Friday, November 20, 2009

Wed and Thurs High and low

Let's see, this Wednesday I went to my boy's school for an award assembly. I was quite pleased that two of my boy's recieved awards. Kid 2 got Student of the month for his 8th grade class and squishy recieved and award for Academics Ace. WOW. That's awesome.

Thursday was the first ever annual harvest festival at the school. Hmm....... I hate to say this but it BLEW!! It blew so bad I wanted to cry. There were only 4 game booths. Not only that but it was all bunched up in this small little area because it was the only area with lights. Why, oh why did they hold the festival in November when they have no lights. Why?? Don't they know that it gets dark at 5pm?? People were just walking around with tickets in hand and no where to spend them. Oh my gosh, I can go on forever telling you every detail, but my fingers already hurt.

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