Monday, March 22, 2010

Now with Sunday I am caught up....

I slept in on Sunday. Yup My lazy butt didn't get up until 10am. I actually got up earlier, but I wouldn't budge out of bed. I refused to start my day. woke up shortly before 10am and said "Lets go to the swap meet". I hadn't been there since the time squishy kinda forced me to take him and I decided to go. OMG! It was ridiculously crowded. Both parking lots were full, people were parking on the hill with 3ft weeds covering the ground. We got lucky and found a spot on the street but wow, I had never seen it like this.

We walked around (It's a really small swap meet) and every spot had a vendor. While doing so mother nature decided it was done giving me a break and the cramps started HARD!! They were horrible! I then immediately started looking for pain killers. I found a booth with personal hygiene products and there I find a variety of pain killers. I come upon a sealed box of Excedrin and it doesn't expire until Feb 2012 so I was happy. I ask how much and for $2 I go sold! I hand her a $20 and she looks at me and says oh no, I don't have any change. I ask the surrounding booths for change and no one had change for a $20. I tell her let me see how much change I have. I counted the few coins I had and the grand total was .90 cents. She looks at me and says take it. I ask her for 90 cents?? She goes no, just take it. I was so happy I hugged the woman, told her "thank you girl, you just don't know how these cramps are killing me right now. I took the pills and went on my way. I caught up with and asked him if he had cash and he goes no I forgot my wallet. I was hoping he had the two bucks so I could go back and pay the woman.

We finished the swap meet and then we called the boy's hairstylist to see if they could get them in for haircuts. Fortunately there were slots open and so we headed out that way. My boys are weird. They don't like barbers. Kid 1 has his stylist, squishy has his, and they will only go to them. If the girls are not there they will refuse to get their haircut. Kid 2 doesn't have a preferred stylist and he'll go to either of his brothers stylists he just will not use a barber. He says they always try to make him look gangster. Mr man makes fun of the boys and calls them metro sexual. I then tell him, well these are the dirtiest metro sexuals I've ever seen.

After the haircuts ( nearly had a heart attack with the total as he's never joined us for their haircuts before)we were all starving so we went to our favorite hole in the wall mexican restraunt. Oh it was as good as usual and super cheap, $28 for all of us.

We then stopped off for some snacks and some movies and headed home. I felt like we'd been gone all day and was glad to be home.

Sweater: F21
Necklace: Jessica Simpson
Top: Mossimo
Jeans: Martin and Osa
Boots: Joan and David

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