Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Friday and I will get to sleep in for a week : )

Today I felt Chic, glamorous and edgy. My usual slicked back ponytail (which my mom wants me to cut off, but more on that later), my pretty purple ruffly dress with patterned stockings and my peep toe booties. On top of that my new DIY silver and Lucite necklace and a sparkly bracelet.

SO what did I do with my so called awesomeness? I stayed home all morning and I went to parent teacher conferences in the afternoon. Awesome right?

It's okay. I got several compliments not only from a neighbor when I went to go get the mail, but also from a few parents and from a teacher. So I feel good.

Now on to the whole hair thing. I hate spending time on my hair. I hate short hair and only like my hair long. I also hate getting hair in my face. I was cursed at age 14 with hair that couldn't make up it's mind. It went from slick straight hair to partially wavy, ringlets, curly and frizzy all in one. HORROR!! So I have to straighten my hair. After I do so I just pull back in a ponytail because like I said I hate my hair getting in my way. Well my mom says she hates my hair. The other day she said I need to cut my hair short and that I need to stop pulling my hair back that I look like a *cleaner word inserted here* dumb dumb*. WTF. I like my hair like this, that's why I do my hair like this. Geesh. Thank goodness I don't see her often and we live far away from each other.

I might have to go see her tomorrow as it is my sister 3's Bday. I have plans of first heading off to Victoria Gardens and hitting the H&M and several other stores there before possibly maybe heading out to see my baby sis.

Anyways, I can't wait for next week. The boys are all off for spring break so I'll get a chance to try to sleep in. Yay!!

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