Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My brain has ideas.......

Today I went out for some shopping. I went to the vintage jewelry store and I came home with 4 bracelets. I almost bought a necklace but it was kind of steep in price so I put it back. I am having second thoughts though, so I might go back for it tomorrow. Hmm...

I then went to Micheal's because I wanted to make a DIY necklace. I had an idea and wanted to make it before it fluttered away and was forgotten forever. My old "best" friend works there. We used to be really tight 11 yrs ago when I first moved out here. I met her through my oldest son because he was friends with her daughter. We had alot in common and became really close friends.

She then got divorced and got WILD and we started distancing ourselves because I am not into what she got into. She was like that for a bit over a year then she met a new guy who settled her down and we again started hanging out all the time. However another year later she was bored with her new guy and life because he wasn't into partying and such and she was dying to go out. So she started telling him she was hanging out with me but in reality she was out acting like a fool and getting wasted. I later found out that I was her alibi and so he associated her bad behavior with me and he didn't let her hang out with me anymore. I didn't really care anymore as I was quite tired of her myself. So we stopped really talking four years ago. We always talk when we see each other and catch up and make empty promises of I'll call you later for lunch.

So after I got all the pieces I needed I found her and we had a long conversation. When we said our goodbyes we again promised to call each other next week for lunch.

Well, I got to work on one of the necklaces. I finished it and the boys loved it. I was going to start the second one and I realize I grabbed the wrong rings. Right size, but wrong kind. So I will have to run off tomorrow and buy the right ones. Oh well, now I have something to do right?

Then on Tuesday I went for a ride in heels.

Well as I mentioned earlier took the day off. So he asked me what did I want to do. I had ideas but there wasn't enough time to do any of them since the boys have been getting out of school early all week. He suggested taking a ride out of town but that too didn't make me comfortable knowing that we only had three hours. So I suggested just taking a ride around town.

So I threw my hair into a low ponytail, grabbed my riding jacket and my helmet. I was going to change my boots but decided not to.

So we went off and rode downtown. We decided to stop off at the historic section and walk the shops. We bought some of that Mexican bread ( got one shaped like a pig and I got the fruit filled one) and ate as we walked around. We spent the whole time just browsing. Time went by fast and it was time to go.

When we got home I looked into a mirror and could not believe how messed up my make up was. I guess the helmet smeared it all over and no one said a thing. I am hoping it happened when I put it back on for the ride home or when I took it off at home.

Oh well.

Monday was Mr.mans bday

I am so glad I bought Mr.mans gifts before the weekend. I would have been screwed had I not thanks to my weekend yuckies.

He decided to take a long weekend so He took Monday and Tuesday off as a mini vacation.

We really didn't do anything special during the day. We just went to a few places in town and ran errands. EXCITING!!!

We did go out for a b-day dinner. He wanted to go to MCDONALDS!!!! I said nope no way. We need to go somewhere where they will sing happy birthday to you. So he chose Applebee's.

And of course, the waiter's sang their version of Happy Birthday. Hahahahaha : )

I know it's Wed, but lets talk about the weekend.



So I have no clue what happened with Sat. I went to sleep Friday night and when I woke up it was Sunday afternoon. So I was robbed a whole day and a half. Where did it go? I told that we were robbed and he goes and "claims" that I slept right through.
Okay, okay, I do remember opening my eyes a couple times on Sat. What I also remember is feeling awful! So awful with the aches and the headache and the nausea I felt as if I were dying. I couldn't keep my eyes open longer than a few minutes as I would just fall right back to sleep.

When I awoke and it was Sunday I was shocked. Not because it was Sunday, but because it was Sunday afternoon! So even though I still felt lightheaded and yucky I got my booty up and dressed. I didn't bother putting on any make-up because I just stayed indoors all day. I couldn't wait to go back to bed.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

So what did I do on Friday?

So on Friday I went out to find his b-day gift. He's been wanting an impact gun for his air compressor and he also wanted a rapid pump car jack. I found some decent ones and now all my money is all gone. WAHHHH!! Okay, not all my money but pretty darn close. I hope he likes them.

While getting the mail I had a woman come up to me whom I assume lives in the neighborhood and she tells me "You always have the sexiest shoes! I love them.". I smiled and said thanks.

So yup, that was Friday.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yup yup

Hello. Well like I mentioned yesterday, today was and I's 15th wedding anniversary. We got married when we were babies and fresh out of high school. Ha! We were told we wouldn't make it but lookey here, 15 years!!!!

