Sunday, May 30, 2010

What have I done for the past 5 days (get ready for a long and I mean LONG post) plus a rant.

Friday the boys went to school and Mr.Man was off. He's off until Weds.!! So on Friday we got every thing ready and he loaded his car and in the afternoon he was on his way with Kid 2 to our campsite. I stayed behind because I had committed myself to watch the neighbors kids the following day. However late evening she called me to let me know she'd managed to get the day off after all. My new shoes also came in that afternoon.


Top: Halston
Skirt: Dolce&Gabbana
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Vintage

Let's see, what was done on Sat. Well kid 1 needed something else for his T-Maxx. I told him the hobby shop wouldn't open until around 11 but being that he thinks he's smarter than me he claimed it opened at 9. Just to prove him wrong at 9:30 we drove all the way into town.

Of course I was right and the shop wasn't going to open until 10:30. I then decided to go shopping. I went to my favorite vintage jewelry store and I didn't leave empty handed. After that we went to the Farmers market. It has been going on for quite some time but this was the very first time I'd gone.

I ended up finding a gorgeous necklace (actually a few) and I just had to have it. I might go back in the coming weeks and snatch up all the others I liked.

After that we went to the Hobby shop and he got what he needed and we headed home. I thought I'd finished my shopping day but I ended up ordering three more pairs of shoes before the day was over.

I had told that I would head out there that afternoon/evening but I changed my mind and I called him to let him know I'd be arriving early morning.


So early at the butt crack of dawn we left to meet up with the rest of the family. It was nice, cool, practically empty and peaceful. Wildlife was seen here and there and Kid 2 was lucky as always at fishing.


Yes, this is people taking over campground space #6.

However as the day progressed it became unbearable. Each campsite has a "patio" area with 2 picnic tables, a grill and a gutting station surrounded by trees and a flat bare area for tents with a cabin like bathroom shower area between every two campsites. What happened is people started arriving and they couldn't find anywhere to set up that they started setting up in the wooded area in our and everyone elses campsite. They even tried setting up in our "patio" area!

There is a small swimming area near the campground side of the lake with the rest set up fr fishing. (The other side of the lake is the side with the larger swimming area and for boats and for wave runners etc.) It is clearly marked as to where the swimming area is with rope and buoys. However when the swimming area got crowded people started swimming in the fishing sides (my kid pointed out that almost everyone was swimming in street clothes!). They kept getting tangled in the fishing line and all the fishers had to re-cast constantly. It was annoying.

Also we had set up a shade and our five chairs near the beach right where the swimming area and fishing area connect so that way I could keep an eye on the swimmers and keep an eye on the cast poles while and kid 2 wandered the lake with their second poles. Anyways, kid 1 and squishy where hungry so I went up to turn on our portable propane grill so we could make some hot dogs. While up there I had a clear view of our shade and poles. I notice two men walk up to the poles and stand directly in front of them looking all around acting suspicious. So I go down and sit at the chair closest to the pole and stare at them. I was just waiting for them to make their move so I could pounce on them. I was already in a foul mood and I guess I just wanted to fight. One of them finally notice me staring at them and he walked over to the other guy and said lets go, I guess were not getting ourselves new poles in Spanish. (excuse my bad Spanish spelling) "no se nos eseron nuestras kanas nuevas"

Yea, there was alot worse (like someone helped themselves to our ice chest of drinks) and it was like everyone in CA was there in that little side of the lake. I couldn't take it anymore and I told I was heading home before I lost it. He too was frustrated and we decided to just pack everything up and just head home. As soon as we took our stuff out of the picnic area it was invaded. We then put our chairs and shade away on the beach and we weren't even done putting the shade away when people had already set up. I am NOT exaggerating at all.

This had been my first time there and with this experience I would never go again. and Kid 2 have been there many time and they swear to me it had never ever been like that. It has always been empty with only a few other fisherman.

When we were leaving we noticed that they had closed the entrance because it was full, however there were cars parked all along the street and lookout area and they were climbing down into the lake. OMG.

I was glad to be home and I will NEVER go back during a holiday. NEVER.

When we went to the fishing tournament in April (different lake) it was a different experiance. Yes there were a lot of people there as well but it was just different. I actually relaxed and had a good time. I still came home tired but it was a good time all in all (and that trip involved the in-laws!)


Dress: Derick Heart
Shoes: Steve Madden
Belt & Necklace: Vintage

We took it easy Monday morning but at around noon we all went out. We had to go back to the hobby shop to drop of Kid 1's truck for a tune-up and to find out why it wasn't starting anymore. While there I bought an early Father's day gift.

Next we went out to get the older two new dress clothes and shoes for their graduation on Thursday. We also got squishy some so he'd be set for my aunt's wedding in July and My cousin's in August.

After that we went to our closest Best Buy because wanted to get a new game.They didn't have it in stock but they found it for us at another one nearby and they put it on hold. I ended up buying a cd.

By then we were starving and we made a pit stop at In-n-Out and stuffed our faces.

