Sunday, July 26, 2009's in Arizona

Today we had to drop off at the airport. I wanted him to just drive himself and park the car there all week but last time he did that he got back to a flat and he had to put his full size spare on in the middle of the night and has yet to replace the spare. So we had to drive him out there. We just dropped him off at the airport and I headed to the stores for some shopping. Might as well since we were in the area. I only came home with one pair of shoes. Some lovely Fuchsia YSL studded sandals. Yay. I came home with 7 beautiful dresses. I tried to get the boys some stuff but they turned everything away or didn't find what they wanted in their sizes. It just wasn't their day I guess.
On the way home we went to eat at Baker's. The boys love the food there and it is SO CHEAP to eat here. Our order came out to under $15.00. You can get a hamburger combo with large fries and large drink for $4.00, Two tacos and a small drink for $2.00 and add an order of small fries for .25 cents!!! I used to love this place when I was younger and it cracks me up that the boys now like this place too. I wish there was one near our house but we have to travel to get to one of these. Maybe one day they'll build one in our city. made it to AZ safe and sound. He says it's even hotter over there. Yikes!!

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