Monday, May 24, 2010

A busy weekend

Worn on Sat

Dress: Cynthia Rowley
Shoes: Bakers

Worn on Sunday

Top: Tadashi
Jeans: True Religion
Shoes: Gucci

Worn today

Dress: Theory
Shoes: Bakers
Necklace: Vintage Jewelry

It was a busy one indeed. Sat. I attended a cousins party and we had to be at the airport at 9 pm to pick up. I had him drive home as I was tired of driving. We got home close to 11pm and went straight to bed.

Sunday morning we had to be up really early to go to Mr.mans company "Open House". There were alot of activities that were scheduled to be done outdoors but we had to move them indoors into the reception area, conference room, break room and even in the hallways. Why? It started raining on us. Fortunately the grills were under ez-ups so the rain didn't ruin the BBQ. By 2pm all was over there and we had to rush over to my aunts bridal shower.

We still needed her gift so we stopped off at Bed Bath and Beyond on the way there. We arrived at 4pm and I was told everyone thought I was going to be a no show. Turns out none of my sisters planned to attend. My dad was extremely happy that we showed up. We played all the games, got a gift for letting us use him as the bride on one of the games. Unfortunately we ran out of time and we were unable to finish his T.P. wedding dress. My mom's team won first place. It was fun and I am glad was such a good sport about it.

As soon as all the gifts had been opened we headed home. Not too long after my dad called and asked if we could swing by his house because he wanted to give Kid 1 a new model car he'd gotten for him. We then headed in that direction. We hadn't intended to stay too long but every time we made our way to the door they'd start a new conversation. Finally I told my dad that we really needed to get going because the boys needed to go to school the following morning.

Today was mostly spent here at home. I did go out and run a few errands but nothing major.

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