Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's all gone. Sadness.......

So around noon I loaded everything up in my car and dropped it all off at a local thrift store. I hate getting rid of stuff. Later I'll be looking for something and then it'll hit me "I DON'T HAVE IT ANYMORE!!!".

I'll just have to deal with it. WAAHHHH!!!

Well after the tears dried from my eyes I headed over to the At&t store to exchange the headset. I told the clerk I wanted to exchange it because it was defective. She then says, "You just got it on the 21st, how do you know it's defective?" To which I replied, Well if all I hear is jhdhfkjgjhsgfjsgfdkjhfdgvhdgfvjh when my husband calls me and he can barely hear me on the other side. Yeah, I'd say the headset is defective. She then gets the package and check to make sure everything is in the box. And I do mean everything. She says "where are the inserts?" so I look in my bag and there they were and I handed them to her. She them asks for my ID (even though I had my reciept) and finally she hands me a new blue tooth headset. That girl is just plain ridiculous.

Then I casually walked into Forever 21.

Then I walked out with a couple pairs of shoes, a couple belts, three tops, a couple skirts and a dress. UGH!!!!!

It's no help that my boys encourage me to buy those things with their ooh that looks nice and stuff like that. Geesh.

At least my boys will make good husbands (well two of them anyways. One could care less what I wear or try on and buy)and they are well trained to go shopping with their wives. See what a good mother in law I am. Yup, yup.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I hate being stood up.

So said that all those bags full of clothing have got to go NOW or they are going in the trash on Monday night. So I put an ad up online for a dollar a piece or all for $60 (there is 175 pieces of clothing in there exactly). So this woman who I happen to know said she wanted it all and that she would be by to pick it all up in a while. Now 6 HOURS later that woman has yet to show or even call. If this stuff doesn't sell I am just going to drop it off at a thrift store on Monday morning.

I am just upset because my dumb butt stayed home all freakin day. I needed to go to ATT to switch out mr.mans new Jabra Stone headset for another one. He just got it on Sunday but it was crap crap crappity crap. He'd call me and all I'd hear is some garbled noise. He said he could barely hear me as well. So I need to exchange for another one, hoping that this one was just defective.

I also was going to go to F21.

Don't look at me like that,

I was going to be at the mall anyways for the At&t store and I was only going to get a couple or three belts. I SWEAR!! (I think) However now I've wasted my day on the word of this woman. Oh well. Too late now for regrets I guess.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today the boys had an audition for a Nick game show. Auditions began at 3:30 and we didn't walk out of the studio until 7pm. The problem is I have never been to this studio and I HATE driving in LA county so I left really early. I left my house at noon and I was expecting to be in traffic and take 2-3 hours to get there. However, I got to the studio shortly after 1:30!! I have no idea how I got there so fast. I didn't hit traffic at all the whole way there. So we spent close to 6 hours out there. I am just glad we didn't hit that much traffic on the way home either and it took 1 hour and 40 minutes to get home.

I am ready for bed now. yup. goodnight.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I forgot all about these!!

These past few days have been kind of boring. Meaning, I haven't been out shopping at all. I have spent my days just here at home and running errands but no fun. I have been kind of doing it on purpose as I really need to stay away from my favorite stores so I don't buy anything new. I have SO MANY brand new items in both my closet and my shoe room that I need to "catch up" in a sense.

I almost went out today but someone tracked clumps of dry mud throughout the lower floor that I spent my time vacuuming and cleaning the house. while vacuuming my shoe room I had to put the boots I wore on Friday then again on Monday (Steven by Steve madden Dyme in brown)back in their box and I decided I wanted them in black as well as these boots are awesome. So I drop everything and go online. I ended up buying two more pairs of boots!!

I just can't do it can I? cut my "allowance" by 75% and I still buy,buy,buy. Granted everything I have been buying lately is WAY cheaper and more "generic" brands than I was accustomed to. Still fun and beautiful though.

So I go back to my shoe room and I see a Kenneth Cole box on one of the shoe racks without a picture and I decide to look and see what shoes happened to be in there. Oh my gosh!! It's my old "golf" shoes! Not real golf shoes of course, but just the little kilt's remind me of golf shoes that I started calling them my "golf" shoes. I put them on right then and there. They don't match the dress I am wearing today, but who cares. I'm not going anywhere today. These are so fun that I am going to have to try and wear them more often.

