Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I forgot all about these!!

These past few days have been kind of boring. Meaning, I haven't been out shopping at all. I have spent my days just here at home and running errands but no fun. I have been kind of doing it on purpose as I really need to stay away from my favorite stores so I don't buy anything new. I have SO MANY brand new items in both my closet and my shoe room that I need to "catch up" in a sense.

I almost went out today but someone tracked clumps of dry mud throughout the lower floor that I spent my time vacuuming and cleaning the house. while vacuuming my shoe room I had to put the boots I wore on Friday then again on Monday (Steven by Steve madden Dyme in brown)back in their box and I decided I wanted them in black as well as these boots are awesome. So I drop everything and go online. I ended up buying two more pairs of boots!!

I just can't do it can I? cut my "allowance" by 75% and I still buy,buy,buy. Granted everything I have been buying lately is WAY cheaper and more "generic" brands than I was accustomed to. Still fun and beautiful though.

So I go back to my shoe room and I see a Kenneth Cole box on one of the shoe racks without a picture and I decide to look and see what shoes happened to be in there. Oh my gosh!! It's my old "golf" shoes! Not real golf shoes of course, but just the little kilt's remind me of golf shoes that I started calling them my "golf" shoes. I put them on right then and there. They don't match the dress I am wearing today, but who cares. I'm not going anywhere today. These are so fun that I am going to have to try and wear them more often.

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