Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poor Colette had been neglected for far too long.

After about eight months or so I finally took Colette out to play. My Nanette Lepore Colette Jacket in black that is. I remember buying it sometime around my sister's wedding. I also bought it in the Iris (purple) that day. I was super happy when I bought them but they ended up in the closet, forgotten.

I finally decided to wear it today. I was going to wear it like this;

but as soon as I stepped outside it was kinda cold and my legs got all purple polka dottie that I changed. I changed out of the shorts and put on the black skinnys' and pulled on some tall boots. Then I decided I wanted to wear my multi-strand DIY necklace so the scarf tie blouse had to go. I changed into the taupe v-neck knit top and now I was able to wear the big necklace. Then the leopard belt that came with the jacket just wasn't doing it for me so I changed it for a black patent bow tie belt instead.

Done! All was good. Went out to lunch with and after lunch it was warm. Not hot, but warm enough where jeans and boots weren't the best choice. Oh well, I am not changing again. Nope, won't do it. Anyways in a couple hours it will be all chilly and breezy where this combo will again be appropriate.

One thing on this "Jacket" it is not one. This thing will not keep you warm, it is more of an extension of a top. You can't tell in the pics but is thin and has holes throughout the fabric. all the brown in the coat is actually a tic tac toe like weaving of brown "strings" with the openings. I know the price was ridiculous when I purchased them, but those were my happier LARGER allowance days. *sighs* How I miss that allowance. But, I make do with my new one and I still get to buy lots of cheaper pretties to fill my closet with. BTW, while searching for the pics I was able to find the Iris one still in stock at Neiman's on sale for $175 or so.

Next time I wear it I will most definitely just wear it with a brown skirt and some black tights. So much easier.

Top: The Limited
Jeans: True Religion
Jacket: Nanette Lepore "Colette" with the leopard belt jacket came with.
Boots: Steven by Steve Madden "Dyme"
Belt: Spiegel
Necklace: My DIY so a Codename Ivy ;)

In original outfit;

Top: Vintage tie scarf blouse (very pretty)
Shorts: F21 Love21 tie sash shorts


  1. LOVE IT. I would love to see you do actual OOTDS! but I know you want to be more anon. Maybe if you cut your head out? lol...

  2. Haha. No, when it comes to pics of myself...Eek! I have never been photogenic or loved being in pics. That's why when my Senior yearbook came out I nearly had a heart attack as I was tied for first for the most pics in the yearbook. I wanted to DIE!!


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