Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh I'm a happy girl!

So today I wore my favorite tulip skirt. I wore it with a metallic tank in gunmetal, a grey and black snakeskin wide belt with 4 buckles, some fishnet type stockings and the elizabeth and james boots. I topped all that off with a red coat I got in the 90's from England. I LOVE that coat. It's gorgeous. Maybe Later I'll take a pic of it.

Well today I am a happy girl because I bought coats. Not a coat, but COATS!! Yay! I bought a gorgeous green Calvin Klein and a Black Calvin klein. Beautiful! I also bought a black Giacco coat (it's a cheaper brand and coat)but I loved it. It has kinda a jaquard pattern with a removable fur collar. More coats to add to my vast coat collection. Last week I bought the wool blend tab waist coat from Old Navy in green (peacock) and in red. I Love love love the green one more. It has a different texture than the red one and it's wonderful. Don't get me wrong, I love the red one as well, but the texture of the green one is better. They go half off this coming weekend and I plan to order the cream color one as well. It's just a really cute coat at an awesome price ($44.50 when half off).

I also got myself a great black and gold metallic dress. It's beautiful and fits like a glove. I might wear that dress tommorrow.

I'm shocked I didn't buy any shoes today. Oh wait I lie, I forgot I ordered 5 pairs from an online shoe store. I have no idea what brand they are but they where nice. I got them in all the colors. All five pairs came out to just under $120 taxes and shipping included. I am following my whole look a likes are okay idea. I can't wait to see them.

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