Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am so over this heat...

It's hot. So freakin' hot that I am afraid to go outdoors for any reason. Plus the sun is incredibly bright and with my sensitivity to the sun the brightness seems amplified. I keep hearing on the news that we are having cooler than normal temps this summer. Which I know is true but I just wish it were even cooler or that the sun would go on a long vacation. Anyways.....

Today was spent indoors watching movies and playing board games. Sort of an indoor picnic. The day went by quickly and well after 5pm I remembered that I still needed to drop off the defective receiver at a UPS drop off. I quickly jumped in my car and drove to to two locations and they were both closed. I should have called first, but I didn't so now I have to do that tomorrow. Too bad I don't have anything getting delivered tomorrow otherwise I'd just hand it to the driver.

Shoes: Steve Madden Annton (The cognac pair are still on pre-order until next month)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Those peppers were SPICY.....

Today was one of those days. You know the ones, where everything goes wrong no matter what you do. Our HD receiver went bad the other day and they had one air mailed to us. So as soon as I received the new one I went ahead and switched them out. After I had everything plugged in I switched the receiver on. After it's long and timely process of "first time booting" a screen comes up that this receiver is not authorized. I figured all I needed to do was switch out the smart card from our old to new and it now said the smart card was not authorized. Ugh!! So I call them and after the whole automated process I was finally connected to a human being. Twenty minutes after that my receiver was working.

Later Kid 1 wanted to watch tv in the family room and he then lets out a scream that channels are missing. I look at him like he's crazy and he starts naming off half a dozen channels that were not coming up. I told him call them then. I call them, again do the whole automated process and as soon as a human answered I gave him my info and I tossed my phone to Kid 1. Thirty minutes later that problem was fixed.

I have to ship back the old receiver and after I had it all boxed up and ready to tape up I start looking for my packing tape. I looked through my shipping drawer and no tape. So I look through the tool drawer, nope. I search every drawer and come up empty handed. Now I am pissed because I had three brand new rolls and an open one. I hadn't used any in months so they should all be there. I question everyone, but I didn't do it and not me had struck again.

I gave up on that and just decided to forget it.

Late evening wanted something to snack on. Which them made me crave some stuffed jalapenos. I had none of the ingredients so I rushed off to the closest grocery store. I was the only female in the entire store. I got what I needed plus two rolls of packing tape.

While loading my purchases into my trunk this man nearly gave me a heart attack as he popped out of nowhere to beg for money. He had a whole script obviously memorized and tried to give me the whole cause I'm a black man guilt trip but after what seemed like forever another man came up and asked if I was okay. I said yes, thank you and managed to quickly jump in my car and get away from there.

I get home and I start telling what happened and he looks up at me with this annoyed face and makes a hand movement like get on with it or hurry up your taking to long. I tell him never mind but them I turn around and tell him he's a jerk and that I hate when he does that to me.

So I go and make the peppers. They must have know I was pissed off as they ended up being demonically spicy. I couldn't even eat one. Sad as I went through all that and couldn't even enjoy a single one. Bummer.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The train has arrived

I spent the day waiting for the UPS man. By two he still wasn't here and Kid 2 wanted me to take him to Wal*mart so he can buy a few things for his tackle box. I said yes on one condition. I was going to go to other stores first.

I needed to buy some sandals that I could use at Disneyland. I am NOT a flats person and other than my Tuks, Doc's, Vans and chucks I don't really wear flats. The other day I wore my Blowfish flats to DL. I realized that day that they were thrashed and really other than to be worn maybe around the house they were no longer presentable. So I needed to buy some decent sandals but I didn't want to spend too much on them, so I stopped off at Ross to see if I found an acceptable pair.

I found these for $12.99

I also ended up buying 8 new dresses. Went in for a pair of sandals and I came out with 8 dresses. Funny.

The UPS man finally arrived after 7pm and he dropped off not only the bed, but one of my pre-orders also arrived. right away opened the box and had me take a picture of him with the front piece of the bed. He then sent it to his half sister via text. He them left the room and says did you see what I got him? I screamed out, well unless you reimburse me, that is what I bought him. So he corrected himself (I actually would prefer to be reimbursed)and when he hung up he told me that she might come down this weekend to pick it up. So we might have visitors this weekend.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm tired and I'm ready for bed.

