Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Those peppers were SPICY.....

Today was one of those days. You know the ones, where everything goes wrong no matter what you do. Our HD receiver went bad the other day and they had one air mailed to us. So as soon as I received the new one I went ahead and switched them out. After I had everything plugged in I switched the receiver on. After it's long and timely process of "first time booting" a screen comes up that this receiver is not authorized. I figured all I needed to do was switch out the smart card from our old to new and it now said the smart card was not authorized. Ugh!! So I call them and after the whole automated process I was finally connected to a human being. Twenty minutes after that my receiver was working.

Later Kid 1 wanted to watch tv in the family room and he then lets out a scream that channels are missing. I look at him like he's crazy and he starts naming off half a dozen channels that were not coming up. I told him call them then. I call them, again do the whole automated process and as soon as a human answered I gave him my info and I tossed my phone to Kid 1. Thirty minutes later that problem was fixed.

I have to ship back the old receiver and after I had it all boxed up and ready to tape up I start looking for my packing tape. I looked through my shipping drawer and no tape. So I look through the tool drawer, nope. I search every drawer and come up empty handed. Now I am pissed because I had three brand new rolls and an open one. I hadn't used any in months so they should all be there. I question everyone, but I didn't do it and not me had struck again.

I gave up on that and just decided to forget it.

Late evening mr.man wanted something to snack on. Which them made me crave some stuffed jalapenos. I had none of the ingredients so I rushed off to the closest grocery store. I was the only female in the entire store. I got what I needed plus two rolls of packing tape.

While loading my purchases into my trunk this man nearly gave me a heart attack as he popped out of nowhere to beg for money. He had a whole script obviously memorized and tried to give me the whole cause I'm a black man guilt trip but after what seemed like forever another man came up and asked if I was okay. I said yes, thank you and managed to quickly jump in my car and get away from there.

I get home and I start telling mr.man what happened and he looks up at me with this annoyed face and makes a hand movement like get on with it or hurry up your taking to long. I tell him never mind but them I turn around and tell him he's a jerk and that I hate when he does that to me.

So I go and make the peppers. They must have know I was pissed off as they ended up being demonically spicy. I couldn't even eat one. Sad as I went through all that and couldn't even enjoy a single one. Bummer.

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