Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This weather is crazy

Yesterday it barely made it to 60 degrees, today however, high 80's. This is just crazy. But I have to look at the bright side and remember the terrible high temps we had last year and shrug this weird weather off.

Today I decided to wear this dress. I don't know if it the combination of eyelet material with lace or the design of the dress itself, but I feel as I should either be in Mexico or in an old west saloon. HAHA

Also, I've had these shoes for a LONG time now and they used to look sky high to me, but now they seem quite low. Funny how 4" heels are like flats to me. Serious.

Today I finally put the lock on my shoe room door. I have been procrastinating because I am unsure how will take it, but I decided to take advantage that he's in Kentucky and just get it over with. It took me less than 10 minutes to switch them out. The only thing is I was way off on the color. For some reason I thought our fixtures were brushed nickel but it turns out they are chrome. How can I have been such a dork? It's not like we just moved in. We bought this house over three years ago so how could I not know that?? Oh well, it's on and I am too lazy to exchange (especially since I had spare keys made for it).

I was asked to watch the neighbors kids today so I wasn't able to do anything special but that's okay. I just kept myself busy doing odd jobs here and there around the house. I even cleaned my fish tank!

I had a package arrive today. I am semi disappointed because the color is WAY off. I ended up ordering the shoes that I wanted at Nordstroms a month or so ago. The ones with the pen mark and the snarky shoe salesman. GRRR. Anyways, I ordered them from Steve Madden directly and like I said I received them today. These are definitely not the same color as the ones from Nordstroms. This time I wanted the sweet light blush, but the blush pair I received is a dark brownish with a pinkish hue. This is so frustrating. I have decided to just go ahead and keep them and consider it an omen that I am not to have a light colored suede shoe.

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