Tired, oh so tired.

This morning I almost backed out and didn't go to Disneyland. I got up after 7am and I wasn't sure about not only going on a Sat., but a Sat. during the summer months. I got up, went to Squishy's room and asked if he still wanted to go. He said yes, jumped up and was ready in about 10 minutes. Kid 1 and 2 took a bit longer but they too wanted to go.

We were out the door at 7:40am and we got to the parking structure shortly after 9am. While walking to the trams I spotted an old friend and we rushed to catch up to them. We talked for a bit while waiting for the tram and I was shocked to find out that a mutual friend was several months pregnant. Wow, I had no clue as I haven't seen her since Nov. or so.

We had to go to the ticket booth to re-new our passes and this time I opted for the Deluxe passes so we could go all summer long and most Sat's. Kid 1 wasn't happy when they handed us our new passes without having to take a new photo. They used the pictures from March 2009 and back then he had short hair thanks to his alopecia. He wanted a new photo with his normal hair style. I was too hoping for a new photo as I too wasn't happy with my picture. In March 09 when we took the picture it was really cold and I was wearing a big bulky wool coat. They really should have taken new pictures as the boys look alot older and more mature than those pictures from well over a year. Oh well.

We did have a bit of bad luck as rides were breaking down (temporally) left and right. We never ended up going on Space Mountain. I was thinking about going to that World of Color show, but it was SO crowded that I felt I wouldn't enjoy the show so we just went home.

Now home, and watching the news I see a report of an incident that happened at that Electric Daisy "rave" that my old bff is at today. Scary stuff. I sent her a text asking her if she was okay and she hasn't responded. I re-played the report to scan it to see if I saw her in the background but I couldn't tell in all the madness and it seemed that every female was wearing tutu's. So I guess I'll have to wait until she either responds to my e-mail or when she comes to return my corset.

Okay, I am beyond tired so I am off to bed. Night night.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I hurt my shoes.

Today squishy and I went out on the town (hehehe). One of the places we went to was Target. On the way out I stepped on a rock and stumbled a bit. I checked my shoe right away and sure enough, there it was, a chip on the side of the sole. I had damaged my new "I had been waiting a lifetime for" DANY sandals. I wanted to cry right then and there. Fortunately it didn't get the leather part just the sole so I was able to touch up the spot and you can't really tell anymore.

I just found out my in-laws are thinking about picking up the old bed on Sat. OH NO!! I had plans to escape to the magical land called Disneyland that day. I really really hope they come on Sunday instead (and that my mom-in-law brings the right tamales this time as I have been craving them for over two weeks now). Fingers crossed.

Necklace: SV Vera Wang
Romper: LC
Shoes: Jessica Simpson DANY (can you believe they already have tons on Ebay!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Funny how shoes can make a girl gitty.

These two pairs arrived today (along with two others). I was so happy it took all I had not to jump up and down with excitement and look like a fool in front of not only the UPS driver, but in front of the neighbors boys as well. My boys are used to my quirkiness (yes, that's what it's called okay) so acting like a fool over shoes in front of them is no big deal.

Oh I know I often say I am in love with a certain pair of shoes, but I mean it with these. Okay I mean it with all the shoes I claim to love, I'm not a monogamist when it comes to shoes. Should I move to Utah? Hehehe.

So today was an ordinary day. I was asked to watch the neighbors kids today. Which was fine because I was a bit tired from last nights game. Which by the way my Angels won. Hehehe. is a Dodgers fan and was one of the VERY few Dodger blue in the stands. I told him he better watch it because the rally monkey was going to beat him up for wearing those colors to his stadium. It was a long really uneventful game in my opinion and I was worried for a while there, but fortunately my Angels pulled through and beat the Dodgers. wanted to go to the game again tonight but I told him to go without me since
1. I had the neighbors kids until just after 5 and the game starts at 7:05. So theres no way we'd get there prior to the first pitch.
2. I wanted to dance around in my new shoes for a bit longer : ) (boogie woogie oogie)

Squishy wants to go to the water park tomorrow or go see Toy Story 3. However since I plan on spending lots and lots of money on Sat. for Disneyland and I dropped a huge heap of cash on Mr.mans nephews new thomas the train bed (I wasn't thinking straight when I bought it. I blame the insomnia), I told him I would think about it. I could use my credit cards but I really don't like using them at all. I don't like owing money.

