Saturday, May 15, 2010

What was I thinking when I bought this?

Carolina Herrera Fall 2007

When did I ever think I would wear this? Was I going to be a present for someone? Hmmm....

I saw this from her runway and I thought Oh, it is so pretty. Just look at the back of that dress! As you all know, bows, ruffles, flowers and anything shiny and sparkly are a magnet to me. They draw me in, make me blind and momentarily STUPID.

As soon as I saw it for sale online I ordered it so fast that I never really paid attention to the price tag. And oh, that price tag was insane.

When the dress arrived I had a kid put it away for me and never opened the package until MANY months later. By then it was far to late to return. I remember going through one of my much needed closet clean outs and finding the package stuffed on a shelf far in a corner. "What's this?" I thought as I pulled it out and opened it up. OMG! It was the Carolina Herrera dress purchased a year before. But what's this? The bows, they are not made out of fabric, they are made out of plastic! These look like actual factual bows you'd put on a gift. A GIFT!! When was I planning to wrap myself up and give myself away? Hadn't I already done so on my wedding day? (hahaha)

What made it even worse was that it no longer fit me back then, so I couldn't even try it on. I was so upset, I hung it up in my closet and left it there kind of as a reminder to my stupidity.

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