Anyways, all we did was go out to lunch. We went to Red Robins and we got our usual minus the alkey-hall. Then went back to work and I went for a quick shopping trip. I did snag a beautiful summery top and a pair of great boots.

So by then it was time to pick the older two boys up from school. My squishy was off on another field trip.

When we got back home I started preparing dinner. I had to de-bone and cube some chicken breasts. I cooked that chicken, cooked some bow tie pasta, shredded tons of cheese and mixed it all together with some cream of chicken soup. I also like adding spinach and mushrooms however hates both so instead I added plenty of mixed veggies. MMM lima beans. Yum.

After I pulled it out of the oven it was time to pick my squishy up from school and off I went. I hadn't had a chance to go to F21 like I had wanted to earlier so after I picked him up we headed in that direction.

I looked for the new twist line but they didn't have it. I returned the pretty white top and I bought 7 tops, 1 skirt, 6 dresses and two rings. I then went to Anchor Blue and got a few shirts and a pair of shorts. Squishy said he wanted new socks so we went into the shoe store to get some for him. It was getting late so it was time to leave. As I was walking to my car a group of guys went by and yelled out "nice legs!!" and they whistled. Woo-hoo!! J/k, they were probably too far to see my white polka dotted legs because if they had they would not had made such remark.

Jewlery: Simply Vera Vera Wang
Dress: LC Lauren Conrad
Shoes: Steve Madden

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hmm, I am really loving those skirts

So last night while browsing the F21 sight I noticed their new twist line had been released. I wasn't loving it as the clothing looked a bit juvenial and cartoonish as they took the "Alice" theme literally on many of the items.

Well today they officially released the line and all the items are now online. Umm, I like the skirts. Yea. I do. They are all ruffly and well, me. I am also on the fence about the green romper and the grey footman jacket.

Tommorrow I will be making a trip to my F21 to check them out in person. Yup.

Then on Wed. there was shopping!!

The weather was beautiful today. So I decided enough is enough I NEED to go out and shop. So I jumped in my newer car and zoomed off. Our little city is completely surrounded by hills and mountains. In order to get out of here we need to drive thru those hills and mountains. I live a hop skip and a jump from Lamb's Canyon and I love zooming up and down that road. It is exhilarating. VROOM!!! I missed my calling as a race car driver.

Anyhoo, I went shopping and after spending way more than I thought I would I came home with 7 dresses, 3 skirts, a strapless jumpsuit, 5 necklaces and a 3 piece bracelets. Umm, yea. So that kinda wiped me out a bit. Bummer. I still need to get an anniversary present on top of a b-day present. I have to seriously go out tomorrow and get the anniversary gift. Seriously. Since tomorrow is our 15 yr wedding anniversary. WOW 15 years! Damn. That's a long time......

Necklace: Can't Remember
Top: Elle
Skirt: NY&C
Shoes: Steve Madden

Why does the DMV take over two hours??

So on Tuesday Mr.Man gave me a $15 Starbucks gift card his aunt gave him this past weekend. He goes, "Here you can have this, but can you go to the DMV and get the tags for my bike. I would like to start riding it to work again and the tags are expired. I guess I forgot to pay them." Hmmph, I grumble. So at 10:30 I leave my house and go to the DMV. I got there well before 11am.

I walked out at 1:22!!!

I quickly went to the drive thru bought a blueberry muffin and a passion iced tea and head straight for my kids school. I wasted my entire day at the DMV. I was beyond upset.

We ended up purchasing the movie "The Blindside". Wow, this was my first time watching it and I LOVED it. I was seconds from balling my eyes out many times throughout the movie. I think what makes it even better is that this movie is a true story. Another tear jerker true story I love is "The pursuit of happyness". Waaaahhh!!

Necklace: F21
Dress: Walter
Shoes: Gucci
Belt: Haven't a Clue

Monday, March 22, 2010

Now with Sunday I am caught up....

I slept in on Sunday. Yup My lazy butt didn't get up until 10am. I actually got up earlier, but I wouldn't budge out of bed. I refused to start my day. woke up shortly before 10am and said "Lets go to the swap meet". I hadn't been there since the time squishy kinda forced me to take him and I decided to go. OMG! It was ridiculously crowded. Both parking lots were full, people were parking on the hill with 3ft weeds covering the ground. We got lucky and found a spot on the street but wow, I had never seen it like this.

