Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why does this always happen?

It always seems as everyone I know always decide to throw their partys on the same day.

Last Sat we were invited to a surprise b-day party disguised as a get together to see the pac-man fight. However, mr.man's cousin was having a baby shower AT THE SAME TIME!! We opted for the surprise b-day party because it was closer.

Well again this Sat we are invited to two partys!! And of course, they are scheduled at the same time. One is a quincenera (sp?) for a friends sister and the other is a b-day party for my baby cousin. ( I can't believe that at my age I still have cousins under 1 yr old!)

They are in the same vicinity and I would like to do both but my uncle's party has priority so I'll be going there first. Depending on how I feel after that party I might just stop by and make an appearance at the other party before I head home. I wouldn't doubt it that I get a call from my sister later telling me she too is throwing a party on that day. My nephews b-day is tommorrow.

We'll have nothing for a long time, then bamm! Everything on the same day. Crazy.

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