Well I am off to make dinner and get ready to watch my Angels beat's Dodger again. Woo-Hoo!!!

Shoes: My NEW Jessica Simpson DANY platforms

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

He loves his trains.

Yesterday (Fathers day) the boys baked him a cake and we gave him his gifts. Then we put him to work. He had to reinforce the bed frame of our new cheaply made bed. He racked his brain and he figured something out. The end result works perfect and you can't tell it was "made at home". I painted the new extra frame legs to match the color of the bed and it came out okay. Not bad at all and now when we sit on the bed the frame doesn't bend or budge at all.

This is how the frame was

This is our homemade add ons

Now our bed is done!

We still have our other bed in the room and I joke around with that since they both fit perfectly in our room and we still have tons of space that we should keep it and have his and hers beds. hehe A'la I love Lucy. But he already gave it to his mom for her spare bedroom. However, until she makes her way down here to pick it up, we will have two beds in the room.

Today was just an ordinary day.I have been staying home and taking it "easy", but somehow (thank you Mr. Internet) I've still been doing alot of shopping. All shoes. Tons of shoes.

Today I received two of my pre-orders and on Weds. I'll receive my Dany's and two cheapies I ordered from I still have two pre-orders left to ship out.

I have decided to go ahead and get the season passes for Disneyland again. This time I didn't get one for (still angry) anyways he doesn't really like that place. This is our first time going in the summer months. If all goes as planned we will be going there on Sat. Fingers crossed.

Mr.mans nephews 2nd bday is coming up next month I believe. I heard the kid loves Thomas the train and I decided to buy him the Toddler bed. I can't believe how expensive that toddler bed is. Anyways, I hope the kid appreciates it. I overheard saying she was going to throw his party down here, I hope it's true, because I don't feel like making the eight+ hour drive to give it to the kid. I was thinking of just having it shipped to his apartment but;
1) I don't know their new address
2) I don't remember the kid's actual b-day
3) I want to see the kids face when he opens it up
4) I want the kid to know it's from me.

So now I wait until the b-day party.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Of all days to be sick, why did it have to be today.

I felt it coming Friday. However I was hoping it was just that I was tired from the night before. We had gone to the neighbors house to watch the Lakers game. However it wasn't a planned event so I had taken an early bath and when I got out told me to get ready because the neighbor had called and invited us over. I wrapped my hair in a bun and we went. They had the AC full blast and I don't know if it was because my hair was still quite wet or what but I was freezing. Then after the game we were all moved to the patio for a bbq. We were there really late, outdoors. So I didn't think twice when I woke up late the following morning and was still super tired.

I went to bed last night and I woke up at noon. NOON!! I had my cousins party in an hour and it was at least an hour and a half drive. Plus my hair needed to be straightened and so on. I tried getting out of bed but I felt nauseous and light headed so I stayed in bed. I sent my aunt a text and let her know I wouldn't be making it.

She ended up sending me a few pics from the party and it looked like SO much fun. I am really upset that I had to miss it. Turns out that my parents never showed as well. My sisters didn't go either, but they never go to any of my dad's side of the family parties. I don't know why. I like them, and they are not bad people. Oh well.

I hope I feel better tomorrow as it is Father's day and I don't want to be a downer.

Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just being a bum since I hate the sun and heat

The wonderful cooler weather that was around last week officially left Sunday. It's just been HOT HOT HOT. TOO HOT and bright and sunny. So I have spent the last three days at home with all the window shades closed (which means I've been staying out of the formal rooms and office)and just been staying in the dark, cool air conditioned family room reading books.

They brought the new bed (the right one this time and what a difference)Tuesday night and early this morning I cancelled the rest of the bedroom set.

I received a package today which has added 4 new pairs to my shoe room and I also ordered Jessica Simpson's DANY in both black and tan this morning. Yup, they are now in stock at her website. I am still waiting for 4 of my preorders one of which says it's being processed for shipping. Yay, hopefully it arrives quickly.

