kid to go through them first. I have had many a fight with these men. One time my son had a car he really wanted and a man snatched it from him. My kid was 6 at the time and he started crying I asked him why and he told me he had a green car he wanted and that man took it. I went up to that guy and went off on him. Didn't want to, but I will defend my kids to any level and he said its a treasure hunt and my kid was just going to waste it by opening it. Oh my god! I grabbed the car and opened it and handed the car to my kid. I said there now you can't sell it and my kid can play with it as it was meant to be. We went to the front paid for the cars and were on our way. I told my son that I never wanted to go through that again and if ever we were around when they were stocking the shelves we would come back later.
I will never understand those people.
Tommorrow I have two parties to attend. However they are scheduled pretty much at the same time. One is near Long beach and is a baptism/birthday for my husbands nephew which the mass starts at 3pm. The other is up in Victorville and it is for one of our closets friends son's birthday party. His party is scheduled at 4pm-8pm with the grown up get drunk party starting at 8pm to ?? wanted to go to his nephews thing and stay halfway through his party then drive all the way to victorville for that other party. He wants to take one of his sisters over there so she can get smashed before she starts chemo. (Isn't so smart? Of course I am being sarcastic). I told him I am not driving all the way over there to be a designated driver. If we go it is for the kid party so the boys can have fun. So we decided to split ways. He will go to the church and do his thing there, grab his sister and meet us up there. I will head to victorville with the boys. We would need two cars to get up there anyways since he wants his sister to join him. So that is done.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday 105 degrees

It is unbearably hot today. I had plans of things I was going to do today but have done none. I stepped outside and ran back in. My poor grass is dying and looks awful. My back yard is dead and the front yard is days away from being dead. I just got my edison bill and it was for 546.00. I have the thermostat right at 78 degrees. I can't wait for winter and hopefully the el nino they are predicting is true. I want it to be cold already. I am so over the heat.
What I ended up doing today is watching all the harry potter movies to freshen up so we can go see the new one. I still preferred the books over the movies but I can't not see the movies. I am hooked to harry potter and twilight. I feel like such a tween. Ha ha.

Been a while

Wednesday I had to watch the neighbors kids. I hadn't watched them in over a month.
We decided to go to the park. Since all 6 of us don't fit in my cars we just went to the park in our neighborhood. We packed a picnic lunch and the older boys rode their bikes to the park and I drove the younger two boys and everything Else the boys wanted for the picnic. There was a nice shade at the table and there was also a cool breeze. So it was nice. I just stayed at the table reading magazines while the boys all played one thing or another. Time flew by and soon we had been there for three hours and we decided to head back home.
After the neighbors left that evening squishy and I had to go to the store to get a few things for dinner. That was my day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I need more room.

Today I had to go out and pick up a fishing rod that had special ordered. He and kid 2 are going deep sea fishing on the fifth of next month.
Since I was out there I decided to do some shopping. I did not think I would be coming home with so much stuff. I came home with 10 dresses, 2 pairs of jeans, 4 tops, 3 skirts, 1 pair of boots and a few pieces of jewelry. WOW. I did not plan on that, but there was just so many nice things I couldn't let them stay at the store. I also got the boys and a few things as well. Oh well.
It has been SO HOT! After I get used to the temp indoors it feels as if I have stepped into hell when I go outdoors. It's awful. I can't wait until winter. I have been wanting a beef and veggie stew. But with this heat I don't think it's a good idea. Maybe tomorrow I'll drop the a/c temp so I'll be chilly and can eat my yummy soup. We'll see.

Monday, July 13, 2009

...AND IN THIS CORNER..........

