Tuesday, June 22, 2010

He loves his trains.

Yesterday (Fathers day) the boys baked him a cake and we gave him his gifts. Then we put him to work. He had to reinforce the bed frame of our new cheaply made bed. He racked his brain and he figured something out. The end result works perfect and you can't tell it was "made at home". I painted the new extra frame legs to match the color of the bed and it came out okay. Not bad at all and now when we sit on the bed the frame doesn't bend or budge at all.

This is how the frame was

This is our homemade add ons

Now our bed is done!

We still have our other bed in the room and I joke around with Mr.man that since they both fit perfectly in our room and we still have tons of space that we should keep it and have his and hers beds. hehe A'la I love Lucy. But he already gave it to his mom for her spare bedroom. However, until she makes her way down here to pick it up, we will have two beds in the room.

Today was just an ordinary day.I have been staying home and taking it "easy", but somehow (thank you Mr. Internet) I've still been doing alot of shopping. All shoes. Tons of shoes.

Today I received two of my pre-orders and on Weds. I'll receive my Dany's and two cheapies I ordered from UrbanOG.com. I still have two pre-orders left to ship out.

I have decided to go ahead and get the season passes for Disneyland again. This time I didn't get one for Mr.man (still angry) anyways he doesn't really like that place. This is our first time going in the summer months. If all goes as planned we will be going there on Sat. Fingers crossed.

Mr.mans nephews 2nd bday is coming up next month I believe. I heard the kid loves Thomas the train and I decided to buy him the Toddler bed. I can't believe how expensive that toddler bed is. Anyways, I hope the kid appreciates it. I overheard mr.man saying she was going to throw his party down here, I hope it's true, because I don't feel like making the eight+ hour drive to give it to the kid. I was thinking of just having it shipped to his apartment but;
1) I don't know their new address
2) I don't remember the kid's actual b-day
3) I want to see the kids face when he opens it up
4) I want the kid to know it's from me.

So now I wait until the b-day party.

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