Monday, April 26, 2010

Did some shopping today

I went out for a few hours and did some much needed shopping. I also went to Target and of course no Zac Posen. I REALLY hate that Target. I have to drive a bit further out to one of the Super Targets to maybe find it. I can not wait for them to build the Super Target near my house. It's only going to be like a mile away. Yay!! It was supposed to be built this year, but they still haven't broken ground. Boo.

My three hour shopping trip flew by and it was then time to go get the boys.

When I got home I put all my new purchases away and then I was asked to make meatloaf for dinner. The boys love that stuff. Me, not so much. Oh well.

I am just happy I received my new shoes today. They are gorgeous and I am happy with them thus far. I still have two pairs I am waiting for. They were pre-order so I'll be receiving one mid May and another mid June. Oh the waiting is awful!!

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