Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I now have extras of the "Icicle Chandelier" necklace

I had enough materials to complete two more of my Chandelier necklace. I was thinking about putting them on Etsy but figured I'd give it a shot here first. So if you are interested in purchasing one let me know.

Nine 1950's glass chandelier decors beautifully carved.
Approx. 19" Aluminum chain with approx 2" chain extension
Lobster claw clasp

Weighs: 5.2 ounces so not that heavy at all.


  1. Oh! I totally would but I spent my money for the rest of the month already, haha! and I'm glad I have one Codename Ivy in my closet at least. :)

  2. :) I am so happy you loved it. BTW it looked awesome with the blue top you wore. It really made it pop.


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