Friday, April 30, 2010

Weeding was done as planned on Thurs.

So Thursday morning just as I said I pulled weeds. Lots and lots of weeds. I pulled all the weeds in the wrap around planter around the front of the house. It was the perfect weather as the sun stayed away for the most part and it was cool and breezy.
When my hands gave out I figured I had done my part and went back indoors and got ready for the rest of the day.

Dress: Theory
Shoes: Harajuku Lovers "Lyra"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a busy day.

Wow, I feel tired. Today started off okay and easy breezy, but then at around 9:30 called and needed a HUGE favor. So of course I was asked to accomplish said task for him. So I set off on the quest and I do him the favor. I get back home with just enough time to eat a quick snack and I finish the necklaces before I have to head out and get the boys.

After the boys had been picked up I was handed two essays that needed to be typed. Oh but these were not short little essays. These were super long and they took me a while to type since I was doing them on my regular laptop instead of the laptop in my shoe room or my PC upstairs. I had this one on my lap and so it was hard to copy over the reports since I had to hold them in my hand just to read them. Halfway through I just called a kid to just come dictate the report to me. Doing that helped me finish quicker.

I then noticed the time and I remembered that tonight is Baskin Robbins .31 cent scoop night and so I called the boys and off we went. We were almost to the front of the line so we didn't have to wait too long. I normally don't like ice cream. I don't crave it. Ever. However, when it comes to Baskin Robbins cherry jubilee I seem to forget my dislike for the cold cream concoction that people refer to as ice cream and just think, mmm... Cherries and a sugar cone. Yum yum. I know it's weird but whatever. It's like squishy hates mustard but yet he loves it in his sandwiches. See? Point made.

So we got home and I was about to start dinner. I check the dishwasher for some tongs and what do I see? Dirty dishes! But wait, I had personally turned the machine on this morning when I noticed that the dishes were dirty. I was upset because I had clearly asked Kid 1 to turn it on last night before I went upstairs and he went to bed.

I asked Kid 1 if he had turned the machine on last night. He said yes. Hmmm. Darn it, I think our machine is wanting to kick the bucket! It's only three years old and supposedly it was top of the line (so we were told by the builder when we upgraded all the appliances). I then washed every single dish that was not only in the dishwasher but the sink as well by hand. Not fun. NOT FUN AT ALL.

So afterwards I finally started dinner.

After dinner there I go and wash all of the dishes again.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but to me it leaves me aching and makes all my bones pop. Crick crack creek. That's me with every movement.


Looks like tomorrow I will be spending it outdoors pulling weeds. It really upsets me that having three healthy strong boys not a one will pull weeds. I ask them to and they just make some noise of some sort and wander away. I have been asking them for a few weeks and yet nothing. I really need to get firmer and not do things for them if they can't be nice enough to do things for me.

Yay!! The bow necklaces are done!

I have finally completed the bow necklaces. I will be posting pics up later tonight and I will be listing them on Etsy then as well.

I really like this new bow fabric. It is so light and airy it is exactly how I had first envisioned it. I am really glad to have finally finished a task. I often leave many projects half completed (umm, like the whole "I'M GOING TO TAKE PICTURES OF ALL MY SHOES AND MAKE A REFERENCE BOOK FOR MYSELF" adventure which is more like a quarter finished. hmmf.).


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good Morning!!

Early this morning the boys woke me up so I could take them to Subways for the free breakfast. So I got up and pulled on some jeans and a sweater and drove them there. We were lucky as the line wasn't that long when we got there. However a short time later the line grew a lot. No big whoop for us as we were already in line.

The breakfast sandwich wasn't half bad. By the time we finished eating it was time to head for school. When we arrived I saw them setting up the tables for the catered breakfast from McDonald's and remembered that they were getting McDonald's every morning this week and the next at their school because of the STAR testing. I asked the boys why on earth did they make me take them to Subways if they were getting McDonald's anyways. They said because they love to eat. Haha :/

So today I plan to alter a dress I bought at a vintage thrift store a while back. I like the print and the colors and I know this is the perfect "springy" dress. If and ONLY if I remove the puffy 3/4 sleeves (yuk). I really hope I can make it into a sleeveless. I have never taken a sewing class so when I mess around on my Handy dandy sewing machine I really am messing around.

So fingers crossed and here I go.

Oh yes, I am wearing white. Umm, so far the stress level is mid grade and I am trying REALLY hard to not mess this dress up. So uh, I'll probably be starving and dehydrated in a few hours. Yup.

Kid 2 has just ruined my dress. He borrowed my paints to paint his project board. He comes near me, brush in hand, and accidentally smears green paint on me!! UGH!! I cried. Really, I did.