My new layered necklace.

I wanted to buy an exaggerated mixed metal, beads, heavy layered necklace. I have seen a couple that kinda hit the mark but I had yet to purchase.

Monday I was going through my knick knack broken jewelery drawer when it it me. I have a ton of items here to make my own. So I worked my magic and put one together with everything I already had and didn't have to purchase anything just for this project. The variety of strands worked well and believe me this necklace is one of those over the top exaggerated statement pieces for sure.

I love Nature

Beautiful right?
Tweet tweet!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some old people are cute

This morning I stepped outside and noticed my neighbor having a yard sale. She had a cool wooden wagon for sale. I go ask her about it and I come and get so he could purchase it. When we go back I tell her it looks like it's going to rain and that she's better off just listing her items on craigslist. She had tons of picture frames and furniture. She had no idea what craigslist was, and she couldn't believe it was free to list and that you can add pictures. She then tells me she not only doesn't have a computer but she also doesn't have a camera. I offered to do it for her. It ended up being 11 listings and I printed them up for her to see and to keep. She was so happy and gave me a huge hug and said I was awesome and I should do this as a profession. That made me chuckle, because really, how hard is it?

I hope she sells all her items.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yo ho Yo ho..................

I wore my nautical "outfit" today. The pants are awesome, but scary. I was afraid to stain them. These actually had me stressing all day. I'm crazy right??

Friday, February 19, 2010

I can't believe this makes 5

Around 2 am I awoke with a yucky feeling in my throat, a stuffy nose and just feeling lousy. At 8 am I almost called the dealer to postpone and reschedule my appointment. However, it's supposed to start raining tonight and continue on throughout the next few days I figured I had better just get it over with. PLUS I have been putting this little matter off for several months (9 months to be exact!!) So I got my sick butt up and went to the dealer. It was done quickly and on my way home I stopped off at a Kohl's I noticed on my drive to the dealer.

Wow, sales, sales, sales. The entire store is one big sale and they had tons of clearance. I ended up purchasing several items. By then I was feeling even worse and I quickly drove my butt home. Now here I am feeling dizzy along with all my other symptoms. This is really ridiculous! Last Sat. was my first feeling good day after my last "cold". Now after only 6 healthy days I am sick AGAIN!! What is wrong with my immune system that it has to go and let me have 5 colds in a matter of a few months. I am a walking germ. It really wants to make me cry. I am sick of being sick and I KNOW is sick of my being sick all the time. Figures that while was in Washington I was healthy, now since he arrives late tonight, I again am sick.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

It has been just one of those days.

This morning I was awaken at 6 am by kid 2 and squishy wanting to go to Disneyland again. So after alot of debating I finally decide to go. Kid 1 was upset and threw a fit. Literally a FIT!! Major toddler like tantrum. Then he had the nerve to ask if he could just stay home by himself. I told him no because obviously he's not 14 when he's throwing a 2 yr olds tantrum. So he climbs in my car pissed off. I backed out of the driveway and I look over at my older car and I notice a yellow paper on my windshield. I get out of my car to check it out and it says that they have the right to tow away any vehicle that is parked for over 72 hours. It was written yesterday at 12:46. My car HAD NOT been parked for 72 hours straight!! So I decide to move it on to my driveway. I go over to my car and there I see a flat! My rear tire was completely to the ground FLAT. UGH!! So now I drive it up onto the driveway and I put air in the tire and I finally take off.

I call and tell him what happened and he says that there's no way that happened. Then he gets mad when he finds out that I drove it up on the driveway flat. You see, that stains the driveway!! Also I park the older one in the street because it has a light leak. So he was all pissed that now our precious driveway was ruined. RUINED!!

Dork. Pissed me off. So when we finally got to Disneyland everything changed. Good times, laughing and just lots of fun. By 4 we were ready to leave. I also wanted to get home before it got dark to see our ruined driveway.