Like I had mentioned before, Sunday we were going to go to the lake with some friends. It was a fine relaxing day, most of the time. The boys were having fun swimming and kid 2 took his fishing pole and went home with a large bass. However, the husband was treating his wife like crap. He kept belittling her, talking about her as if she weren't in the area or within earshot. Just plain treating her like crap. Hell no. If ever did that would have a fat lip. But the wife just would hang her head and do what her husband demanded and it was never perfect. It got to a point that I couldn't hold back. This woman is a really nice kind hearted person and for him to want to boss her around as if he were her master. HELL NO! I unleashed my fury. I let him have it this way and that way. He would tell me well she never does things like I tell her to. I would tell him then get off your ass, use your own damn hands and make it yourself to your standards. He then said that she was lazy. I asked him how can you say that? This woman works from 4:30 am to 4:30pm 4 days a week. Then she still comes home picks her kids up and takes them to the countless sport games/practices etc. Then he still expects her to come and make dinner, clean house and take a shower and go to bed at his schedule and after 3-4 hours of sleep start over. He says well on her days off she sleeps in all day blah blah blah. Oh and the worst cardinal sin in his eyes, she dares fall asleep without his permission or taking a shower. I told him maybe she prefers taking her showers in the morning. He says she needs to go to sleep clean. !?!?!!!! also would say his thoughts on the situation. He said, I'm not picking sides, but she's your wife not your child. said that when the husband said I can get the kids to do what I want them to do but I can't get her to do as I say. Lets just say it was a good 2+ hour discussion. The problem with that man is that he is one of those Hispanic Machistas. They believe Men are superior and the woman is their subservient. Just like if free to do as he wishes as he is his own man and an adult, I too am my own person with my own thoughts and free will. We are spouses. He is not my father nor am I his mother.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Party day

Today was the party. This morning before the party wanted to go to wal-mart and get a few things for tommorrow. We are going with some friends to the lake with a boat.
On the way home we stopped off at 7-11 for the free slurpee. It was so small that said it was a teaser. The funny thing is the cup said 7.11 oz. I ended up giving mine to I never really wanted it.
Later in the afternoon we drove out to the party. The house itself wasn't anything special, but the yard and the view was breath taking. It was up in the hills with a patio on stlits on the side of the hill. Lovely. We got treated really well and the boys had a good time. But like always there is no place like home. I still had to prepare the food for tommorrow. Now after midnight I am ready for bed and will have to get up early tommorrow. Monday I plan to sleep in!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fa. fa. FRIDAY

Today was quite lame. Tommorrow we have a party to attend for my sisters nephew. Well he will be her nephew in a month. So I had to go get him a present. I am so lost when it comes to gifts. I get shoppers block. I don't know what to get ever. I look through the toy aisles but I don't dare get anything because what if he already has it? I look through clothes but I never know what size to get, what if the mom doesn't like it, what if I don't spend enough? UGH!! Well I ended up with half a dozen different things. I'll just ask my sister to choose what I should give the kid.
I was going to wash my car tonight but I instead ended up cleaning our stainless steel grill. I was going to cover it up but it was just so greasy and nasty that I just went for it. A long time later it was clean again. After I dried it off I put it's cover on. When got home he wanted burgers. I told him use the other grill not this one as I just spent forever on cleaning it. He got a huge smile on his face and gave me a kiss.

Thursday at V Garden

Thursday after came home we decided to drive out to V Gardens. wanted to go to the Pro Bass store and so I asked him to just drop me off at the shops. Kid 1 and squishy came with me and kid 2 went with
It was still hot in the evening. There was a slight breeze which made it nicer. We walked around going in and out of different store finding little things here and there. I went back into BeBe's even though I said I would never step foot in there again. Service was a better. I only found a dress and a new pair of shoes. After a while the boys and I were tired. We not only had a bunch of shopping bags by now but we also had my little girl and her travel case. I had never brought her out there before, but I had seen that alot of people take their dogs and the shops don't kick them out. So I thought she would enjoy the trip. She did okay. We were stopped alot and people admired her dress. Some people would say what a cute puppy. How wrong they were. She and her sister are turning 6 years old in a few days. That makes them about 42 years old I guess. I know I spoil my little girl. I used to spoil her sister as well, but she just got this nasty barky annoying attitude that I no longer spoil her as much. My old neighbor used to call them the twins as I always had them in matching dresses.
After a while called me to ask where I was at. I let him know that I was sitting in the shade near Game stop as the boys wanted to go in and I did not. So he met us there and we went out to dinner. I couldn't wait to go home.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No more chips

Today I had to do the grocery shopping. I needed the basics plus I needed to replenish spices and the such. The Boys actually joined me this time. When we passed the snack isle the boys headed straight for the chips and tried to pile in the usual 6+ bags that they always throw in. I am so sick of chips. They eat them all day long and Kid 1 is slightly overweight. Kid 2 and squishy are super slim which is weird being that they eat so much junk.
I told them nope, no way put those all back. No chips this week. All I am buying is fruit and veggies. They didn't complain because they actually love fruit and veggies. However if there are chips they bypass the fruit and eat the chips or cookies and the such. My boys have always liked veggies ever since they were babies. If there's no lettuce, tomato's or onions in their burger they get upset.
After we put all the groceries and misc. away I got to work on dinner. I hadn't made lasagna in a while and had requested it. That meal is so time consuming, but the result is absolutely delicious. I got the usual thumbs up after dinner. I was even able to get them to do the dishes for me. Yay.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


<---(Ugly model, I know.