And here is the completed project. I was able to convert it to a sleeveless and the result was good. I didn't mess up and I am proud of my self. I know the dress is a bit old fashioned but I really liked it for some reason.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Did some shopping today

I went out for a few hours and did some much needed shopping. I also went to Target and of course no Zac Posen. I REALLY hate that Target. I have to drive a bit further out to one of the Super Targets to maybe find it. I can not wait for them to build the Super Target near my house. It's only going to be like a mile away. Yay!! It was supposed to be built this year, but they still haven't broken ground. Boo.

My three hour shopping trip flew by and it was then time to go get the boys.

When I got home I put all my new purchases away and then I was asked to make meatloaf for dinner. The boys love that stuff. Me, not so much. Oh well.

I am just happy I received my new shoes today. They are gorgeous and I am happy with them thus far. I still have two pairs I am waiting for. They were pre-order so I'll be receiving one mid May and another mid June. Oh the waiting is awful!!

What did I do on Sunday?

I fortunately felt better come Sunday and was spending a relaxing day at home.

However around 2pm or so came indoors and asked me to do him a favor. I asked him what it was he wanted and he told me the neighbor had her baby on Friday and that they were throwing her a BBQ. We were invited and I was asked to make some Spanish rice. Uhh, I make it, but it's a 50/50 chance that it'll come out safe to eat. So I asked him to ask them if I could just make some macaroni salad instead. They said yes so I got to the kitchen and made some macaroni salad.

As soon as I was done we went over and ate and ate and ate. The food was good and they had some kick-ass guacamole. I had to get the recipe. Later though it got boring. I wanted to head home but I felt it would be rude so I stayed there until was ready to go.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My first pair of heels

These were my first pair of heels.

Okay technically my second pair because my mom in law bought me some white heels for me to wear when she discovered my wearing of black steel toe 14 eye doc's with my wedding dress. However, I wore those white heels for all of a minute and got rid of them right away that I don't count those at all.

Now these I bought in 1997. I had to buy them because Mr.mans company x-mas party was semi-formal and I was expected to wear heels. I remember thinking they were super high and amazingly even with my messed up ankles (I messed up my ankles at a dance competition my senior year and had to wear braces) I didn't stumble and walked with ease.

I remember my mom and my mom in law exclaiming that I shouldn't be wearing such high high heels and that I was going to fall because of my bad ankles that I think I started wearing them more often (or just around them) to piss them off. Hehehe.

Even so I didn't really start wearing heels daily until 2000. That's when I put my Doc's into retirement (I still own quite a few of them. I sold a lot of them but kept my fave's) and started my shoe collection. At that time my ankles still hadn't healed and my ankles were still weak. I didn't care I wore them daily and the heel height just kept on creeping up and up. Eventually my ankles healed however I think that they healed incorrectly for if I wear flats I lose my balance and fall or my ankle, heel and calf hurt really bad after a while but in heels (unless a strap hurts my toesies)I am perfectly balanced and can walk longer distances. CRAZY.

Another weird thing is that my foot shrank. I used to be a 7 1/2 in high school then I went up to an 8, 8 1/2 but in 2002 my foot shrank to a size 7. Sometimes even 6 1/2 in some shoes!! Weird right?

Anyways, these were my first pair and I used to think they were sky high but now any heel lower than 4.75" is too low for my taste. 5"+ is A OK with me : )

Today was not a good day

pain wise.

Yes it was a really bad day. I am all swollen and EVERY bone and joint hurts. BAD. That's not the worst part, I am also having trouble communicating verbally. I am calling the Fridge an Oven and just crap like that. The words I want to come out are not and instead jibberish is coming out. It is frustrating. My hands are not working either. What I mean by that is that I try to pick something up and after five attempts i sometimes finally accomplish the task. Even typing this is a huge task. I keep typing double letters or the wrong letters all together.


Today was sister 2s' bday and I didn't go out and celebrate with her because I just can't be around them when I am like this. I don't like people seeing me like this at all.

I hope tomorrow's better.

Shoes: Jessica Simpson Bailey

Friday, April 23, 2010

Why is it.....

that I get TONS of spam comments. I don't get it why the Chinese (I am assuming that it's in Chinese)send me fake comments with hidden links.

I hate having to do the comment moderation ordeal, but if I didn't this blog would be full of spammers.


I am still achey

So today the weather improved. I, however, did not. I am still achey and just plain "drained" of energy. Again I just stayed home and did, well nothing. Okay, not nothing. I did add three necklaces onto my ETSY. So if you are interested in buying one check it out. Also if you are interested in the bow necklace let me know. I am still on the hunt for the similar ribbon I used on the ones I made for Justine and I. As soon as I feel up to it I will head out to a fabric store and look for the ribbon.

Shoes: Steve Madden Carlinn in Midnight

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I feel BLAH today.