I kind of regret getting the boys back into their gas powered RC trucks. I forgot how expensive it was. Those things are so sensitive and they burn through fuel and glow plugs like nothing. Maybe it's just my boys are too aggressive with them that parts keep breaking and they keep needing me to re-place them for them. And by replace I mean drive them to the hobby shop and pay for the parts. I am done. One already needs another glow plug, they are almost out of their second gallon of fuel and another one needs a new fly wheel. Umm, they need to wait or hit up now. They haven't a penny left from their money (Kid 2 does have money in the kitty fund but that's for his cat)and they no longer have their lawn mowing jobs so there is no way they can earn any money any time soon.

I am seriously considering getting the season passes for Disney again, but the sun hasn't made me wanna go all the way out there and well spend a day in the sun standing in lines. I have never really gone during "summer" as I am kind of thinking the place will be crazy mad crowded. Who knows, maybe next week.

I will have to go out tomorrow though. I need to dye my hair, get my nails done and buy a gift for my cousin. I was looking forward to it early on but now as the day is almost here I am kind of feeling blah about it.

I really need to get out of this "slump" as even I am sick of my whiny self.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Did we really need this new bedroom set?

This morning I again had a 10am appt with someone else who wanted to purchase the 25 pairs of shoes. She showed up and giggled with excitement as she loaded her purchases into the trunk of her car. I said thank you and I hope you enjoy them and went back home.

As soon as I got home ambushed me and said lets go to the furniture store and look at bedroom furniture. I tell him I love my old bedroom set. He's sick of it and he doesn't care that I have grown up with this set and it means alot to me.

So we go to a few and I finally agree to a set. I choose the color I want from a board with 3" squares in a variety of colors. They say they would deliver the bed the same day since they had it in the warehouse and to expect them at 6pm. The rest of the set would arrive next weekend since I special ordered an armoire and had them tweek the dressers and nightstands.

They arrive well after 7pm and as soon as I saw the Headboard I freaked. It was not the color I chose and it was just horrible. It was a reddish, hot pink mess. The staining on the wood was uneven and splotchy and ugly. I tell and he goes it looks the same to me. It just looks different to you because you saw it on a small square sample. I tell him it is definitely not the color and the bed is a piece of crap. The quality is shit. I tell him look at the frame it doesn't even have any cross beams for support! He gets mad and says that the color you chose. I got pissed and say "this is just like the carpet! And what happened, I proved you and the damn builder and everyone wrong!" He says fine what do you want me to do? I tell him tell them that is not what I picked and to take that piece of shit back. After a long argument and my storming off he finally told them the problem. Or like he told them "my wife's problem" I told them the problem and they tried to play me like I was an idiot or just a plain bitch. So this is what happened. They left this one here and on Tuesday they will bring the headboards back in their three darkest colors and I will then tell them which one to leave. They are going to charge us another $40 delivery fee (jerks)but you know what I am going to do? The bed is paid for so I'll keep the damn thing. However weds morning I am going to cancel the rest of the set. We haven't paid for any of it yet, the contract I signed was just for the bed as that was what they were delivering. So they can keep the rest of their shit. I will order the rest of the set elsewhere.

Just look at this mess!

Do you see what I mean??

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The outfit I wore today made no sense, kinda like my day.

I was stood up. I sat at the Chevron fro 20 minutes waiting for the person who was supposed to come buy those 25 pairs of shoes off of me. They were supposed to meet me there at 10am at 10:15 I called them to see if they were still coming. No answer. I left a voicemail and went right back home. Good thing is that the Chevron is just a hop skip and a jump from my house, so no fuel wasted, just my time.

After that squishy and I went over to what has become kind of a Sat morning ritual. The farmers market. Kid 2 was asleep and kid 1 said he wanted to stay home. So it was just squishy and I.

I didn't find anything today (I did buy another book as I have already finished the two from last week.)but I made a mistake of telling a vendor I liked a necklace she was selling. This is the first time I have seen her stand. I looked around and there was one sloppy mess of kinda okayness that caught my eye. I told her that it was interesting and she had it on my neck in two seconds flat. She asked me if I was a model because I looked like one. I said no. She goes oh my it looks stunning on you and it goes with your outfit.

