Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New DIY necklaces today

I made two more DIY necklaces this morning. Okay more like one DIY and one was altered.
I saw that Fenton Fallon necklace at J Crew and it reminded me in a way of this Simply Vera Vera Wang necklace I got not to long ago and I decided to try to recreate it myself.

So I got all my "materials" together and done! I am not happy with the bow, but it was the only ribbon I had available at the moment. I want a lighter floatier bow, so I'll be looking for a replacement.


  1. You know I love them, lol... I do like the black bow, but it would be fun to try different colors with it or try to find the "burt" ribbon like the J.Crew one. Totally want the j.crew inspired one. :-P

  2. Gorgeous!! I love that they are DIY!


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