Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some old people are cute

This morning I stepped outside and noticed my neighbor having a yard sale. She had a cool wooden wagon for sale. I go ask her about it and I come and get so he could purchase it. When we go back I tell her it looks like it's going to rain and that she's better off just listing her items on craigslist. She had tons of picture frames and furniture. She had no idea what craigslist was, and she couldn't believe it was free to list and that you can add pictures. She then tells me she not only doesn't have a computer but she also doesn't have a camera. I offered to do it for her. It ended up being 11 listings and I printed them up for her to see and to keep. She was so happy and gave me a huge hug and said I was awesome and I should do this as a profession. That made me chuckle, because really, how hard is it?

I hope she sells all her items.

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