Friday, February 5, 2010

Chloe made me do it.

So I am still sick, dizzy, tired beyond belief and now swollen from head to toe. Lovely, right? The worst part is that Mr.mans Annual banquet is tomorrow night. So not only will I have to "buck up" but I will have to go through all my dresses and find one that will be flattering being that my belly is so swollen I look four months pregnant. So I will have to find a dress with a full skirt. My hairs a mess and the roots are bad, but I couldn't get myself up and out of bed long enough to get my hair or nails done. I can still get my nails done tomorrow but there's no way I can get my hair done. Another thing is my anemia is being a jerk and my legs are covered in bruises right now. I have a mean one on my knee from bumping into my car bumper Tuesday Morning. I bumped my arm earlier today so now I'm afraid I might develop a bruise there as well. I tried to get out of the whole affair but said it would not look right and that I really needed to make an effort. Ugh.

So I went onto one of my daily reads and Ms Cloe models some boots that I had had my eye on quite a few months back. I had liked the ones by Bakers (Buckley)and the ones from Anne Michelle I'd seen at various sites. I preferred the Buckley pair but the heel on the Anne Michelle pair was more my style. Anyhoo, I ended up passing on them and had out of site out of minded them. Then today Ms Chloe modeled the Anne Michelle pair today. Guess what, I really liked them. So I go to the Baker's site and they were sold out of Buckley. Boo. So I went to and I was lucky enough to find them in the grey and the tan in my size. I searched everywhere for them in black but no luck. All sold out. So I ordered the tan and grey pair plus a different style in black. So I finally did some shopping thanks to Chloe.

I just hope I get better soon.

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