I think I'm getting sick. All my bones and joints hurt, my head hurts and even my right ear hurts. I feel three times my age at the moment.

I had an outfit all picked out for today but I never got around to changing into it. Instead I pulled on some old Levis, some pink with grey suede lace up vans, a pink t-shirt with the Ford Mustang horse on it with "I want a pony" written underneath (I miss my 68 Mustang Coupe *sighs*, to go back 5 years and never sell it) and a Fox Ind. zip up hooded sweater. I did put on some make-up and I just pulled my hair back. When I was all done I laid my achy self on the bottom of the staircase. I fell asleep. Can you believe that, I FELL ASLEEP on the staircase!!

Seriously I really hope it's just the gloomy weather messing with me, not a sickey coming on.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

These are available for sale. Codename Ivy Necklaces

(pearls are removable)

Let me know if you're interested in any of them.
I am planning to put them up on Etsy in the next couple weeks.

I soon will be making three more of the bow necklaces Justine at Fetching Fashions has been wearing lately. I just need to find the ribbon again. As soon as I do so I will be putting them up for sale as well.

A shopping filled morning.

So this morning I got ready early so I could head out to Nordstroms. I wanted the Steve Madden Caryssa Pump. I had been checking them out on the Steve madden website since they pre-order. I wanted them in a cocoa like color. You know, brownish. Well I ended up finding them at Nordstrom and several other sites in the color I was looking for. I click on the pic and the color name is Blush. However, blush is pink right? I look at the same shoe at Steve Maddens site and yup there they look pink. So again I go on the Nordstroms site and they look brown. I am so freakin confused I decided to just go and check them out in person. They had them in stock at my nearest Nordstroms so there I went.

As soon as I saw them I saw that they were indeed in pink. They still were not bad looking so I decided to get them anyways. I ask the salesman to hold a pair in my size and that I would be right back to try them on and purchase.

I next went to F21 and I guess I am spoiled with my huge local store that this one was lacking and I just left empty handed.

I browse a few stores before entering H&M. I found the Garden dress in BLUE!! Yes blue and it was quite lovely and it was in my size!! I next notice that there were 7 of them in the creme color. One was in my size. I was excited and decided I would purchase both. I found a few other items and headed straight for the fitting room. Of course I would try the garden dresses first right. I was so utterly disappointed as it was super tight around my boobs. They got flattened and that's not good. I tried the creme one on and had the same result. So I asked the attendant to get me the dress in the bigger sizes. I tried them on and they were better around my boobs but the dress then made me look 50lbs heavier. I was so depressed as the blue one.... Oh it was just lovely.

Oh well, I still left with two dresses and four tops. So not a total loss.

I next went back to Nordstroms and as soon as I walked in I was drawn in by a beautiful Marc Jacobs bag. In white. I tell myself, Ivy, you need a white bag. Really you do. So I grab it and find a mirror. Oh... It was wonderful. I then tell myself, Ivy, do you really need a white bag? You see how you get with white. You hyperventilate and are a wreck. Ugh. So I walk around the entire store, bag on my arm. Every time I passed a mirror I see my reflection and I love it. I swear security was probably following me around the whole time because of it. However finally I decided to just wait. I put it back and almost grabbed it and ran to the nearest register but I had self control. Yes I did and I am proud of myself.

Next I go back to the shoe department and I ask to try the shoes on. I try them on and they fit great. I then notice that the right shoe has not only a pen mark, but it was as if a sticky finger kid had gotten a hold of the shoe. It was damaged. I tell the guy to please get me another pair and he tells me it's his last one in my size and that this had been the display. So I show him why I wanted another pair and he says"It's suede so it's not going to look perfect." I tell him I know about suede, I do own lots of suede shoes. However, this is a pen mark. He then says "I don't think it's pen, there's no pens in the shoe dept." Are you freakin kidding me?? So then he goes and says let me clean it. So I wait 15 minutes while he cleans it and it drys. He comes out and says "the mark is gone. The shoe is perfect and looks like new." He brings it back and there (although lighter) was the pen mark. Still there. Plus those little dark sticky like stains were also there. I tell him no. That shoe is damaged and he says It looks good and this is one of our best sellers so it will sell quick. So I get up and say, well sell it then, but I am not buying a damaged shoe.

I leave and I am miserable. I really wanted that shoe. I'll just order it online I guess.

On the way home I stop off at Kohls and I find three more of those circle necklaces and I decided to buy them. I'll go get more chains and more ribbon and maybe I can sell them on Etsy or here.


These are the new necklaces I made for myself last night. I wore the one in the first picture today.

Coat: Calvin Klein
Top: Kensie
Jeans: True Religion Billy Big T
Boots: Aldo Hendsbee