Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't they check the shipments?

Today I received some shoes I had ordered online. I was excited and couldn't wait to try them on. There they were, beautiful! Then I pulled them out of the box and saw that they were damaged. NO!! Say it's not so! How can they be damaged? Aren't these quality shoes? Don't they inspect them before they ship them off to unsuspecting buyers? So now I have to go and either ship them off for an exchange or refund or drive out and make the return in person crossing my fingers that they have a pair in stock. So sad. Oh well.

Today I had to go to the dmv. I forgot that my older cars tags are due Aug. 2nd which is Sunday. I wasn't sure if they would be open on Friday with all the furloughs so at 4pm I headed to the closest DMV. The line was long as expected. When I got to the front of the line they just had me write a check and he gave me a receipt. I asked him what about the tags. He said that I would be receiving them by mail in 4-8 weeks. So I asked him won't I get pulled over? He said that officers typically don't pull you over for 2 months later. Really?? He said if I do happen to get pulled over just show them the receipt he gave me. Pretty lame, but whatever. I am just glad I remembered before the due date. First off the tag fees were almost double of what they previously were, if they were late the penalty fees are ridiculous.

I had told the boys I would take them to the water park tomorrow. They haven't mentioned it as of yet, hopefully they have forgotten. With these headaches I have had lately being out in the sun all day will not help the situation. Lets see.

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