Saturday, March 6, 2010

I guess I'm un-poopular.

I half expected that since my horrid b-day landed on a Sat. I was going to be visited by well wishers today. Hmm. Not to be. Okay the neighbor came by and dropped off a gift, but that's it. My Dad, Mom, Grandma and aunt called me. Two of my sisters sent me b-day wishes by text and a couple friends sent me an e-mail.

Oh well, I really didn't want to have guests over anyways.

Kid 2 woke up and baked me a cake. Squishy made me a sweet card. Kid 1 grunted over a happy birthday mom and Mr man gave me a kiss.

I got ready and went out shopping. I saw a cute pink skirt online by F21 and I wanted to see if they had it at the store. Nope. I didn't leave empty handed though. I got 1 skirt, 1 dress, 8 tops, a sweater, a necklace and a pair of shoes. Happy b-day to me!!

After that I went to Rue 21 (are they they same company?) to use a b-day coupon of $10 off $20 or more. I found a cute bag, a top and a cuff bracelet. Again, Happy b-day to me.

Next stop was Baskin Robbins for my free B-day cone. Cherry jubilee for me. Yum Yum. Squishy was the only one who joined me on my shopping trip so he also scored a cone.

By then it started raining so we headed home.

Mr. man then took me out to my FAVORITE steakhouse Duke's. I ordered my usual and was completely satisfied. If it weren't for the getting older part b-days wouldn't be half bad.

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