We went to the other Best Buy, browsed around and purchased the game. We saw a pet store and we decided to browse that as well. Big mistake. I wanted to come home with three new puppies. It hurt so bad when I had to walk out of there without a single adorable pup.

By now it was 6pm and couldn't wait to get home and play his new game. While he did that I was upstairs watching tv.


Dress: Love21
Shoes: Bakers
Belt & Necklace: Vintage is still off and the boys went back to school. We only went out for lunch and is changing the brakes in his car. Thanks to the birthday present I gave him he is having an easy time accomplishing this task.

I was asked to drive the neighbors kids to their golf lesson and now that everyone is home and that favor has been done I plan to do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. YAY!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday waiting for the rain

The forecasters have been saying it was going to rain yesterday and today. The rain never showed yesterday and I doubt it will show today.

Squishy had a performance this morning. The elementary kids Put on a play. They sang songs about the ocean and environment and they put on skits about saving the planet. They have really been pushing the subject all year that I am getting kind of tired of it (and I am an avid recycler! I throw a fit whenever I find recyclables in the garbage can at home and own more reusable canvas shopping bags than any one person should).

Afterwards I headed home. I almost went into town for a bit of browsing, but yeah, I don't browse so home it was. When I got home I did a bit of laundry and started making a list for the weekend. We are going camping (JOY :\ ) so I need to get myself organized so we don't end up forgetting anything. This was sprung on me last minute (just like all the plans makes) I found out about it on Sunday when I overheard talking to one of his friends about it. Typical.

This warm weather has got me craving cold meals. So I am going to start preparing some ceviche tonight for tomorrow.

Good times!!

I saw some Kors wedges online earlier and I REALLY want them (and their on sale!!!!) but I don't know if I should get them. Eek!!

Necklace: Vintage
Top: Mossimo
Thermal: G.A.S.
Shorts: F21
Shoes: Miss Sixty

Not a bit of shopping


So in order to minimize my closet cleanouts I an staying away from stores. I am about ready to break as this just staying at home stuff is getting boring. Yeah, I keep myself entertained with the dogs and the kitten, catching up on old shows that were on my DVR and such but I miss stores!! Unfortunately I have no restraint and if I go in a store I buy what I like.

Anyways, the older two boys were on their 8th grade field trip to Knott's. I really didn't want them to go as I don't like the boys going to amusement parks without me. I am always worring that they get lost, hurt or whatever and I am not nearby.

So when squishy got out of school he and I went to Chuckie's. We were there for quite a while and left when it was time to pick the older two up.

Tunic dress: F21
Leggings: Apt.9
Shoes: Marni

**UPDATE** Title is now a lie as I have just bought a pair of shoes online. Oh no..Bad Ivy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

He wanted a cat

I felt like Chinese for lunch. I decided to try a Chinese buffet that I had never been to. I was greatly disappointed. I tried a little of everything but everything was bland or had an odd taste to it. They didn't have broccoli beef they had broccoli chicken. Their kung pao had no peanuts and it wasn't even spicy. Their orange chicken didn't look anything like orange chicken. Ugh. I left it all in my plate. The only thing that was half way decent was the egg roll. I will most definitely never go there again.

When the boys got out of school we went to the hobby shop. Kid 1 had to buy some fuel for his T-Maxx. From there I drove Kid 2 to the pet store for some more kitty litter. I also had him buy another small bag of kitty food. He was pissed off and his eyes were like daggers when I told him his cat was his sole responsibility and therefore he would be paying for all of the kitty's necessity's on his own. He was fuming but he wheeled the shopping cart to the register and paid it himself. As we were putting the items in the trunk he goes "Now I only have a dollar and some change left!" I then replied, you wanted a kitten.

I asked the boys if there was anywhere else they wanted to go to and Kid 1 and Squishy both said no and that they wanted to head home. Kid 2 sulked. I asked him if there was anywhere else he wanted to go and he gave me the look of death and said No.

I had told him that if he got the kitten he would be solely responsible for him. He agreed and now he's realizing that pets are expensive and a lot of work and he is probably regretting it now. Life lesson right?

necklace: Codenameivy
Top: H&M
Skirt: F21
Shoes: Micheal Kors

Monday, May 24, 2010

A busy weekend

Worn on Sat

Dress: Cynthia Rowley
Shoes: Bakers

Worn on Sunday

Top: Tadashi
Jeans: True Religion
Shoes: Gucci

Worn today

Dress: Theory
Shoes: Bakers
Necklace: Vintage Jewelry

It was a busy one indeed. Sat. I attended a cousins party and we had to be at the airport at 9 pm to pick up. I had him drive home as I was tired of driving. We got home close to 11pm and went straight to bed.

Sunday morning we had to be up really early to go to Mr.mans company "Open House". There were alot of activities that were scheduled to be done outdoors but we had to move them indoors into the reception area, conference room, break room and even in the hallways. Why? It started raining on us. Fortunately the grills were under ez-ups so the rain didn't ruin the BBQ. By 2pm all was over there and we had to rush over to my aunts bridal shower.

