Monday, April 19, 2010

A couple new necklaces and lots of shopping

This morning I decided to make a couple new necklaces. I was originally going to make both as one but I decided to make them like this instead so I can not only wear them layered but also individually. (I am putting my vintage 1950's $200 chandelier to use after all. See and you said I'd never use it!!)

Next I went to my room and steamed a lot of wrinkled clothing. This is a boring and tedious task but it must be done.

After I was done I went out to run an errand for After doing so I went shopping. I bought quite a few things and my closet is going to hate me but whatever.

After my shopping I stopped off at In-in-Out for a cheeseburger animal style and a Coke. Oh it was so good and there was no pink in the meat. Yay. I hate pink in burger patties. Not good.

When I got home I came upon my package at my doorstep. Oh happy day, I can't believe I had forgotten that this package was due to arrive today. I quickly opened them up and tried them on. I love them. They are awesome. I will probably wear them tomorrow. We'll see.

Dress: Elle
Necklaces: Codename Ivy
Shoes: Bebe Hannah

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