Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just being a bum since I hate the sun and heat

The wonderful cooler weather that was around last week officially left Sunday. It's just been HOT HOT HOT. TOO HOT and bright and sunny. So I have spent the last three days at home with all the window shades closed (which means I've been staying out of the formal rooms and office)and just been staying in the dark, cool air conditioned family room reading books.

They brought the new bed (the right one this time and what a difference)Tuesday night and early this morning I cancelled the rest of the bedroom set.

I received a package today which has added 4 new pairs to my shoe room and I also ordered Jessica Simpson's DANY in both black and tan this morning. Yup, they are now in stock at her website. I am still waiting for 4 of my preorders one of which says it's being processed for shipping. Yay, hopefully it arrives quickly.

I kind of regret getting the boys back into their gas powered RC trucks. I forgot how expensive it was. Those things are so sensitive and they burn through fuel and glow plugs like nothing. Maybe it's just my boys are too aggressive with them that parts keep breaking and they keep needing me to re-place them for them. And by replace I mean drive them to the hobby shop and pay for the parts. I am done. One already needs another glow plug, they are almost out of their second gallon of fuel and another one needs a new fly wheel. Umm, they need to wait or hit up now. They haven't a penny left from their money (Kid 2 does have money in the kitty fund but that's for his cat)and they no longer have their lawn mowing jobs so there is no way they can earn any money any time soon.

I am seriously considering getting the season passes for Disney again, but the sun hasn't made me wanna go all the way out there and well spend a day in the sun standing in lines. I have never really gone during "summer" as I am kind of thinking the place will be crazy mad crowded. Who knows, maybe next week.

I will have to go out tomorrow though. I need to dye my hair, get my nails done and buy a gift for my cousin. I was looking forward to it early on but now as the day is almost here I am kind of feeling blah about it.

I really need to get out of this "slump" as even I am sick of my whiny self.

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