I wore this dress today but without the feathers. Fortunatly they unsnap in a few seconds.) Today I went to Cabazon. Saks had an excellent sale going on with BOGO 1/2 off. Their clearance was an extra 50% off. I found a few things there.

I then went to BCBGMAXAZRIA and nearly had a heart attack. The store was closed and empty. "breathe Ivy, breathe". I fortunatley found it later. Unfortunatly, it wasn't open yet. They were barely setting everything up.

Bebe was lame. Gucci made me happy. I found the Iman t-stap for $449!!!! I ran out of there before they changed their mind and tried to charge me full price. YSL didn't have anything new, neither did D&G. I had a good day.


Well this monday was spent washing laundry. I was trying to catch up with the mountains I had going on in the laundry room. I am almost done. I didn't know I had so many towels. Since I couldn't wash them I just kept buying more, now I have too many. I think I'll pull out all the nicer ones and I'll take all the rest to the shelter. They are always asking for them, so why not.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank goodness the weekend is over.

This fourth of July could have been better. I know I wanted to stay home and not invite anyone, but it was not what I thought. I was bored out of my mind.

We were invited to a b-day party but I didn't know the time or who for. I kept asking Mr.Man and he kept giving me vague answers. He then would ask me so are we going or not? I would tell him well what time is the party? He would just respod with I don't know lets just show up. I did not want to just show up. He has done this to me many times. We have shown up on the wrong weekend, have shown up with a present for a baby and the party being for a teen, or a present for a boy and it be for a girl. It's so damn frustrating and he annoys the s**t out of me. So we didn't go.

Fireworks are banned in our city. Fortunately for us we can see the fireworks from my bedroom. That is great because we get to see the entire show without the crowds. We have had neighbors up here before because apparently we have the best view.

Sunday we again stayed home. We were waiting for his parents to show up and drop off his little car. When they showed up it turned out being a long visit. put steaks and ribs on the grills and His dad loves hot wings so I was asked to make some. After a long visit they finally headed home. I was relieved when they left. His mom was just exploring the house saying "OOO, I love this. I havent't seen this before. If you decide to get rid of this think of me. Blah,Blah, Blah." So annoying. Oh well.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wow it's hot.

Well yesterday I wasn't able to write

Thanks to a Verizon glitch no one in our neighborhood were able to get online. Verizon didn't finish fixing this problem until 2pm today.

Anyways yesterday was spent at home while I waited for the repairman who was going to fix our washer. He repaired the machine quickly and it seems to be working fine now. Well at least it completes the washing cycle without stopping midway with that annoying beeping F51 error code. The clothes still come out wrinkly and almost dry and not as clean as they should be, but at least they don't stink.

Kid 1 and Kid 2 seem to have picked up little jobs here in the neighborhood mowing lawns. They now have 2 neighbors lawns to do. This was the second week they did so. They are happy with their earnings and I am happy that they are learning responsibility.

Last night I was all set to watch SYTYCD on Fox. As soon as it started came down and told me his parents had come across kind of an emergency situation and were going to need a car for today. So instead of driving to pick them up and driving over two hours to their home so they could pick up their own vehicle, decided to just lend him his little car. So we left our house at around 8:25 and we arrived at the RV/campground at 9:10 or so. They told that they were in space A688. I was following in my car the whole way. I thought he knew where he was going as he was the one given the map when we entered the campground. Finally many minutes later when we were in section E728 did he pull over and ask me had I seen section A688. I told him you are a dork! Section A was the first section we were in! You know "A,B,C,D" its so obvious! So we had to turn around and go ALL the way back. We didn't get to his parents RV until 9:50! His parents wanted us to stay and visit for a while but I wasn't in the mood and we went straight home arriving at our house well after 10:45.

Today I also just stayed home. There really isn't anything to do. My in-laws are camping in the mountains nearby and they invited us to join them. I do not feel like spending 4-5 days with them. I am happy with my own fourth of July plans.