Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm almost back to myself again.

My big mistake? I stopped taking my pills last Sat. By Sunday I felt worn out but I thought it was just from running all over town doing this and that and going from boring store to boring store in 100+ degree weather. Monday I was still super tired and I had a hard time getting up. It was still really hot so I stayed indoors all day and ordered some cheap shoes from Which by the way should arrive tomorrow. Tuesday it was even harder to get up and when I had to run a couple errands for the boys and (I am so over the Hobby shops, bike shops and tackle stores. Completely and utterly s.i.c.k. of them) I was a walking almost falling asleep zombie. This morning again I wanted to wake up but I just couldn't get my self up until 11am. That's when I realized that no matter how much I hate these horrible pills they need to taken. Daily, no matter what. I feel better right now since I took them earlier but still a bit drowsy. I hope that after tomorrows dose I will be to a 100% all better Ivy. I do not want to waste my summer sleeping through it.

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