Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No more roots.

This morning I had an appointment to get my hair dyed. I was crossing my fingers that the stylist wouldn't notice my split ends' split ends. I have known for some time that my hair needed to be trimmed bad. A couple months ago I did get a few inches cut off but it wasn't enough.

The stylist noticed them right away and insisted that I cut at least 6 inches off. After a long back and forth I finally agreed to the cut. She says 6 inches, but I can swear that it was more like 8 inches. My hair is just between my shoulder blades now. This is the shortest I've had it in a long time. My hair does look 100% better health wise and texture wise, but I am going to miss my long locks. Hopefully it grows back quick.

When I got home I walked over to the mailbox to pick up today's mail. Just as I was reaching the mailbox I stumbled and just barely saved myself from falling flat on my ass. As soon as I had my footing I scanned the area to see if anyone had seen my comical stumble and other than a black car that drove past there was also a gardener working just across the street. OMG! I hope I was descent on the way down. After all that I look down to see what was the cause of my near fall and it was a stupid large piece of bark that had found its way onto the sidewalk. Ugh! I was so mad and embarrassed that I kicked the bark back into the planter.

Later I received a phone call from one of my closest friends from high school. They are coming down to my area on Thursday and they wanted to know if we could meet for lunch. I agreed and so now I have new plans for that day. I was originally going to head out to Desert Premium Outlets and hit up the stores there but now I might just go ahead and do that tomorrow or Friday instead.

I still need to the bridal shower gift but they're registered at Bed bath and beyond so I can always just get it on my way out there Sunday and they gift wrap for free when you buy a registry gift in store so it will be easy peasy. Yup.

You know, this is a scam. You buy a shower gift and then you buy a wedding gift. Hmm, they end up getting at least two gifts from everyone. I wish I had been brighter when we got married. We didn't have a shower, just the reception. Plus she has got people paying for everything. We dumb kids payed for almost everything on our own. My parents paid for the drinks, his parents paid for the pictures (Sears, which by the way lost our "roll" so we really don't have any wedding pics), Mr.man paid for the reception hall and chipped in a bit here and there and I paid for everything else. I emptied my bank account. I had a nice chunk of cash that I had been saving for a while for a new car thanks to my dad's super generous allowance and money my mom gave me for cleaning the house all the time plus my paychecks from my part-time job. Gone. Oh well, at least I can say I paid for my wedding and that I wasn't a mooch. I always joke around with Mr.man that I bought him. Heehee.

Necklaces: New York and Company and F21
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden
Belt: F21

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