Monday, November 30, 2009

I love these shoes!

Well I am in love!! These shoes are awesome. Okay, Okay. I know they are not leather but they look good non the less, and for Twenty something bucks if I wear them a couple times that's more than enough. They kind of remind me of my Marni shoes. I got them from Urban Originals (

Anyways, I wore them with patterned tights, grey ruffled skirt, wide belt and black top. I tried taking a picture, but I am not good at that at all.

Nothing Nothing Sunday


Watched the game.

Stayed home.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

A snowy Sat. Kinda. For a minute.

So I NEVER EVER EVER do a black Friday. Never! I always stay safe at home away from the maddness. It's just not worth it to me. So I thought that today it would be less hectic that I decided to go out to do some shopping. For myself. Yea, I know. I'm selfish. Whatever.

I wore a vintage plaid coat, jeans and a t-shirt and some vintage joan and david riding boots. It was raining so jeans and a tee were justified.

I go to Kohls because I had seen a coat I really liked online but unfortunatly they were sold out. So I go and look but no luck it's no where to be found. So sadness sets in. I had had my heart set on it. Boo.

I then head over to Old Navy becuase squishy wants to add a few scarfs to his collection and I wanted the creme coat I'd mentioned earlier. We do some shopping and he gets his rainbow of scarves and a sweater. I found an adorable coat for my neice and a Green Bay Packers thermal for Mr.mans nephew. We head for the back of the line. We get to the very back wall of the store and the end of the line was not there. It still curved around and back up!! The line was a huge U!! I get in line and we wait for 30 minutes. At the end of those 30 minutes we were barely to where the line curved back up. Hmm. I ask squishy do you really want those scarves. He says yes. HMM. If it weren't that I too really wanted this coat (and it was $39 today) I'd leave. So we wait, and wait, AND WAIT. We finally get to the front of the line after what felt like an eternity. So we get to a register and I start setting the items on the counter when I notice that the cute little coat for my neice was damaged!! I tell the cashier I will be right back and RUN to the back of the store. THERE"S NO MORE!! There were 4 left when I grabbed mine. Oh what freakin luck. So I run back up front and I don't get the pink coat. Bummed. Part duex.

After that we decided to go to Target for socks. I know, how exciting! We browesed the entire store and when we came out there was snow on the ground! WHAT!?!? Snow?? I think so. I look at the cars in the parking lot and there's that white stuff everywhere. We get to my car and I can't believe my eyes. When the H e double hockey sticks did that happen? It is not normal for it to snow here. Crazy. So we get in my car and start driving home when it just starts raining HARD. Then that hard rain turned to hail. I had had plans to stop off somewhere else but quickly changed my mind and just drove home.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The red coat from England

First of all, the picture does not do the coat justice. The buttons are gold lions heads! The circular part of the button are the lions manes. I love it!

Now lets rewind back to last Sat

If you recall I had been invited to two parties that day. AT THE SAME TIME. So I drove out to Montclair to that John's incredible pizza place. I wore my green calvin klein coat with true religion jeans, a black Kensie top and those grey snakeskin steve madden shoes. I decided to wear this to the pizza place and change in the bathroom into my fancy stuff before I head off to the Hilton.

I got dozens of comliments on my coat all day. Not only from party goers (even my granny wanted it!!) but I stopped off at the Mills mall on my way there to buy gifts and I got at least one per store I visited. Like I've said before, I LOVE COMPLIMENTS!! They make me happy : )

I thought I was going to be able to pull off both parties, but it did not work out that way. I could not convince the boys to leave. Either they still had credits, they needed to cash out their tickets, then it was waiting in line to get prizes. When I finally thought we were leaving (at 9:40pm ind you!!)the boys all cried from starvation. So there they ran off to the buffet to eat. Well after 10pm we were finally in my car ready to go. I passed the Ontario Hilton and just continued on home. I was exhausted from the pizza place and I didn't feel like changing into my "Party" clothes. So I called my friends and let them know I wasn't going to show up after all. They were bummed, but oh well.

Wow, almost a weeks gone by

Well to start off, Happy Thanksgiving(one day late)!! I hope you all had a good one. I sure did. Like ten years now, I do all the cooking by myself. We always stay at home now since it was a big ordeal having to choose who's family to celebrate with. If we chose his family my family thought we preferred his over them and vice versa. So ten years ago I told that's it. We're done. We are our own family and we are celebrating by ourselves. So a new tradition was born. Every so often we'll have a guest. We've always left an open invitation to our home to our extended family members on which sometimes they decide to join us. This year it was just the five of us. We enjoyed our 23 lb (I always get a big bird in case anyone decides to take us up on our offer) and we have plenty of leftovers (Mr.mans favorite!!). I baked a couple cheesecakes, a double tray of double fudge brownies, and pumpkin pie. We also had all the usuals. We ate, we watched movies and we had a peaceful good time. Joy : )

Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh I'm a happy girl!

