Friday, November 27, 2009

Wow, almost a weeks gone by

Well to start off, Happy Thanksgiving(one day late)!! I hope you all had a good one. I sure did. Like ten years now, I do all the cooking by myself. We always stay at home now since it was a big ordeal having to choose who's family to celebrate with. If we chose his family my family thought we preferred his over them and vice versa. So ten years ago I told that's it. We're done. We are our own family and we are celebrating by ourselves. So a new tradition was born. Every so often we'll have a guest. We've always left an open invitation to our home to our extended family members on which sometimes they decide to join us. This year it was just the five of us. We enjoyed our 23 lb (I always get a big bird in case anyone decides to take us up on our offer) and we have plenty of leftovers (Mr.mans favorite!!). I baked a couple cheesecakes, a double tray of double fudge brownies, and pumpkin pie. We also had all the usuals. We ate, we watched movies and we had a peaceful good time. Joy : )

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