We walked around (It's a really small swap meet) and every spot had a vendor. While doing so mother nature decided it was done giving me a break and the cramps started HARD!! They were horrible! I then immediately started looking for pain killers. I found a booth with personal hygiene products and there I find a variety of pain killers. I come upon a sealed box of Excedrin and it doesn't expire until Feb 2012 so I was happy. I ask how much and for $2 I go sold! I hand her a $20 and she looks at me and says oh no, I don't have any change. I ask the surrounding booths for change and no one had change for a $20. I tell her let me see how much change I have. I counted the few coins I had and the grand total was .90 cents. She looks at me and says take it. I ask her for 90 cents?? She goes no, just take it. I was so happy I hugged the woman, told her "thank you girl, you just don't know how these cramps are killing me right now. I took the pills and went on my way. I caught up with and asked him if he had cash and he goes no I forgot my wallet. I was hoping he had the two bucks so I could go back and pay the woman.

We finished the swap meet and then we called the boy's hairstylist to see if they could get them in for haircuts. Fortunately there were slots open and so we headed out that way. My boys are weird. They don't like barbers. Kid 1 has his stylist, squishy has his, and they will only go to them. If the girls are not there they will refuse to get their haircut. Kid 2 doesn't have a preferred stylist and he'll go to either of his brothers stylists he just will not use a barber. He says they always try to make him look gangster. Mr man makes fun of the boys and calls them metro sexual. I then tell him, well these are the dirtiest metro sexuals I've ever seen.

After the haircuts ( nearly had a heart attack with the total as he's never joined us for their haircuts before)we were all starving so we went to our favorite hole in the wall mexican restraunt. Oh it was as good as usual and super cheap, $28 for all of us.

We then stopped off for some snacks and some movies and headed home. I felt like we'd been gone all day and was glad to be home.

Sweater: F21
Necklace: Jessica Simpson
Top: Mossimo
Jeans: Martin and Osa
Boots: Joan and David

Ahh, Sat......

I decided to go ahead and wear the new booties. However just in case I took a couple other pairs of heels, which I never ended up needing. The booties had been broken in perfectly and I wore them all day (over 12 hours!!) with no pain at all. Woop woop!

The party was going to be held at my mother in laws out in Victorville. When we got there we got everything set up and ready. The caterer (Japanese chef) got there early to start cooking. He took over the kitchen along with his travel "kitchen". I asked my mother in law about the cake and was shocked to find out that it was going to be x-rated! The boobs were made out of a thickened jello which made them jiggle! It was hilarious!

The party was to start at 1pm. By 4pm there were hardly any guests. I was starting to get nervous. I was truly hoping people would show up soon. They did as by 6 the party was in full swing.

I got dozens of compliments from party goers and you know, I LOVE COMPLIMENTS!

My parents attended the party and they arrived at around 3:00. So while waiting for guests I joined my parents. OMG! I wanted to smack my mom in her face. She was freakin pissing me off.

Here's the deal, turns out that they had been invited to five events that day. My sister baptized her daughter that morning and my parents were "dragged" kicking and screaming as they didn't want to attend. My mom had an appt with her stylist and was upset that she had to reschedule then later cancel because of this party. You see, my mom had been invited to her friends daughters' wedding. Supposedly they had been planning this for a year and been looking forward to it all year long. She had no plans of attending the baptism, the relatives baby shower, the other relatives kids b-day party, nor did she plan to attend my father in laws b-day party. The only party she wanted to go to was the wedding reception.

However, when they left the baptism my dad drove straight to my father in laws house. My dad is his boss, and they get along really well. So he was looking forward to this party. My mom threw a fit but she had no choice. She could have left it at that, but no, she made a point of telling everyone about the wonderful wedding she was missing. Over and over and OVER again. EVERYONE!!! UGH!!!!!

I was glad when we finally were home as I was super tired. I think it was my mom who wore me out. Blah!!

Bracelet: F21
Necklace: Simply Vera Vera Wang
Sweater: F21
Dress: ELLE
Tights: Apt 9
Shoes: Steve Madden

Let's start with Friday.

Friday was a day full of errands. While the boys were in school and when finally woke up we had to go all the way to Rancho and Ontario. I decided to wear my new Steve Madden Biancca booties to break them in. When I tried them on I noticed that they were a bit snug and I had full intentions of wearing them on Sat for the party and I didn't want to be in pain that day.

By the time we got home my feet were killing me!! So when I got home I quickly threw them off and doubts started forming on whether I'd be wearing those the following day.

So that was Friday.

Tunic: Apt 9
Leggings: Ella Moss
Shoes: Steve Madden