Now on the drive towards the freeway the road merges. I had my signal and was merging when this major ass in a black Chevy decided to step on it and try to squeeze me out. I stayed on course and finished my merge. I had plenty of space, but this idiot decided to step on it!! So anyways a short while later he goes around me and cuts me off nearly hitting the car in front of me and nearly causing me to hit him! I really don't know what his freakin problem was, other than just being a freakin asshole. UGH!!

So then we get home and the air was still holding in the tire so I moved it back to the street. I checked our so called ruined driveway and yes, there was the mark from the tire and also there were two tiny smaller than a quarter drips of tranny fluid. I sprayed some degreaser and rinsed it off.


Now I get a few hours to relax but I have a ton of thing to do around here it's not even funny. Then tomorrow I have to go to the dealer and take care of a little problem in my newer car. This is when I hate living in my city. Everything is so freakin far away. That even a trip to the dealer requires a drive of over an hour. Why can't they come to me???????????

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chuck e. cheese and Forever 21

So as promised I took the boys to Chuckie's. We spent two LONG hours there. They could have stayed another two hours there if I'd let them, but uh, two hours is enough for one day.

After we left that place we went across the street to Forever 21. I know, Again!?!
I was looking for something in particular, but like always the staff was not helpful, so I had to hunt on my own. I never found the item. I did end up getting a couple skirts, a couple bracelets, a necklace, a dress and a sweater. Again I was sucked in by all the cute things. I also found a few more dresses that I really liked, but I have to try to say no every once in a while. Right?

I got dragged into Anchor Blue (Anyone still remember Miller's Outpost??) and Kid 1 went home with a new belt and a few t-shirts and kid 2 scored a new belt as well.

After all that excitement we went back home and now the boys are trying to convince me to take them out to dinner instead of eating in. Geesh these kids are spoiled.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

At home now, and I am pooped.

At 9am my boys woke me up and asked me to take them to Disneyland. I had plans to try to call a dentist and make an appt. but my tooth wasn't hurting and so I gave in.
I put on my new F21 sweater I bought last week (I pretty much had to fight with a sales girl to let me buy the sweater off the mannequin. Some BS about not being able to sell the clothes off the mannequins.) with a tank, some jeans and my old 90's wingtips.

We arrived at 10:40 and went to California Adventure. We went on the tower of terror first. Squishy cried the entire time we were in line. Then when we got off he goes "It wasn't that bad". Really?? Geesh. Lets go again then. He shakes his head no and his eyes got ten times bigger.

It was quite warm and so we went straight to the raft ride. The wait was only about 20 minutes and we got on our raft. As soon as we made the first bend the ride comes to a halt. There we sat, in a raft, for close to 15 minutes. Luckily we were under the shade from a tree. While we were sitting there there was this young guy sitting with us. He looked really familiar. I kept looking at him and realized he looked like the kid from "Good Boy". I was tempted to ask his name, but then decided to just not. I mean, I would look like a dork.

So we spent a few more hours out there and hit both parks. By 5:30 we were already on the freeway and traffic was horrific. So I decided that instead of spending over in hour in stand still traffic, to spend it at the Brea mall. I am brilliant aren't I? I love the Brea mall. It has alot of my favorite stores there in a pretty and clean atmosphere. Yay. After a quick shopping spree and two new pairs of shoes we decided to give the freeway a second shot.

Now at home I realize that I am freakin tired. I still have tons of things to do, but I am just going to leave it for tomorrow. They boys are really working this vacation. They got me to promise to take them to Chuck"E"cheese's tomorrow. I will have to take my mags and my ipod just to survive. The things we do for our kids. Geesh.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I wish I were related to a dentist.

So here's what happened, I broke a tooth this morning. That's what I get for eating an apple. SO the pain was ridiculously awful. I took pain killers, ambesol, orajel, rinsed my mouth with warm salt water, rinsed my mouth with warm salt water with oregano, baking soda and water. Finally after hours of doing them all the pain has subsided. I just can't drink anything cold or even semi cold. Nor do I now which of all those things finally stopped the pain.

So today is a holiday. No dentist is available. Ugh!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How I have spent today so far.

So this morning at 3am kissed me good bye. I slept in until well after 9 am when he called to let me know he had just landed. I stayed in bed a few minutes later and checked my e-mails from my phone. I had two from friends so I got up and went to the office to use one of the home pc's. I didn't feel like going down stairs to use either of my laptops. I replied to them in length and afterwards I finally came down.

