Monday, March 22, 2010

Ahh, Sat......

I decided to go ahead and wear the new booties. However just in case I took a couple other pairs of heels, which I never ended up needing. The booties had been broken in perfectly and I wore them all day (over 12 hours!!) with no pain at all. Woop woop!

The party was going to be held at my mother in laws out in Victorville. When we got there we got everything set up and ready. The caterer (Japanese chef) got there early to start cooking. He took over the kitchen along with his travel "kitchen". I asked my mother in law about the cake and was shocked to find out that it was going to be x-rated! The boobs were made out of a thickened jello which made them jiggle! It was hilarious!

The party was to start at 1pm. By 4pm there were hardly any guests. I was starting to get nervous. I was truly hoping people would show up soon. They did as by 6 the party was in full swing.

I got dozens of compliments from party goers and you know, I LOVE COMPLIMENTS!

My parents attended the party and they arrived at around 3:00. So while waiting for guests I joined my parents. OMG! I wanted to smack my mom in her face. She was freakin pissing me off.

Here's the deal, turns out that they had been invited to five events that day. My sister baptized her daughter that morning and my parents were "dragged" kicking and screaming as they didn't want to attend. My mom had an appt with her stylist and was upset that she had to reschedule then later cancel because of this party. You see, my mom had been invited to her friends daughters' wedding. Supposedly they had been planning this for a year and been looking forward to it all year long. She had no plans of attending the baptism, the relatives baby shower, the other relatives kids b-day party, nor did she plan to attend my father in laws b-day party. The only party she wanted to go to was the wedding reception.

However, when they left the baptism my dad drove straight to my father in laws house. My dad is his boss, and they get along really well. So he was looking forward to this party. My mom threw a fit but she had no choice. She could have left it at that, but no, she made a point of telling everyone about the wonderful wedding she was missing. Over and over and OVER again. EVERYONE!!! UGH!!!!!

I was glad when we finally were home as I was super tired. I think it was my mom who wore me out. Blah!!

Bracelet: F21
Necklace: Simply Vera Vera Wang
Sweater: F21
Dress: ELLE
Tights: Apt 9
Shoes: Steve Madden

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