Thursday, February 18, 2010

It has been just one of those days.

This morning I was awaken at 6 am by kid 2 and squishy wanting to go to Disneyland again. So after alot of debating I finally decide to go. Kid 1 was upset and threw a fit. Literally a FIT!! Major toddler like tantrum. Then he had the nerve to ask if he could just stay home by himself. I told him no because obviously he's not 14 when he's throwing a 2 yr olds tantrum. So he climbs in my car pissed off. I backed out of the driveway and I look over at my older car and I notice a yellow paper on my windshield. I get out of my car to check it out and it says that they have the right to tow away any vehicle that is parked for over 72 hours. It was written yesterday at 12:46. My car HAD NOT been parked for 72 hours straight!! So I decide to move it on to my driveway. I go over to my car and there I see a flat! My rear tire was completely to the ground FLAT. UGH!! So now I drive it up onto the driveway and I put air in the tire and I finally take off.

I call and tell him what happened and he says that there's no way that happened. Then he gets mad when he finds out that I drove it up on the driveway flat. You see, that stains the driveway!! Also I park the older one in the street because it has a light leak. So he was all pissed that now our precious driveway was ruined. RUINED!!

Dork. Pissed me off. So when we finally got to Disneyland everything changed. Good times, laughing and just lots of fun. By 4 we were ready to leave. I also wanted to get home before it got dark to see our ruined driveway.

Now on the drive towards the freeway the road merges. I had my signal and was merging when this major ass in a black Chevy decided to step on it and try to squeeze me out. I stayed on course and finished my merge. I had plenty of space, but this idiot decided to step on it!! So anyways a short while later he goes around me and cuts me off nearly hitting the car in front of me and nearly causing me to hit him! I really don't know what his freakin problem was, other than just being a freakin asshole. UGH!!

So then we get home and the air was still holding in the tire so I moved it back to the street. I checked our so called ruined driveway and yes, there was the mark from the tire and also there were two tiny smaller than a quarter drips of tranny fluid. I sprayed some degreaser and rinsed it off.


Now I get a few hours to relax but I have a ton of thing to do around here it's not even funny. Then tomorrow I have to go to the dealer and take care of a little problem in my newer car. This is when I hate living in my city. Everything is so freakin far away. That even a trip to the dealer requires a drive of over an hour. Why can't they come to me???????????

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