My boys lavished me with gifts and we made breakfast. After we were finished we decided to go bowling. It was a blast.... for the first game. We had the bumpers up and so we all did pretty good. I bowled a 115. Ha! When we had finished all ten frames we decided to go one more round. This time though I wanted a real game and I put the bumpers down.

That's when the problems arose. Kid one was pissed because it was gutter after gutter with him. Squishy was crying because of the same thing. I sucked, I think I bowled like 70. Maybe. I don't remember because I was so pissed at how obnoxious the two boys were acting. Kid 2 however did pretty good. He bowled a 98. Not bad since this is only his 4th time ever. He really showed us up.

Anyways, when the tenth frame was finished I just grabbed all my crap and the boys and left. It wasn't until we were driving out of the parking lot that I remembered the mess we left. We didn't put the balls away, we didn't put that little ramp away (squishy ended up using it towards the end) and we left our almost new drinks on the table. I am so freakin embarrassed I can not believe the kids got to me like that. I wanted to do something fun and they ruined it with their attitudes. I was acting like a fool, nearly falling on my ass (my new pink bowling shoes were super slippery) but I was having fun. I didn't care that I looked like a fool. I kinda regret having gone.

Afterwards we stopped off at Target because Kid 1 and 2 wanted new skull candys and since my parents hooked them up with cash that's what they wanted to spend it on. While there I found two Rodarte dresses in the clearance section. The leopard bow dress and the lace dress in the flower pattern. Both were in my size! so I bought the leopard print one. I passed on the flower print one but now I am regretting that decision. Oh well. (update: I went back for the flower dress. So now it's in my closet.)

Now at home I get a text reminding me about the party at the neighbors house tonight. I can't decide whether to go or not. I always end up standing them up and I feel bad because it's never been done on purpose. I know I should go even if it's just for a bit, but I am just not in the mood anymore. I just can't believe how they boy's behavior this morning has affected me.

I guess we'll see. It starts at 5pm so I still have a couple hours before it starts.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

He won't be home for Valentine's has to go to Washington for one to two weeks. Unfortunately his flight leaves at 6am on V-day. I got asked several times if I was bummed that he wasn't going to be home for Valentines. To which I would have to remind them that we do not celebrate this day. Many many years ago when we were just shy of our second wedding anniversary was shot in the neck while buying me flowers. Two masked gunmen broke into the store and tried to rob the shop. They were unable to since the shop keeper locked the register and ran out the front door. Pissed off the shot my husband point blank in the neck as he lay there on the floor and those cowards ran away without a cent.

So that was quite traumatic and so we associate Feb. 14Th as the day he was shot and could have died instead of a day for candy hearts and stuffed animals. There really is no need for Valentine's day if you really think about it. You shouldn't only show you love and care for one another one day out of the year. It should be shown throughout the year (and stuffed animals don't show love, I think that they are a cop out anyways).

BTW. Those jerks were never caught and got away with attempted murder. However, I do believe in Karma and I really doubt that they are still walking this earth.

Home sweet home

So today was my niece's 1st b-day party. It was a major disappointment. There was a major accident that shut down the freeway which added an extra hour to our drive. The party was to start at 1pm and we arrived at 2:30 pm. No one was there other than my parents, and her in laws. After another hour only two other family's had shown up. After another hour another 5 had shown. Everyone was blaming the freeway closure. So by then there were just a few kids but we decided to go ahead and play a few games. Other than my three boys NO other kids wanted to play. So my three boys played the one and only game of musical chairs. We then tried to break the pinata (sp?) and once again my boys were the only ones willing to play along and break the pinata. I couldn't believe how lame the other children were. By the end of the evening My sister had alot of leftovers. She had hired a "taco guy" for three hours and almost all the food she bought was left over. I have no idea if everyone who RSVP'd stood her up or if people never showed due to the closure and getting lost.

I felt bad for my sis and she said this is the last party she is ever throwing. I don't blame her.

My gift was a hit with my sister's and Mom as they all thought it was super cute. Yay!!

Also. my mom's friends were drooling over my booties. Dahrooling big time. Double yay!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Where can I find some baby uggs??

