Saturday, April 24, 2010

My first pair of heels

These were my first pair of heels.

Okay technically my second pair because my mom in law bought me some white heels for me to wear when she discovered my wearing of black steel toe 14 eye doc's with my wedding dress. However, I wore those white heels for all of a minute and got rid of them right away that I don't count those at all.

Now these I bought in 1997. I had to buy them because Mr.mans company x-mas party was semi-formal and I was expected to wear heels. I remember thinking they were super high and amazingly even with my messed up ankles (I messed up my ankles at a dance competition my senior year and had to wear braces) I didn't stumble and walked with ease.

I remember my mom and my mom in law exclaiming that I shouldn't be wearing such high high heels and that I was going to fall because of my bad ankles that I think I started wearing them more often (or just around them) to piss them off. Hehehe.

Even so I didn't really start wearing heels daily until 2000. That's when I put my Doc's into retirement (I still own quite a few of them. I sold a lot of them but kept my fave's) and started my shoe collection. At that time my ankles still hadn't healed and my ankles were still weak. I didn't care I wore them daily and the heel height just kept on creeping up and up. Eventually my ankles healed however I think that they healed incorrectly for if I wear flats I lose my balance and fall or my ankle, heel and calf hurt really bad after a while but in heels (unless a strap hurts my toesies)I am perfectly balanced and can walk longer distances. CRAZY.

Another weird thing is that my foot shrank. I used to be a 7 1/2 in high school then I went up to an 8, 8 1/2 but in 2002 my foot shrank to a size 7. Sometimes even 6 1/2 in some shoes!! Weird right?

Anyways, these were my first pair and I used to think they were sky high but now any heel lower than 4.75" is too low for my taste. 5"+ is A OK with me : )


  1. So cool! I love the blast from the past... those shoes are so chunky and quintessential 90s! And you and your 5"+, haha... unfortunately, that's my limit. Although if I were single, I promise you I'd be wearing 6 inchers... despite my already 5'6 height!

  2. I guess since I wish I were 5'10" (like one of my sisters) I have to cheat with super high heels. My 5'5" is WAY to short for me. hehehe


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