Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wow it's hot.

Well yesterday I wasn't able to write

Thanks to a Verizon glitch no one in our neighborhood were able to get online. Verizon didn't finish fixing this problem until 2pm today.

Anyways yesterday was spent at home while I waited for the repairman who was going to fix our washer. He repaired the machine quickly and it seems to be working fine now. Well at least it completes the washing cycle without stopping midway with that annoying beeping F51 error code. The clothes still come out wrinkly and almost dry and not as clean as they should be, but at least they don't stink.

Kid 1 and Kid 2 seem to have picked up little jobs here in the neighborhood mowing lawns. They now have 2 neighbors lawns to do. This was the second week they did so. They are happy with their earnings and I am happy that they are learning responsibility.

Last night I was all set to watch SYTYCD on Fox. As soon as it started came down and told me his parents had come across kind of an emergency situation and were going to need a car for today. So instead of driving to pick them up and driving over two hours to their home so they could pick up their own vehicle, decided to just lend him his little car. So we left our house at around 8:25 and we arrived at the RV/campground at 9:10 or so. They told that they were in space A688. I was following in my car the whole way. I thought he knew where he was going as he was the one given the map when we entered the campground. Finally many minutes later when we were in section E728 did he pull over and ask me had I seen section A688. I told him you are a dork! Section A was the first section we were in! You know "A,B,C,D" its so obvious! So we had to turn around and go ALL the way back. We didn't get to his parents RV until 9:50! His parents wanted us to stay and visit for a while but I wasn't in the mood and we went straight home arriving at our house well after 10:45.

Today I also just stayed home. There really isn't anything to do. My in-laws are camping in the mountains nearby and they invited us to join them. I do not feel like spending 4-5 days with them. I am happy with my own fourth of July plans.

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