Well, I went out shopping for the cute outfit. I found the cute tops to layer, I found the cute denim shorts and sweater tights. I even still managed to find the beanie with the tassels. What I didn't find were the Uggs. I called around everywhere hoping to find some uggs for toddlers but not a pink one in stock. I was told that Target has some that are decent because they are made from real suede. So I rush to my targets and I found 1 pair. Only 1! Unfortunaly they were 1 size too small. I am so bummed. I also bought her a second little outfit of jeans, ruffle tank and a cute cropped jacket. Oh well, I came close.

I really liked the jeans I wore yesterday so on my way home I stopped off at forever 21 again. I bought two more pairs of jeans, three more skirts and a top. I was hoping to get a grey dress I left behind on Monday, but they were completly out in my size. I hate when that happens. I should have just gotten it on Monday.

Oh well.

Oh I wore these boots today and these ones made my feet hurt BAD. I don't get why. The ones I wore yesterday were comfy all day. Weird huh.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A very boring Thursday

So today I didn't wear my nautical attire. I instead opted for my new F21 Skinny's, the fabulous boots that Chloe made me buy, a Vera Wang necklace with a simple cotton t-shirt and a moss green cardigan with a tan belt.

Then after I got all cute I went to Home Depot. Yup. My lawn is a sickly yellowish green and my plants look all sad and pitiful. So I went to get some plant food and ammonia. Now hopefully by next weekend my grass will be nice and green, because right now the grass is greener on the other side.

Well Sat. I am off to my niece's first birthday party. I already bought her a barbie and tomorrow I plan to go out and get her a cute outfit. I actually have an outfit in mind. I saw the cutest little girl at Disneyland wearing such outfit and she was so darn adorable I am going to try to recreate that same outfit for my niece.

So here's crossing my fingers!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I finally went nautical.

So today I went shopping again. I finally bought in on the whole nautical thing. I didn't want to fall prey to it, but while shopping I saw some gorgeous crisp white high waisted pants that drew me in. Then I decided to get the red and white striped top with three little gold buttons on the shoulder. Then I saw a black and white v neck shell that I decided would look good as well. Tada. I'm nautical. I will probably wear them tomorrow. We'll see.

A rainy Tuesday and free breakfast.

Now, I missed superbowl this year. My first one since 1991. I think that I was just not willing to watch the Colts (snore) battle the Saints (umm...yeah). So since skipped out and we didn't throw a party or get invited to one I went to my favorite Amusement park ever DISNEYLAND!! My pass expires next month and I am really bummed about it but Squishy and I are the only ones that are not sick of the place yet so said no new passes when these expire. Whaaaaa!!

Anyhoo, I guess during the superbowl Denny's ran their free grand slam breakfast commercial this year. I watched it for the first time on the morning news. I decided to check it out. Last year I drove by the 3 Denny's on the main street (I'm not lying. they are all about 2 blocks apart!!) and the lines were never ending. So I never even stopped. However, I live on the edge of the city and a few months back they opened a Denny's not even a mile from my house. I went over and the line was not long at all. So I called to come join me and we had a free breakfast thanks to Denny's. I guess this location is still not well known since it is well out on the edge of our city. Which worked out perfectly for us.

As we were waiting to be seated this family was leaving and I kid you not, they were all smiling and happy and super appreciative for their free meal. They went to the manager and shook his hand and said "thank you! You do not know how much we needed this meal. I wish I could leave a tip or even had ordered soft drinks instead of water, but we are in a bad spot. Thank you." The wife was teary eyed and well you'd have to have a heart of stone to not let out a tear. They left and I elbowed, gave him a look and he goes I know, I'll be right back and he went out to look for them. When he came back I asked if he helped them out. He said "I looked around for them and I didn't find them anywhere. I have no clue were they went off to." After that I felt like I was abusing this free meal since we could easily afford to pay for it. It really makes you look at things differently and not take things for granted.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why does Forever 21 draw me in?

