Tuesday, May 25, 2010

He wanted a cat

I felt like Chinese for lunch. I decided to try a Chinese buffet that I had never been to. I was greatly disappointed. I tried a little of everything but everything was bland or had an odd taste to it. They didn't have broccoli beef they had broccoli chicken. Their kung pao had no peanuts and it wasn't even spicy. Their orange chicken didn't look anything like orange chicken. Ugh. I left it all in my plate. The only thing that was half way decent was the egg roll. I will most definitely never go there again.

When the boys got out of school we went to the hobby shop. Kid 1 had to buy some fuel for his T-Maxx. From there I drove Kid 2 to the pet store for some more kitty litter. I also had him buy another small bag of kitty food. He was pissed off and his eyes were like daggers when I told him his cat was his sole responsibility and therefore he would be paying for all of the kitty's necessity's on his own. He was fuming but he wheeled the shopping cart to the register and paid it himself. As we were putting the items in the trunk he goes "Now I only have a dollar and some change left!" I then replied, you wanted a kitten.

I asked the boys if there was anywhere else they wanted to go to and Kid 1 and Squishy both said no and that they wanted to head home. Kid 2 sulked. I asked him if there was anywhere else he wanted to go and he gave me the look of death and said No.

I had told him that if he got the kitten he would be solely responsible for him. He agreed and now he's realizing that pets are expensive and a lot of work and he is probably regretting it now. Life lesson right?

necklace: Codenameivy
Top: H&M
Skirt: F21
Shoes: Micheal Kors


  1. thats funny about the cat! Too bad, kid! :-P Also, love that skirt, I have it in pink! :)

  2. I saw you wearing it last week and I thought to myseld, I have that skirt!! It is a really nice skirt. I love ruffles!!


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