We still needed her gift so we stopped off at Bed Bath and Beyond on the way there. We arrived at 4pm and I was told everyone thought I was going to be a no show. Turns out none of my sisters planned to attend. My dad was extremely happy that we showed up. We played all the games, got a gift for letting us use him as the bride on one of the games. Unfortunately we ran out of time and we were unable to finish his T.P. wedding dress. My mom's team won first place. It was fun and I am glad was such a good sport about it.

As soon as all the gifts had been opened we headed home. Not too long after my dad called and asked if we could swing by his house because he wanted to give Kid 1 a new model car he'd gotten for him. We then headed in that direction. We hadn't intended to stay too long but every time we made our way to the door they'd start a new conversation. Finally I told my dad that we really needed to get going because the boys needed to go to school the following morning.

Today was mostly spent here at home. I did go out and run a few errands but nothing major.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wow, even more had to go.

This morning I started on a task. A task that has been happening a bit too frequent for my taste. The task? Closet clean out. Yup, AGAIN. Wow it is really getting harder every single time. It must be done so I got to work.

I pulled every single dress and top out of my closet and weeded out. After many many hours I ended up pulling 114 pieces out. I called my neighbor and she took 20 items. Now I am contemplating getting up early and holding a yard sale. Hmmm. I hate putting signs up, so we'll see.

This afternoon I got a text from my old best friend. She is going to something called the Electric Carnival. I had no clue what she was talking about so I googled it. It is like a giant outdoor rave, at least that's what I gathered from my search. Anyways she is going and she is going to wear a tutu and wanted to know if I could lend her a top. I said yes and I let her borrow a black lace corset. It was her first time coming to this house and she got lost trying to find it.

We talked for a while and she gave me a gift (an acrylic paint set) and she went on her way.

So know I am here contemplating whether or not to have the yard sale. Oh, whom I kidding. I have to much to do tomorrow.

Shoes: Bakers

Thursday, May 20, 2010

No friend for lunch

My friend stood me up. Well not really, they did let me know last night that they wouldn't be coming out here after all. They got stuck taking the mother in law to the Dr. for her check up after her hysterectomy.

Squishy had a field trip to Olevera Street in L.A. as part of their Spanish class but he wasn't feeling well and he begged me to stay home so he wouldn't have to feel sick in the middle of L.A. Being that I am a pushover when squishy gives me his goo goo eyes I agreed.

We were home most of the morning just being a couple of lazies. He started feeling better so after the older two boys got home we headed off to do some shopping. We browsed and we shopped and we ate. I saw so many items that I just wanted to bring home but funds were scarce so I ended up leaving at least 6 items on hold here and there as I decided what would take my money. They have so many beautiful things there it's mind numbing (Dior, Gucci, D&G, YSL, DvF, Barneys and saks.....) and also quite sad when you fall in love with an item but funds don't allow it. Hmmff!!

Oh well. I am now at home and I am really tired. So now it's time to relax.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This weather is crazy

Yesterday it barely made it to 60 degrees, today however, high 80's. This is just crazy. But I have to look at the bright side and remember the terrible high temps we had last year and shrug this weird weather off.

Today I decided to wear this dress. I don't know if it the combination of eyelet material with lace or the design of the dress itself, but I feel as I should either be in Mexico or in an old west saloon. HAHA

Also, I've had these shoes for a LONG time now and they used to look sky high to me, but now they seem quite low. Funny how 4" heels are like flats to me. Serious.

Today I finally put the lock on my shoe room door. I have been procrastinating because I am unsure how will take it, but I decided to take advantage that he's in Kentucky and just get it over with. It took me less than 10 minutes to switch them out. The only thing is I was way off on the color. For some reason I thought our fixtures were brushed nickel but it turns out they are chrome. How can I have been such a dork? It's not like we just moved in. We bought this house over three years ago so how could I not know that?? Oh well, it's on and I am too lazy to exchange (especially since I had spare keys made for it).

I was asked to watch the neighbors kids today so I wasn't able to do anything special but that's okay. I just kept myself busy doing odd jobs here and there around the house. I even cleaned my fish tank!

I had a package arrive today. I am semi disappointed because the color is WAY off. I ended up ordering the shoes that I wanted at Nordstroms a month or so ago. The ones with the pen mark and the snarky shoe salesman. GRRR. Anyways, I ordered them from Steve Madden directly and like I said I received them today. These are definitely not the same color as the ones from Nordstroms. This time I wanted the sweet light blush, but the blush pair I received is a dark brownish with a pinkish hue. This is so frustrating. I have decided to just go ahead and keep them and consider it an omen that I am not to have a light colored suede shoe.

A coupon code for

I got an e-mail from for a Friends with benefits code for $10 off of $50. The code is exclusive to me but I am able to share with everyone. You see every time my specific code is used I am entered to a drawing for a mystery prize. I say mystery because I didn't see what exactly they are giving away. So if you want here is my code and it expires on June 9th at 11:59pm. They have free shipping and I have never been charged tax, so a great deal is bound to be found.


: )