Once around my neck it looked, well, ugly. I didn't care for it anymore. She then quickly put the bracelet on me. I told her they were nice but I was out of cash and didn't have enough. I take them off and try to walk away. She then goes I'll take a check. I tell her I don't carry my checkbook. She says are you sure you don't have enough. I tell her no she then says do you live near by? I tell her let me call my husband and see if he can buy it for me. She goes is he here? I tell her no he should be at home. I grab my phone and dial my voicemail and walk away. Sheesh.

Unfortunately on the way back she comes up behind me and says did you get a hold of your husband? I tell her yes, but hes already left out of town. She then asks me how much do you have? I pulled out some money I had in my pocket (no way I was going to pull out my wallet) and I happened to have a twenty and some change. She goes that's all you have? I tell her yes and try to walk away but she follows. Hmm, 20 that's pushing it (she wanted $45) I tell her yup, sorry, and again try to walk away. Maybe if you had $25. I tell her nope, all I have is this. She then comes up with the great idea of you can pay me that and next week pay me the rest. I tell her no, I don't like owing money. She goes you can mail me a check. I make a face. Maybe you have some money in your car? I tell her let me go check. She says yes do that. For a second I thought she was going to follow me all the way to my car. Fortunately she didn't.

After that I went to the thrift and antique stores and squishy got a few things and then we went home.

At almost 3pm my old bff texts me to invite me over to her house for a party. I ask her right now? She answers , yeah if you want to. her daughters wanted to see the boys. I answered let me ask the boys. Back when their mom and I were bff's her two older daughters and my older two boys were inseparable. They always wanted to be together. I replied with "is it a bday party?" and didn't get a response.

I asked the boys and they were curious and so off we went. I was surprised to still remember where she lived as I'd only been to her house once 2 yrs ago when she had just rented the place.

It turned out to be a b-day party for her youngest daughter. I felt odd and out of place. So we stayed there until about 6. The whole time while we were there her oldest kept asking about my oldest. She wanted his cell phone number, she wanted to know if he had a facebook she also wanted to know if he had a girl friend. I told her he did have a girlfriend and that they wouldn't get their cell phones back until school started back up again and that they didn't have facebooks. Fortunately the boys didn't contradict me. They nodded with my responses. I had heard the giggles and the girls with all their girl friends saying he was so cute blah blah blah and kid 1 likes fair skinned, tall, blonde or light brown haired girls I knew and I could tell he wasn't interested in any of the bunch. Plus he is crushing hard on this one girl at his school. They are actually kind of like best friends which worries me that she might not be crushing on him and only see him as a friend. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Anyways I gave her their e-mail addresses and that was that.

While getting out of my car in my garage my phone rang. It was the neighbor letting me know that they might be cancelling the BBQ they were having tomorrow. They called him in to work and he didn't know if he'd be able to get out of it. I told him no problem and to let me know when he had a definite answer.

Next I was reading a magazine when an earthquake hit. Turns out it was a 4.8 centered pretty close to where I live. No damage this time (I think, I haven't checked my shoe room yet) and I just sat on my couch magazine in hand while it went on.

So like I said, My day made no sense.

Necklace: Vintage
Sweater: F21
Jeans: F21 skinny's
Shoes: Cheapies from

Friday, June 11, 2010

Out with the old, in with lots of NEW!!!!!

It is almost the middle of June but yet it feels a bit like fall or winter. It's a cool 65 degrees (actually probably cooler by now)the skies are greyish and the clouds are hiding the evil sun. I am loving it. A few days of hot temps and I am so over them that I welcome these wonderful glorious cool sun free days.

Anyways, I have bought tons of new cheapie shoes from Steve Madden and in the last few weeks. I ran out of room of where to store them (even with all my "stolen" shoes slots being empty). So in order to fit all my new ones I had to re-arrange here and there and I pulled out 25 pairs of shoes (some were new and some are used) that I no longer want or care to keep. I put them up on craigslist as a lot and someones supposed to meet me in the morning for them.