So today I wore my favorite tulip skirt. I wore it with a metallic tank in gunmetal, a grey and black snakeskin wide belt with 4 buckles, some fishnet type stockings and the elizabeth and james boots. I topped all that off with a red coat I got in the 90's from England. I LOVE that coat. It's gorgeous. Maybe Later I'll take a pic of it.

Well today I am a happy girl because I bought coats. Not a coat, but COATS!! Yay! I bought a gorgeous green Calvin Klein and a Black Calvin klein. Beautiful! I also bought a black Giacco coat (it's a cheaper brand and coat)but I loved it. It has kinda a jaquard pattern with a removable fur collar. More coats to add to my vast coat collection. Last week I bought the wool blend tab waist coat from Old Navy in green (peacock) and in red. I Love love love the green one more. It has a different texture than the red one and it's wonderful. Don't get me wrong, I love the red one as well, but the texture of the green one is better. They go half off this coming weekend and I plan to order the cream color one as well. It's just a really cute coat at an awesome price ($44.50 when half off).

I also got myself a great black and gold metallic dress. It's beautiful and fits like a glove. I might wear that dress tommorrow.

I'm shocked I didn't buy any shoes today. Oh wait I lie, I forgot I ordered 5 pairs from an online shoe store. I have no idea what brand they are but they where nice. I got them in all the colors. All five pairs came out to just under $120 taxes and shipping included. I am following my whole look a likes are okay idea. I can't wait to see them.

Elizabeth and James Reese boot look alike

I decided since I did the other look alike I might as well put these up as well. The Mossimo boot shafts are a bit taller and are not suede like the Elizabeth and James Reese boot and the heel is a bit stumpy-er but they are quite similar and they are comfy. They also aren't as shiny as they look in the picture. They have more of a distressed worn in look. They are quite awesome. The price difference is also a woop! woop! feeling. My elizabeth and james where $495 and my Target ones where $29.99. I think I am going to start buying look alikes more now. I mean I own TONS of shoes and I really don't wear each pair as much as I should. Plus I could buy 10+ pairs instead of just one!! Unless......The shoe is totally awesome and I will just DIE! Yes, DIE!! If I don't get them.

Wow, look what I found Prada multi-strap pump look alike

OMG!! Look what I found at Bakers shoes! My Prada Multi-strap pump look alike. It's called Lynette and it has silver buckles instead of gold and I am sure it's faux suede and of course no cool under sole but look at the price $79.99!! Yes!! Way cheaper than the Pradas at $695.

Wed and Thurs High and low

Let's see, this Wednesday I went to my boy's school for an award assembly. I was quite pleased that two of my boy's recieved awards. Kid 2 got Student of the month for his 8th grade class and squishy recieved and award for Academics Ace. WOW. That's awesome.

Thursday was the first ever annual harvest festival at the school. Hmm....... I hate to say this but it BLEW!! It blew so bad I wanted to cry. There were only 4 game booths. Not only that but it was all bunched up in this small little area because it was the only area with lights. Why, oh why did they hold the festival in November when they have no lights. Why?? Don't they know that it gets dark at 5pm?? People were just walking around with tickets in hand and no where to spend them. Oh my gosh, I can go on forever telling you every detail, but my fingers already hurt.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A week in shoes

Why does this always happen?

It always seems as everyone I know always decide to throw their partys on the same day.

Last Sat we were invited to a surprise b-day party disguised as a get together to see the pac-man fight. However,'s cousin was having a baby shower AT THE SAME TIME!! We opted for the surprise b-day party because it was closer.

Well again this Sat we are invited to two partys!! And of course, they are scheduled at the same time. One is a quincenera (sp?) for a friends sister and the other is a b-day party for my baby cousin. ( I can't believe that at my age I still have cousins under 1 yr old!)

They are in the same vicinity and I would like to do both but my uncle's party has priority so I'll be going there first. Depending on how I feel after that party I might just stop by and make an appearance at the other party before I head home. I wouldn't doubt it that I get a call from my sister later telling me she too is throwing a party on that day. My nephews b-day is tommorrow.

We'll have nothing for a long time, then bamm! Everything on the same day. Crazy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hmm, I doubt anyone missed me.

Okay, it's been a while, but has anyone even noticed? I bet not a one. But oh well.
Aren't these wild pair shoes just gorgeous?? They are even better in person and they were only $79.99!!!! Actually I got them cheaper with my B card (10% off) plus they had a sale last week for an extra 15% off. After taxes and shipping they came out to under $67!! I love them! Now I wish I'd also gotten them in the tan as well. Maybe later. They are called Hannah and I bought them from Bakers shoes.

***UPDATE 11-20-09***
THEY ARE NOW ON SALE FOR $59.99 Now I really a going to get them in the tan!! Yippee!!