Friday, November 20, 2009

Elizabeth and James Reese boot look alike

I decided since I did the other look alike I might as well put these up as well. The Mossimo boot shafts are a bit taller and are not suede like the Elizabeth and James Reese boot and the heel is a bit stumpy-er but they are quite similar and they are comfy. They also aren't as shiny as they look in the picture. They have more of a distressed worn in look. They are quite awesome. The price difference is also a woop! woop! feeling. My elizabeth and james where $495 and my Target ones where $29.99. I think I am going to start buying look alikes more now. I mean I own TONS of shoes and I really don't wear each pair as much as I should. Plus I could buy 10+ pairs instead of just one!! Unless......The shoe is totally awesome and I will just DIE! Yes, DIE!! If I don't get them.

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