Monday, June 28, 2010

The train has arrived

I spent the day waiting for the UPS man. By two he still wasn't here and Kid 2 wanted me to take him to Wal*mart so he can buy a few things for his tackle box. I said yes on one condition. I was going to go to other stores first.

I needed to buy some sandals that I could use at Disneyland. I am NOT a flats person and other than my Tuks, Doc's, Vans and chucks I don't really wear flats. The other day I wore my Blowfish flats to DL. I realized that day that they were thrashed and really other than to be worn maybe around the house they were no longer presentable. So I needed to buy some decent sandals but I didn't want to spend too much on them, so I stopped off at Ross to see if I found an acceptable pair.

I found these for $12.99

I also ended up buying 8 new dresses. Went in for a pair of sandals and I came out with 8 dresses. Funny.

The UPS man finally arrived after 7pm and he dropped off not only the bed, but one of my pre-orders also arrived. right away opened the box and had me take a picture of him with the front piece of the bed. He then sent it to his half sister via text. He them left the room and says did you see what I got him? I screamed out, well unless you reimburse me, that is what I bought him. So he corrected himself (I actually would prefer to be reimbursed)and when he hung up he told me that she might come down this weekend to pick it up. So we might have visitors this weekend.

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