Friday, June 4, 2010

They are now off to high school!


I feel SO O.L.D. OLD!!! My babies will be starting high school come fall and my squishy starts middle school then as well. When I went to school we were in elementary through sixth grade and we were in "Junior high" (not middle school, it was called junior high.)through 9th grade. But the year when I moved on to 10th grade was when they started converting the "format". By the time I was a junior in high school, the new "middle school" system was in place and the 9th graders had invaded the high school. Funny how things change and I guess that's why I feel so old. I feel like those grandparents who talk about penny candy (I still remember .25 cent single scoops of Thrifty ice cream!!) Okay, OLD.

So at first I hadn't invited anyone to the boys graduation. Not only was it on a Thursday but it started at 5pm and since all our family members live far I figured they wouldn't want to make the drive. However, in the morning my mom in law called but I didn't answer because i was busy at the moment. I figured had told her so I decided to just text everyone a pic of the invitation. My mom texted back that she'd be here.

Later called and said his mom had called him to find out what time it was starting. I told him 5pm but we had to be there by 4pm, so tell her to be here at 3-3:30. He said "okay I'll tell her" and that was that.

My mom calls me at 2pm to tell me she wouldn't be able to make it after all. Then at 3pm my mom in law calls and says "the graduation is today?" I say "Yes." She then goes on to tell me that had told her that it was on Friday. I told her she must have Miss-understood. She was out in the middle of LA and I told her there was no way she'd make it now because we had to leave at 4pm. About 10 minutes after we hung up calls me and also says "The ceremony is today?" I tell him uh yeah, we have been talking about it all week and every time we talked about it we have said "when they graduate on THURSDAY". He then tells me he's in Santa Barbara and he won't be getting home until midnight or so. I asked why on earth did you go there? He tells me he went there then so he could take Friday off for the boys ceremony. I call him a dumb ass and he says he can't believe this. I also tell him, the invitation has been up in the butlers pantry for three weeks and it clearly says "Thursday June 3rd". He said I guess we'll celebrate tomorrow. He also thought that since they graduated yesterday school was over. I told him no Friday is the last day of school and they are having a school carnival all day.

ugh. Dork.

So at 4pm the boys and I head for their school. At 5pm the ceremony started and by 5:40 it was done and over with. What made me laugh was when the "MC" says this is our largest 8th grade class in school history. There are 60 8th graders in the entire school! Wow.

My horoscope did say plans would not work out as planned and to go with the flow. So that's what I did. Went with the flow. The only thing that kinda sorta stressed me out was picking shoes to wear. You know, since I have absolutely nothing to wear : )

Necklaces: codename ivy and vintage
dress: Calvin Klein
Shoes: YSL

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