There are still 8 pairs on order so I am still going to have to figure something out to fit those in. Whatever, I'll come to it when I come to it. Four of those pairs will probably be in on Monday or Tuesday. Two pairs of the 5 that were on pre-order should have already shipped out last week but for some reason they haven't. One of those 5 arrived yesterday. Another has a date of 6/22 and the last one a ship date of 7/6.

So I'll be getting lots of packages in the coming days.

Today I took the boys to Chuckies just as promised. I purchased 150 tokens and with their report cards they each got 15 tokens free. Kid 1 took his 15 and left to do his thing. Squishy and Bernie (neighbor kid) left with their 15 each and took off. A few minutes later they come begging for more. So I gave them each 15. It was a repetitive cycle and in less than an hour than had gone through all the tokens. Just them two. 180 tokens between the two! Then they had the nerve to ask me to buy them more. I said nope. Kid 1 never even got any extra tokens after his original 15 from his report card. I had them count up their tickets and they ended up with 574 between the two. They traded them for a bag of cotton candy, a few plastic lizards and a small toy car.

We went to run one last errand for and we went straight home. Not shortly after they were starving again and we just made tuna salad sandwiches.

Bernie was picked up at 5pm and his mom let me know that her oldest had called her to let her know they were having too much fun and that they were going to stay a bit longer at the lake.

At 7pm calls me to tell me that they had been trying to call her to let her know that they were stuck in major traffic. They were due to get back at around 7-7:30 but the freeway was completely stalled and they didn't expect to get home until 9pm or so. I called her and I too got her voice mail so I forwarded the message.

I just finished watching District nine. It's my second time trying to watch it. Last time after 20 or so minutes I turned it off. Kid 1 wanted to watch it so we put it back on. I left the room for about 30 minutes and when I got back I sat to watch the movie. It got better. It's not awesome, but if you could get past the first 30 minutes of Blah blah it's not too bad.

Well I am ready for the weekend and I hope the weather stays this way.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back to normal?

It was easier to get out of bed this morning. When I came downstairs there was a package at the landing. One of my pre-orders had arrived. Yay! That's a nice thing to wake up to.

As soon as I was up and dressed the errands began. I had to make a few calls for and then I had to go look through 7 year old files and find certain paperwork. JOY!! I found them, faxed them and then made copies and mailed those out and last but not least, re-filed the originals and done.

The boys wanted lunch so we went to Red Robin's. After that we went grocery shopping. While doing so calls to find out on my progress. I let him know it was all taken care of (thank you very much.) and was now doing the grocery shopping. He then asks me to buy him several items for his fishing trip tomorrow. (I know, AGAIN) This time kid 2 and a neighbor kid are the only ones tagging along. So we had to get a second basket to purchase his requested items.

After all the groceries were put away I was thinking of heading out to this other Farmers Market held Thursday nights. However I got a call from the neighbor and I guess her boys are spending the night. One of her boys is the one going fishing and her younger one will be spending the day with me. I told them we would go to chuck-e-cheese's. I don't know what time they will coming over so I told the boys that their rooms and bathrooms had better be clean as they are having guests for the night. So I don't want to feel rushed at the farmers market so I skipped it all together. Next week I'll check it out.

I'm off to make dinner. Yum Yum.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm almost back to myself again.

My big mistake? I stopped taking my pills last Sat. By Sunday I felt worn out but I thought it was just from running all over town doing this and that and going from boring store to boring store in 100+ degree weather. Monday I was still super tired and I had a hard time getting up. It was still really hot so I stayed indoors all day and ordered some cheap shoes from Which by the way should arrive tomorrow. Tuesday it was even harder to get up and when I had to run a couple errands for the boys and (I am so over the Hobby shops, bike shops and tackle stores. Completely and utterly s.i.c.k. of them) I was a walking almost falling asleep zombie. This morning again I wanted to wake up but I just couldn't get my self up until 11am. That's when I realized that no matter how much I hate these horrible pills they need to taken. Daily, no matter what. I feel better right now since I took them earlier but still a bit drowsy. I hope that after tomorrows dose I will be to a 100% all better Ivy. I do not want to waste my summer sleeping through it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I did some shopping and also met a customer

I loved the farmers market so much last week that I decided to again make a trip down there today. I am glad I did. This time kid 2 joined me along with squishy. Kid 1 stayed home to mow the lawn and do a few chores to pay off his recent massive hobby shop bill. It's called learning responsibility.

