Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wow, I needed that.

After dropping off at the airport I went out for much needed retail therapy. I had tried going out for some yesterday by visiting my local F21. As soon as I walked in I noticed something different. It was nearly empty. It was like if they got rid of more than half their product. Turn out they did. They are no longer going to carry many of their in house labels and the shoe dept. was anemic. Sad. I still came home with two necklaces and four tops and a single skirt.

But today I was in shoppers heaven. Going store to store browsing, trying items on and purchasing items I couldn't live without. After a few hours I had spent almost all my money and it was time to go. The boys were good as they didn't complain once. They too came home with a few items.

I am back to my old self and I think these new pills are working. I hope that I stay this way for a long time. *fingers crossed*

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