Yesterday I decided to go out and get myself a couple cheap skinny jeans. I went to Forever 21 for them. While there I found dozens of items that I liked. I was there for almost three hours browsing, and trying things on. Well I bought myself two pairs of jeans, along with 4 dresses, an awesome sweater, 7 skirts, a couple tops and a bracelet. I KNOW!! I went for jeans!! I ended up leaving several things at the register because it was quite excessive. I didn't even see the entire store. There is just so much to see as this store is huge! I had to leave because it was time to head back to pick the boys up from school. Otherwise I'd still prob be there right now.

One day I will see the store in it's entirety. I now have a mission.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yay! Disneyland!!

So this morning and kid 2 went off fishing. did not want to go at all, but kid 2 has been nagging him to take him. I decided that I too would blow off the super bowl and go off to Disneyland for a bit.

Since I have been really sick and not going out the battery of my newer car was completely dead, then I go to my older car and it too was about to die. (Is it just my beemers that do that or do all bmw's die if not driven frequently???) So I had to quick charge the battery in one of the cars for an hour before we left for Disneyland.

We finally got there shortly after 10am and we had a good time. All the holiday theme rides were back to normal which is a major plus. I really HATE the nightmare before christmas version of the haunted house. We went on plenty of rides and had a good time.

At around 4pm we decided to leave and we stopped off at the Brea Mall. We only went to a couple stores since they close early being that it's Sunday (I think we need to start a petition for them to stay open longer on Sundays. It's the weekend for gosh darn sakes!! I don't want to go to bed at six mr. mall man!!) I did come home with some cute Steve Madden platform sandals and a couple Kenneth Cole necklaces.

Once we were almost home I got talked into stopping at a pet store becuase Kid 1 wanted to buy himself a bird. We managed to walk in before they closed their doors and after many many minutes he finally picked one. By 7:30 we were home safe and sound and found and kid 2 watching tv.

Now it is off to get ready for bed and the start of a new busy week. I am just super glad my sickies is almost gone. YAY!!

The annual banquet

Wow, it was quite fun actually. I wasn't looking forward to it since the day was dreary and raining and it was quite far from home. I am glad I did muster enough energy to go. It wasn't the people or the dancing that was fun, it was the DJ. He made it fun with all the games and silly prizes. By the end of the evening we all had glow sticks, flashing rings, necklaces, glasses, wands, lots of different little do dads that we looked like we were all at a 90's rave. It was really fun.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Chloe made me do it.

So I am still sick, dizzy, tired beyond belief and now swollen from head to toe. Lovely, right? The worst part is that Mr.mans Annual banquet is tomorrow night. So not only will I have to "buck up" but I will have to go through all my dresses and find one that will be flattering being that my belly is so swollen I look four months pregnant. So I will have to find a dress with a full skirt. My hairs a mess and the roots are bad, but I couldn't get myself up and out of bed long enough to get my hair or nails done. I can still get my nails done tomorrow but there's no way I can get my hair done. Another thing is my anemia is being a jerk and my legs are covered in bruises right now. I have a mean one on my knee from bumping into my car bumper Tuesday Morning. I bumped my arm earlier today so now I'm afraid I might develop a bruise there as well. I tried to get out of the whole affair but said it would not look right and that I really needed to make an effort. Ugh.

So I went onto one of my daily reads and Ms Cloe models some boots that I had had my eye on quite a few months back. I had liked the ones by Bakers (Buckley)and the ones from Anne Michelle I'd seen at various sites. I preferred the Buckley pair but the heel on the Anne Michelle pair was more my style. Anyhoo, I ended up passing on them and had out of site out of minded them. Then today Ms Chloe modeled the Anne Michelle pair today. Guess what, I really liked them. So I go to the Baker's site and they were sold out of Buckley. Boo. So I went to and I was lucky enough to find them in the grey and the tan in my size. I searched everywhere for them in black but no luck. All sold out. So I ordered the tan and grey pair plus a different style in black. So I finally did some shopping thanks to Chloe.

I just hope I get better soon.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm not dead,

Just really really sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been so utterly and disgustingly sick. I want nothing else but to sleep and stay in bed. I'm not hungry just ugh!

I have tried passing the time browsing the net for new shoesies. I don't know if it's because I am sick or what, but I haven't found a single pair that I want or have to have. It is awful for sure.

Well I am off to go to sleep again. Goodnight. See ya in the summer.