My new Victorian tea party hat.

As soon as we started browsing the market I saw a stand with wonderful Victorian hats. She had dozens of them in a variety of colors. The reason it grabbed my attention is that my cousins bridal shower is tea party themed and we are all asked to wear a hat and they will be giving out special prizes for those of us brave enough to show up wearing one. They were beautiful. Even though I had just recently purchased another hat just for that purpose (and I already owned a hat that could have worked but being that the party is mid June I don't know if I will be wearing black), this hat was just a hundred times better. Best part? She was only asking $5! I quickly snatched one up (and believe me I was in such a stupor that I was tempted to come home with one in every color).

Original hat purchased for Tea party.

Black hat purchased last summer

Next I found a stand selling homemade jewelery and I found a bracelet that wanted to go home with me. I could have made it myself as I have seen the materials at Micheal's, but I paid her $25 for her hard work and to support the local "arts". Plus she was a super friendly woman. I also bought a pretty neutral colored clutch. It also came with a shoulder strap in case I'd prefer to wear it that way instead.

I bought two books and that was it for me, but I did find some Green Bay Packers pot holder/ towel sets that would have loved. They would have been perfect for his football Sundays grill days. However I just bought him his fathers day gift a few days ago and I am still mad at him so I don't think he deserved any more gifts. So I passed on the pot holders.

I was looking for this pink dog tent I saw last week. I decided to go ahead and get it for my little girls but the woman was not there this week. Hopefully shes there next week.

Kid 2 bought a set of 12 skeleton keys pre-1950's for $10. They are really old and a bit rusty but super cool. There are some really strange shaped ones and some normal ones. He is like me, he loves history and he loves owning pieces of it.

Squishy bought a small bag of bouncy balls for a quarter.

We then walked down the other end of the street and visited the thrift and antique stores. At the first thrift store I found the coolest shoes. They fit me and I had to have them. They were missing their laces, but who cares. They were marked $5 but they had a 50% off sale so I got them for $2.50. They were brand spanking new and still had the original price tag of $9.00 from get this, July 1976!! The brand is Pedwin and I believe them to be mens as they are marked size 6. I believe them to be from 1976 because the tag has 7-76 in the top right corner. There is no store name on the sticker. But there is a union label stamped in the shoe. (When I got home I carefully peeled the tag off and stuck it on a binder.Hopefully it'll stay safe. I'll take a pic of it later and add on this post.)

We then went to the antique stores (there are 4 of them all in a row) and didn't really find anything special. While there a woman admired my necklace. I was wearing the bow necklace today. I told her it was mine and that I actually had a few for sale.She said she'd love one and I gave her my phone number and figured she was all talk.

We went to the other two thrift stores and walked out empty handed.

After that we went to Carl's Jr for lunch. We went there because the boys had won free meal coupons at their school carnival. With full belly's we headed home.

Later I received a call from an unknown number. I answered it and was I surprised to find out it was the woman from earlier. I gave her directions and in no time she was at my door. I showed her the bow necklace and I showed her the second icicle necklace. I also told her I had a few more on my etsy. She liked both and she purchased both of them. So now I only have one icicle necklace and one bow necklace left to sell along with the heart and the double chain one. I gave her the sale price and knocked off an extra $5 since I wasn't shipping them to her. I didn't really make anything off those two since the "materials" for those two were more expensive than the materials on the other two. I just wish the ones on etsy would sell so I could end that already.

Anyways, the rest of the day was spent watching movies. We finally subscribed to Netflix and it's kinda cool being able to watch movies instantly on tv via the

Outfit pictures not yet posted

Necklace: Codename Ivy bow necklace
Top: Rampage
Shorts: Spacegirls
Shoes: Gucci Iman t-strap (my FAVORITE walking shoes. I try to wear these any time I know I will be doing alot of walking. I can walk miles in these babies without getting tired feet. The triple strap ones do start hurting after a few hours.)