Thursday, June 24, 2010

I hurt my shoes.

Today squishy and I went out on the town (hehehe). One of the places we went to was Target. On the way out I stepped on a rock and stumbled a bit. I checked my shoe right away and sure enough, there it was, a chip on the side of the sole. I had damaged my new "I had been waiting a lifetime for" DANY sandals. I wanted to cry right then and there. Fortunately it didn't get the leather part just the sole so I was able to touch up the spot and you can't really tell anymore.

I just found out my in-laws are thinking about picking up the old bed on Sat. OH NO!! I had plans to escape to the magical land called Disneyland that day. I really really hope they come on Sunday instead (and that my mom-in-law brings the right tamales this time as I have been craving them for over two weeks now). Fingers crossed.

Necklace: SV Vera Wang
Romper: LC
Shoes: Jessica Simpson DANY (can you believe they already have tons on Ebay!)

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