Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A rainy Tuesday and free breakfast.

Now, I missed superbowl this year. My first one since 1991. I think that I was just not willing to watch the Colts (snore) battle the Saints (umm...yeah). So since skipped out and we didn't throw a party or get invited to one I went to my favorite Amusement park ever DISNEYLAND!! My pass expires next month and I am really bummed about it but Squishy and I are the only ones that are not sick of the place yet so said no new passes when these expire. Whaaaaa!!

Anyhoo, I guess during the superbowl Denny's ran their free grand slam breakfast commercial this year. I watched it for the first time on the morning news. I decided to check it out. Last year I drove by the 3 Denny's on the main street (I'm not lying. they are all about 2 blocks apart!!) and the lines were never ending. So I never even stopped. However, I live on the edge of the city and a few months back they opened a Denny's not even a mile from my house. I went over and the line was not long at all. So I called to come join me and we had a free breakfast thanks to Denny's. I guess this location is still not well known since it is well out on the edge of our city. Which worked out perfectly for us.

As we were waiting to be seated this family was leaving and I kid you not, they were all smiling and happy and super appreciative for their free meal. They went to the manager and shook his hand and said "thank you! You do not know how much we needed this meal. I wish I could leave a tip or even had ordered soft drinks instead of water, but we are in a bad spot. Thank you." The wife was teary eyed and well you'd have to have a heart of stone to not let out a tear. They left and I elbowed, gave him a look and he goes I know, I'll be right back and he went out to look for them. When he came back I asked if he helped them out. He said "I looked around for them and I didn't find them anywhere. I have no clue were they went off to." After that I felt like I was abusing this free meal since we could easily afford to pay for it. It really makes you look at things differently and not take things for granted.

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